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  1. No they don’t know I’m on stan Twitter either. I mean they know I love Britney but they don’t know I stan her this much. Although I think one of my friends caught me lurking through Exhale once
  2. I need RCA, Sony, VEVO or whoever is in charge of this to remaster Gimme More MV I mean the video itself isn’t even that bad after all... Britney still looks hot and overall it fits the song but the quality ruins it all. It looks like it was filmed with a 2005 Nokia flip phone
  3. I think Original Doll would’ve probably flopped and I don’t think it would’ve been an acclaimed album at first. It would’ve probably been panned by critics but only to end up being praised later on. Kinda similarly to American Life
  4. Up and coming British singer Irina Sawayama just released her debut album today “SAWAYAMA” and included Britney in her inspiration playlists on her Spotify page. Actually as soon as I listened to the track “XS” I immediately noticed some similarities with “Gimme More” so I was glad to find out she was actually inspired by it Related:
  5. Both songs just had their highest daily streams on Spotify -“Criminal”: 97,467 -“If U Seek Amy”: 69,903 “Criminal” has been used on 234.6k videos on Tik Tok so far and it’s her most popular song after “Toxic” on that platform, while “If U Seek Amy” has been used on 19.3k and it only went viral last week
  6. They just lurk hoping to find some Britney news maybe
  7. Well it definitely did compared to Femme Fatale and Britney Jean. It might not be as good as In The Zone but it was definitely an improvement
  8. It went top 20 for 2 weeks and ended up platinum. It’s not a groundbreaking achievement but it’s not like any other songs would’ve done better, especially with that type of rollout. It’s not about the quality of the music, it’s just that she’s a veteran so of course she’s not gonna get hits as easily as she used to
  9. Ddddd I wish they had picked Rihanna as a feature as well but the thing is that Tinashe is such a sweet girl and she’s the ultimate Britney stan and she was so happy to collab with her so I’m kinda glad they did a collab together
  10. Maybe they should’ve given “Make Me...” a “Womanizer” treatment by starting a brief promotional campaign in Europe. For example in the UK she could’ve performed it at the X Factor considering that the *****cat Dolls, who haven’t been relevant since like 2006 (?), performed their new single “React” there earlier this year and it went #29 in the UK, so higher than Make Me... (#42)
  11. 1. Make Me... officially released along with its music video so that the song can debut inside the top 10. And maybe it should’ve been released and performed at the BBMAs right after her medley. 2. Another single as soon as Make Me... starts to die on the charts, with the music video released on its first day of course. 3. VMAs performance: instead of performing just Make Me..., Britney should’ve performed a medley of Glory so that the album maybe would’ve debuted at #1. 4. As soon as the album is released, single number 3. 5. After that some international promo in countries like the UK, Germany, France etc Oh and of course Glory should’ve had a ticket bundle with Vegas
  12. The way Knee released both the best and the worst video of 2016
  13. Between Comrade Britney and Knee claiming to have beaten Usain Bolt’s record she got a lot of viral tweets lately lol
  14. I mean Dua’s numbers are pretty bad but we can only wish Britney did those numbers for B10
  15. As mentioned above, when some people spell her name as “Brittany” and it’s very annoying considering that it’s mostly straight men trying to be edgy
  16. I mean it’s not surprising. Although her career ended in 2004, Britney achieved a lot in those 6 years and built an incredible legacy, which allowed her to remain a touring act throughout the years. Also keep in mind that for this list Pollstar is only counting tour dates that were OFFICIALLY reported and she’s missing over 70 shows, including all her Asian dates where she toured stadiums. For example in Tel Aviv they estimated a 7M gross
  17. I think she’s purposely being shady by not mentioning Gaga because as soon as SBP came out she was immediately compared to her so that must have bothered her lol. I mean in terms of looks it’s kinda obvious that Gaga was one of her influences
  18. Tbh it was a good choice not to release more singles off BJ and let the album flop. The GP has no clue the album even exists (except for Work ***** which is a standalone single in their eyes). If they found out about the Myah mess her career would’ve been over in 2014 and she wouldn’t have been able to have a success residency and a successful tour. When you think about it BJ and Pretty Girls flopping was a blessing in disguise
  19. She definitely wasn’t relevant during Circus era. The Circus tour was big because of her legacy and her past hits, the same goes for POM tour. The only failure is FFT, that tour should have never happened. Maybe she was still somehow relevant in the US but worldwide she hasn’t been relevant since 2004.
  20. They debuted at the height of the touring market. Considering that Britney hasn’t been relevant since 2004 her touring stats are definitely impressive
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