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  1. Well it’s not a popularity contest. Also I’m pretty sure Blackout is more talked about than Glory
  2. #1 for 3 consecutive weeks on the European singles chart perks of being global
  3. According to Rolling Stone's chart, “Smile” has moved 5.4k units SPS in its second week so far. Out of those, only 873 were pure sales, falling to #76. We’ll see Billboard numbers in the next few days, but I’m afraid they’re going to be even lower than that Edit: I just realized this is the building chart, but still this is bad it’ll probably do 1k pure, 7k SPS at best. Related:
  4. She’ll definitely do better than Katy. I mean Glory did 88k pure and 111k SPS 1st week. Pure sales have declined since then but hopefully RCA will release some vinyls, special editions etc to boost her pure sales. A ticket/merch bundle would also be great. Even when you look at the SPS numbers, Katy only moved an additional 15k units from streaming, while Britney moved 23k, which is more impressive on Britney’s end considering that streaming wasn’t as big in 2016 and Britney released less singles
  5. Britney Janet Madonna Hilary Duff (Sparks could’ve been a hit with some payola, I mean if Jonas Brothers had a comeback with Sucker then anyone can with the right push)
  6. This should’ve been #1 for 20 weeks
  7. Do you think it would’ve worked? Britney at the time was facing backlash following her break-up with Justin, I was wondering if starting off the era with a sad and personal ballad that showed her vulnerability would’ve garnered respect from the GP. “Everytime” became one of her biggest hits in the end, but maybe it would’ve been even more monumental if it was released as the lead single, and maybe now it would be on the same level as “Toxic” and “...Baby One More Time” as one of her biggest classics
  8. 1. I’m A Slave 4 U 2. Gimme More 3. Womanizer 4. Oops!... I Did It Again 5. ...Baby One More Time 6. Hold It Against Me 7. Me Against The Music 8. Make Me... 9. Work *****
  9. Either Piece of Me or Gimme More videos on TV I think
  10. I’ve been rediscovering this gem lately... I can’t believe it was never released. It really suits the album and it could’ve been a single imo
  11. Outrageous absolutely. It’s cute but it’s nothing special while the others were career highlights
  12. It would be a big loss for her legacy. She obviously has other classics but Toxic has become huge over the years, it’s hard to imagine her career without it tbh
  13. I love how Rolling Stone always praise her Billboard and The Grammy’s could take some notes
  14. Shipments is when albums are sent to the stores, sales means that albums are actually bought by customers. For example they shipped 1M copies of FF to the stores so it got certified platinum even though it has only sold 805k copies in the US. Although in the case of Oops the album is certified 10x platinum because of club sales that aren’t included in Billboard updates It did decently in Europe but nothing compared to the other singles from the album European Hot 100 Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know: 30-27-9-13-14-21-28-34-41-50-88-100-OUT (12 weeks)
  15. It’s actually eligible for 4x platinum with the new rules. We got a SoundScan leak in 2018 In the Zone ALBUM SALES: 3,036,780 ALBUMS W/TEA 3,428,979 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND AUDIO 3,524,071 ALBUMS W/TEA W/SEA ON-DEMAND 3,613,999 2xP STREAMING ON-DEMAND 277,530,901 100 copies last week So it was 3,6M SPS two years ago and that number didn’t include club sales (300k) so 3,9M. It’s definitely 4x platinum
  16. They don’t count club sales either which were pretty popular in the early 00’s. But they count for certifications
  17. So if her label decided to update her certifications it would be: Toxic: 5,3M (5x platinum) Womanizer: 4,85M (4x platinum, will get to 5x platinum in no time) Circus: 4,6M (4x platinum, 5x platinum by the end of the year hopefully) BOMT: 4,1M (4x platinum) Oops: 2,3M (2x platinum) And this is just an handful of singles... I can’t believe how outdated her certifications are...
  18. I think Glory is around 160k pure sales, 400k SPS. Another single and a ticket bundle would’ve pushed it to gold definitely and maybe even more. It’s picking up on streaming, let’s just hope that it stays this way for a while and it may reach gold eventually
  19. The album has really picked up on Apple Music and only because of this new cover
  20. Album: Glory iTunes (6x #1): #1 Brazil #1 France #1 Indonesia #1 Turkey #2 Italy #3 Mexico #4 Ireland #4 Thailand #15 United States #58 Russia #64 United Kingdom #216 Canada #278 Australia #291 Germany Apple Music: #12 Brazil #28 Brazil #36 Mexico #104 Mexico #166 Italy #185 Spain #196 Spain #203 Ireland #238 Indonesia #404 Turkey #456 Netherlands #747 United Kingdom #939 United States At this stage it might re-enter the albums chart in Brazil tbh, #1 on iTunes, 2 versions charting on Apple Music (and by combining them it would probably be top 10). I also hope it can re-enter the albums chart in Italy, it needs to sell about 200 copies to do so. Surprised to see it charting on the Dutch Apple Music tbh, I always assumed it was her worst market
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