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  1. I’m going to come out here and say Brett was with Britney pre-conservatorship. I really don’t think she was all that bad on reflection. I think she was perhaps one of the few people who would keep it real with Britney. Britney seems comfortable around her and she was even a bridesmaid at her wedding. I don’t think Brett was evil. I think they were probably close enough to have that kind of sister like relationship where they could be honest with each other. She probably saw the most abuse take place and I doubt she’d ever talk for fear of getting her *** sued.
  2. I wonder what Felicia’s relationship is with Lynne now. She seems to be very supportive of Britney’s freedom and I genuinely believe she wants nothing but the best for Britney. Fe is so genuine. But she talks about Britney’s statement which clearly mentioned her family’s abuse. I wonder what she thinks about that.
  3. I’m sorry but he needs to be quiet. He has too much to say meanwhile Britney who probably has more brains than anyone around her put together - is silenced.
  4. Unless Britney actually comes out and says she doesn't approve of the documentaries then I’ll continue to support them. If it’s getting her story out there then I don’t see why she would be against it. She wanted us to hear her testimony so we were aware of the abuse she’s endured. She’s also been silenced for over a decade so I doubt she’d be against people trying to get justice. Sam saying it is not Britney saying it and until it comes from her mouth - I’m all for it
  5. Lithium I reckon. When Britney said she was put on lithium in 2019, I think she was originally put on it in 2010. She shows all the signs of it and it basically wiped her. She’s never really been fully the same since then and her appearance drastically changed.
  6. I’d love for Britney to go back and work with Max Martin if she ever chose to do music again. They make magic and I love his current music in the charts he’s a genius. She needs a little bit of a commercial bop then her second single can be something edgy and dark Queen will have it all worked out on her own terms
  7. She looked so fkn good at the VMAs in 2001. Like a literal angel Also wtf would she be talking about Justin for when she’s got a fiancé. Just her team looking for clout. Let her be happy and stop dragging up her past.
  8. I’m just glad this hasn’t been removed yet because it’s a very valid point and when he makes statements like this it only makes me think it more. Even his biggest supporters must question these kind of things?
  9. Britney wanted the public to hear her testimony she was open to it. At the end of the day I’m not going to take what Sam says as gospel. If it doesn’t come out of Britney’s mouth then it’s not true in my eyes. Britney would want public support and the vast majority of the GP are on her side
  10. I thought Sam stayed with her already Also this is a disgusting invasion of privacy
  11. Honestly - no. He and Britney made a masterpiece with Blackout and they pioneered music for that time but if they were to do it today would they have the same power? Probably not. It’s like Madonna with William Orbit. Ray Of Light was also a masterpiece and iconic for its time. I still listen to the album all the time now. But Madonna has worked with him since and she hasn’t had the same magic as she did with ROL. I believe she should leave it where she did with Danja and start working with new producers. I like when she works with unknown producers like she did with Womanizer and Touch of My Hand. The one person I’d like to see her go back to would be Max Martin. They make magic and he is still mega current right now. I hate when people say he’s generic now - I think with Britney they could come up with something special if she was heavily involved.
  12. I think deep down Britney probably just doesn’t want to be famous anymore. She would be quite happy to live her life out of the spotlight. I don’t blame her for not wanting to make a huge deal out of her engagement she’s under a lot of press attention right now.
  13. When a woman stands in court and reveals she has been used, abused and stolen from by her family and team and you do nothing - that says a lot about you. Britney literally cried and told her in detail back in 2019 about her abuse yet here we are in 2021 in the exact same situation. Jamie should have been suspended pending an investigation this ***** is taking bribe and has been for a long time. We need shot of her and there will be meltdowns at the next court hearing if she doesn’t freebritney.
  14. It really was. It deserved so much better. I remember when I first got my Glory CD I hadn’t listened to any of the leaks and SP was a massive stand out. Oh I miss those days
  15. I just feel like when Britney has no control over her music it taints it and S+S just felt very Will.I.am’s direction for her not Britney’s.
  16. This photo makes me sick. I’ve never wanted a car to flip so bad in my life. What poor Britney had to go through at the hands of these monsters
  17. Reminds me of having the CD back in 2003 and on first listen loving Outrageous ITZ was my favourite era
  18. It really is for the best right now. Her team have got away with this for too long. Britney may decide not to return to social media which I’m totally ok with but if she does it’ll be nice to see her take full control without a corrupt team always trying to make her look crazy
  19. You know what I’m 100% positive Matthew has showed Britney what’s been getting said on her Instagram and they’ve made the decision to take it down before it makes her look any worse or affects her. Britney has obviously provided some of the content but as far as the captions and how its posted is down to Cassie so is she now out of a job? I really hope things are starting to turn and she is starting to gain control of her life again. Her team can no longer manipulate her via her socials. It’ll be exciting to see if she comes back to social media whether we’ll see the real Britney and that’s what I’m excited for!
  20. Because perhaps *dun dun dun* It’s not her posting? You can’t expect Cassie to remember everyone’s birthday
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