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  1. I’m so nervous for Britney. I want this to be a positive outcome. I want there to be big, positive changes for her. This has dragged on long enough. Let her be free. Then she can get to work on suing every leach who did this to her.
  2. Of course I would love to see her come back to the stage and have full control over what she does but I just don’t think her heart is in it anymore. She’s had her career. She’s worked really hard for what she has. I don’t even blame her for being over it. She’s expressed many times that it’s her desire to retire and I completely understand. Just her being free and living her life away from these abusers makes me happy
  3. You know what I actually really liked the documentary. It was really informative and it was sad to see Fe get so closed up as she knows how powerful and evil these people are. People who she in the past may have worked with too. I’m just so angry watching these documentaries that this has been allowed to happen. How every time she tried to speak up for herself she was shut down and the state of California did NOTHING.
  4. I have to admit I was a bit surprised to hear that he was originally very against the conservatorship and that he only joined in the hope to replace Jamie. The same with David Lucado although we never thought it at the time. I always painted Charlie Ebersol as good for Britney but he was controlling. Just goes to show we know absolutely zero about any of her boyfriends intentions - good or bad.
  5. I just feel so bad for her. A woman who has literally toured the world, met millions of people over her career and had such a confident, bubbly personality yet she’s so shy and scared now. Society and the horrible people around her have really damaged a once so confident woman. She’s still so strong in my eyes but just on observation is sad to see.
  6. I’d really love Rosengart or Brit to address it in court as there’s a lot of forward and backward with it. I think we all need clarity to make sure we as a fan base aren’t being fed lies. I feel like her team just want us to believe everything’s ok and to stop making documentaries that keep revealing more information. Meanwhile Britney wants us to see everything. Guess we better wait until Wednesday!
  7. This is just so see through. This is not Britney go away and stop speaking on her behalf. I want to hear from the REAL Britney Spears on Wednesday in court. Until it comes from her mouth I don’t believe a word. I can’t believe they are still trying to fool us into following their narrative. Pathetic
  8. I do believe she meant Sam Lutfi, the paparazzi, Kevin Federline. Although it’s sad to think these people weren’t even a patch of evil compared to those who have been around her since 2008. The people “protecting” her actually made her more miserable, robbed her, sent her to rehab centres against her will, abused her. But we’re meant to believe Sam Lutfi is the only evil in all of this?
  9. He is such a POS I swear there was a time where I tried to see the good in him being a good father but what he’s did to Britney is what everyone knew he would do - he leaches off her and continues to do so. He’s had how many kids and continue to live off Britney’s hard earned money like all the rest of the leaches. He’s quite happy to continue the c-ship as long as it doesn’t affect his money. He could have tried to stand in as the mother of his kids but he’s happily sat back and watched her be treated like a slave and have her kids taken from her
  10. David Lucado got such a ****ty time back in 2014 with everyone calling him Shrek etc. Now it seems he was actually one of the few trying to get her out of this mess and they got rid of him. Why hasn’t this been the case for Sam?
  11. I don’t even care for her being Britney’s assistant I just want them to be friends above all
  12. They will have watched the documentary 100%. They keep close tabs on her and what’s being said for their image
  13. Britney even seems awkward around her sister. I feel really bad for her. She obviously was seeing what was going on yet she was forced to be happy for someone who was leaching from her.
  14. Just so you know I didn’t read this I saw your name and ignored
  15. I can’t with the same people on here who get personally offended by people questioning Sam. You don’t own him. He’s not related to you. Why do you get so bummed? It’s so weird. I truly believe Sam is part of team con and I’m willing to be corrected but something just seems off. Can we also just remember everything that she’s been through for over a decade? At this point we can’t rule out anything or anyone. It’s ridiculous for fans to be shot down for being suspicious at this point and the documentary raised A LOT of questions about the people who are allowed to be around her.
  16. I always knew I hated this ***** I seriously can’t wait for Britney to be free so she can start checking off all the people who deserve jail given what they’ve did to her. There’s A LOT of people
  17. I got really emotional how she and Fe were together. You can tell they were scared to tell their story and confided in each other. It was so sad to hear her stories. She just wanted to make Britney happy but her team were intent in making her feel like she worked for them. The letter and Sketchers story was so sad. I really hope when Britney gets her freedom she can meet up with all the people who she wanted to form friendships with but couldn't.
  18. I was so sad when Felicia said she was told Britney didn’t want her on the tour and tried to turn them against each other. Then Britney saw her and ran over screaming and hugging her. It’s so sad to think how close they were and her team very strategically cut off everyone from her life. That made me emotional. I hope that she gets her freedom and she and Fe get together again they were amazing friends - she’s like family.
  19. I’ve just watched the documentary and at this point I have to say this - I no longer trust a single person in her immediate circle right now. That includes Sam. I get the people on here support him and don’t want to entertain any hate over someone Britney seems to love but hear me out; Britney’s life is just as controlled now as it’s always been. We have no concrete evidence of anything having changed. Her calls are probably still being monitored, her every move is probably being spied on. She’s told us she’s happy on Instagram at times where she hasn’t been happy. She’s smiled and performed when on the inside she’s breaking and attending court hearings saying how miserable the conservatorship is making her. All I’m saying is just because she’s smiling next to Sam - does it make her truly happy? Truthfully we’ll never know until she candidly speaks out in court or is free. The documentary highlighted how hard it is for people to be close to her. Even people she is really fond of like Felicia and the girl from wardrobe who she wrote the letter to. They don’t have access to her. Everyone is screened. So we’re believing here that Sam hasn’t been screened? So why is he so vocal and still here? I also find it convenient he’s condemning the documentaries which start to question the inner circle of her life. I think we need to stop shooting everyone down questioning Sam as more and more people are waking up to it. Is he as innocent as we all think in this? I think he’s part of her team he has to be. I just want Britney away from all of these leaches and to see life from outwith her bubble she’s been living in. Let her back into reality.
  20. I’m not a crier but I literally cried when Fe started talking about Britney and she started to get emotional. What an absolute rollercoaster this has been
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