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  1. They can both do pop and rnb well so a collab so I’m wishing this into existence🙏🙏🙏 100% this
  2. Lmao that’ll have to be a completely new thread... on a completely different site😝
  3. It’s the Kylie gif that does it for me🤣
  4. single as a pringle lmao. i think i did it wrong before so lemme try again
  5. both! with other influences too. i recommend listening to her project Songs For You , i guarantee you will find at LEAST one song you will love
  6. can't comment on whether it was an overrated album (not a stan), but i think Get Together is such an underrated banger!!!!! still listening to it in 2020.
  7. there's a lot of symbolism in the video (there's a breakdown of it on yt) + the promo he had on his instagram leading up to the song's release (pictures of random babies with the hashtag yummy, if u remember) all reference the pizzagate "conspiracy". it goes really deep and it's pretty dark stuff, but a few searches on yt/twitter can give you a lot of info. if you're unsure about credibility, i would look up jeffery epstein or read the e-mails between hillary clinton and john podesta, leaked by wikileaks a while back. hope this helps!
  8. I believe they are trying to cancel him for exposing pizzagate in his yummy video.
  9. Why didn't they get BP to say "BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA!" ??? Would've been iconic. Missed opportunity.. Also I think it was too short.. needed a rap verse from Jennie/Lisa - the fans would have died! I'm not a music producer but I feel like they should know exactly what the GP wants, but somehow fall short on simple things like this...??? Just my opinion.. still gonna bump it though LOL
  10. I really like her voice and sound. Maybe it's just me, but she was giving me different pop queen vibes in certain songs. Comme des Garcons - Britney XS - Stacie Oricco **** This World - Utada Hikaru STFU - Ayumi Hamasaki Love Me 4 Me - Lady Gaga-esque? So Happy I Could Die-ish? lol
  11. The industry and money hungry people around her have turned her once-passion for music into her prison. As she said - "Every day is like groundhog day." And that was back when she actually had a voice! I don't blame her if she hates the idea of making more music and just wants to quit - because she's probably trying to find a way to escape from it all. That being said, I hope she gets free first of all, finds her love for music again, THEN releases something under her terms.
  12. Singer, songwriter, producer and she can dance her *** off. Beautiful, unproblematic, and feeds us bops/visuals ALL WHILE independent AND during a pandemic. Seriously give this woman her things already!
  13. I feel like every era is a reflection of her level of freedom. The more freedom she had, the better the body of work.
  14. 1. Auto-tune on FF. 3. I wish FF had more backing vocals, ad libs, harmonies etc. to make the songs less repetitive/more depth. I feel like in the final hook she should be giving us life (like she did in other albums) 2. All of Britney Jean... I don't really consider it part of Britney's discography (more Myah's lol). Only Work ***** because of the visuals, and I guess the meme-level popularity it got with the GP made everyone like it by default? But I remember the first time I heard it I didn't feel like this was a Britney song. 3. Glory's Private Show... enough said. 4. The male voice in DYWCO (I wish it was all Britney's talking voice instead). 5. Not putting (and pushing) Trouble on standard Circus. 6. Not putting (and pushing) Mood Ring on standard Glory. I'll never forgive her team for 2, 5 and 6.
  15. I no longer trust Britney’s instagram as a credible source of what or how she’s doing presently. Lou Taylor herself commented on one of her posts... girl who you trying to kid? Even when Sam or Willie comment I’m like hmmm... can you speak up otherwise get outta here with your fake *****.. lol
  16. OMG SOMEONE SAVE THIS WOMAN. She looks absolutely miserable. If this was a REAL shoot they would have at least brushed her hair. Not fooling anyone...
  17. Her hair is neater-ish, which is always a win! I'm hoping she's getting more pep in her step thinking about the new court date next month *wishful thinking*
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