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  1. Perhaps they’re playing down her net worth to shield her finances away from those who wish to prey on them (Kevin Federline) Just a thought
  2. Britney Spears TM makes way too much money for her to be completely released from her Conservatorship. Even if this guy does resign it will leave it all to the guy who probably has the most control anyway and that’s her dad... he’s probably the worst of all. He’ll be the one egging it on as they all live off of her. No way are they going to just set her free. It’s corrupt but very true. Things work well for them right now. Britney does what she does and they make a ton of money. I ask - why are they going to change that in a million years. Unfortunately Britney will never be free again. When her dad dies it’ll pass down to someone else and they’ll have back ups upon back ups. Sadly this is the reality I’m not getting excited about it
  3. This I’d rather she was happy and actually wanted to come back. Who knows it may make her hungry for it again and she may feel some what of passion for what she does again. Until then I hope she’s enjoying being out of the spotlight
  4. I think because so much of Britneys life is so private now I see her as being in a bubble 24/7. Does she still have “celeb” friends that she sees on a daily basis or is she surrounded by her family and really close long term friends?
  5. Probs painting in her shorts, panda eyes and hair scraped up in a pony tail meanwhile Robin and Larry post pictures of weird **** on her Instagram and make her look even stranger than the GP think she already is
  6. I think back in the day had she done something like that it would have went down as something pretty cool but nowadays I think she needs as much promo as she can. Look at Glory it started to do so well when she was doing constant promo
  7. I agree with you - Glory was great but could have been more. Single choice for me was a big thing. Man On the Moon is so catchy and radio friendly I think it could have gone so far for first single. Make Me was a good song but yeah it was mediocre and not single worthy. If I’m Dancing should also have been a single for sure. It’s also catchy and radio friendly which Britney needs right now in her career. Slumber Party was a great song but probably a better 4th single with the 3rd being Change Your Mind - that’s so current and she would have been one of the first to do it. Liar could have been single number 5 because the album would have rocked the charts my god
  8. I’m sorry stop being dillusional. Britney is NOT aging gracefully and I love her I’m in no way a hater. Seriously though... Life has left Britney looking way older than she is. Breakdowns (mental health), smoking, drugs, medication (strong anti-depressants) have completely changed Britney's face. Since 2007 her eyes have looked dead that’s the give away. That fire in her eyes is gone now which is awful. She changed massively in 2011. 2010 and 2011 do not have the same face. Circusney was stunning but after that everything I think caught up with her. Then she started tampering with her face sadly Hadn’t she gone through all of that she’d have aged gracefully I think.
  9. Britney was naturally very beautiful. She had lovely skin, nice eyes, a nice nose... she did not need to touch her face at all. If anything as she began to age (and quite rapidly after her meltdown), she should have seriously considered Botox rather than actual surgery. She was perfect but touching her lips and nose just made her look weird. Why oh why did she do this to herself. I struggle believing primney is under there somewhere
  10. I was reading an article earlier regarding Original Doll and throughout the whole thing it focused on how damaged by her breakup with Justin she was. It also hinted at she was tired of being told what to do all the time by her management and label. Of course this is no great secret but in all honestly it’s even more relevant now than it was back in 2004 - she just doesn’t want to do this anymore. Literally I think she has no passion to do this anymore because she knows she’ll never have any control over what she does so it’s easier to just go along with it putting in the bare minimum which is sad. If anything does happen to her dad and they don’t have someone else other than her label egging her on to do this then I think this will become the norm. We won’t see or hear from Britney unless she becomes really hungry to do it again which I find highly unlikely
  11. Britney used to have a beautiful smile but they introduced a gap into her teeth for some reason and also her teeth look kinda square now it’s almost as though they filed them down. It was in like 2015 when she did weird **** to her lips
  12. I love it, it’s mega raw and her voice is so different she slays
  13. I think we need a new tour which isn’t a greatest hits tours. We need a new era, a new album, new songs - a theme. Sick of the whole greatest hits Vegas show. She needs new music that will be the main focus of the show. No more Vegas
  14. There won’t be many looks to rank for 2019 by the looks of things
  15. They try and make her so ghetto and it’s cringey af sometimes Like she’s not a black hood rapper she’s Britney Spears. I wish she was back in touch with her music again ITZ is where Britney should be
  16. I would say she’s still very humble for an artists as big as she is. HOWEVER I would say since her breakdown and since she’s been living in this little bubble that her team created around her since about 2008, I’d say slowly but surely she’s become less humble and probably more disconnected and untrusting. I think she’s become very untrusting in the sense that she thinks everyone is out to hurt her and fair enough with it a lot of people took advantage of her in 2007. Sometimes this comes across as her being rude or hating her fans etc but I genuinely just think her mental health has suffered so bad that it’s completely changed her. She’s not the same girl and that’s no secret. Now I think she’s just doing it for the money so that she and her boys live their best life and I’d be the exact same if I had her money. She’s had her career, she’s been iconic now she just doesn’t care. Sadly we are in the category that she doesn’t care about anymore. She’s just so out of touch with reality now.
  17. At the time I remember people saying she was quite inconsistent during the OHT compared to the DWADT. Like you could tell some shows she was really feeling it and others not so much. A bit like she is now I guess but the difference was back then when she was half arsing it she was still flawless I just know it was the first she came to Glasgow and she was there for 2 nights and afterwards went bowling just literally like 5 mins from my house To think Primney and I were moments from each other what I’d do for that now
  18. We say all this then she release a new pic or a snippet of something and we are all bald and gasping for more
  19. I think she made the right decision to release SP rather than DYWCO The video was flawless but I think Tinashe ruined it they didn’t need a feature imo. The only other thing that annoys me slightly is her face. Her lips look baddddd
  20. I think Vegas genuinely did work for her. She said there were days where she didn’t want to do a show and she’d force herself out there but I genuinely think her residency worked best for her. She wasn’t overworked with it, she was with her sons and her family, there was no great pressure for her to be perfect every night. Plus like 5 years on a residency is a long time it’s been a big part of her life so I can see why she was emotional
  21. I loved her hair colour during the OHT DVD she looked really hot I think her signature hair colour is blonde but she really suits being a brunette
  22. Asking that is like asking which child I like the best... They were all so flawless. Even FTBOMBH. She looks so youthful and gorgeous
  23. Since 2007 Britney has been seen very different in the public eye. Throughout her life she’s dealt with scrutiny over her **** image but since her breakdown she’s been same as some what vulnerable. Many of the people who would slate her would in time revert and see how much of an icon she is. It feels as though everyone jumps on the band wagon now by saying “oh I love Britney I’ve always loved Britney”. Peoples perception definately changed with her and we see her as a vulnerable adult still, someone who’s very insecure and won’t talk back to those speaking smack. Britney has always been humble through her full career and that’s why we love her. She never gets too ahead of herself and she never talks **** about other artist. Even when other artists have dissed her (very recently Katy Perry). But what I wondered is do we wish sometimes Britney would come out of her shell and not be so humble. Do we wish she’d call out all the haters and make us aware she knows people talk smack about her? There’s a massive part of me that wishes she would call Katy Perry out on the **** that she talks about her. Remind everyone that she’s sold more than Katy Perry ever will. I love her but sometimes I hate to see her get so slated and be tarnished with this image that she’s still mentally ill and so vulnerable that she can’t defend herself
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