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  1. I don’t really like it, but I love Get Back
  2. I was born in 2000 so some of my friends are not really familiar with Britney’s old videos.. once I was watching Oops video and one of my friends thought that she was copying Ariana Grande in the part when she talks to the astronaut..
  3. I remember the song! When i was little I used to watch The Saddle Club all the time
  4. So if Britney were to sing a ballad LIVE at every show, which one of her ballads would you like to hear her sing? Personally I’d be down for any ballad of hers as long as sings it live but I would like her to sing Perfume (even though it’s not her best one) since she’s never sung it without playback and I think it would be pretty easy for her
  5. Someday having less than 10M views is insulting
  6. Criminal will reach 100M soon as well! Till the world ends is barely getting any views although it was a hit back then, I don’t know why..
  7. I don’t understand why they brought in Will.I.Am.. I’ve read somewhere that they scrapped the initial project and called him to get the album done quickly hoping to replicate the success of S&S, but I mean couldn’t they just get Max Martin? The album would have probably been better..
  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t completely dislike ISBE? I mean the production is a mess, her vocals are too auto tuned (she sounds like a robot) and the lyrics are kind of stupid, but it’s somehow catchy, I think with a better production it could have been S&S 2.0. Actually before I became a fan I think I had heard the song and I read that although it wasn’t released as a single it was sent to European radios and was played in clubs, so that’s probably where I heard it, but I didn’t know it was Britney since her vocals are too auto tuned.
  9. So I was looking at this Wikipedia page listing concept albums and BJ is there: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_concept_albums I know she tried to market it as her most personal album, but did she also say it was a concept album? Or was it deemed so by music critics? Anyway what would it’s concept be?
  10. Do you think she’ll respond to every question or they’ll just pick a winner and satisfy their request?
  11. I know but I don’t think it would take that much to release a buzz single. It doesn’t have to be the lead single of her next album, I mean a glory reject would be okay for me
  12. This. The only thing Beyonce is selling more is albums, and even then wasn’t her husband investigated for inflating her streaming numbers on Tidal?
  13. So basically I’m a new fan, I became a fan earlier this year. Before that I was like a casual fan, although I didn’t know about either Glory or its singles, and at first I didn’t really like Glory, it was a grower, so I don’t really know..
  14. I agree, she’s pushing 40 and is laboring under a severe misapprehension that it is 2004 and she’s still young, hot and relevant
  15. Paris’ brother got beaten up at a party a few years ago and Lindsay was there and she was believed to have masterminded it. Paris has been shading her ever since
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