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  1. I don’t think we’ve known half of the abuse that’s gone on her full life. Probably with Britney and Bryan being the oldest they’ve seen more of it than say JL who was about 10+ years younger. The whole restaurant thing too. I think Britney’s always learned to keep her dad at arms length which is sad as she always gave him a chance and opportunities yet he was so evil to her in the end. She was always quiet about her dad when asked about him years ago.
  2. I went to see her on the POM tour in London in 2018 and while she was in good spirits, the video of that girl who said Britney was really rude to her came out just after it. You could also tell during that tour she didn’t want to do it. When they cancelled Domination it just felt like it had to be coming from Britney because her greedy team would never pass up on more money. Nobody was really here for another residency straight after 5 years of POM.
  3. I hope in the next few weeks information starts to come about the corrupt spending of the conservatorship and if they don’t have a valid reason (which they won’t) they should have to pay every Penny back. Plus jail.
  4. He’s doing what he did all the way through the conservatorship - nothing. Luckily he’ll have to go make his own money from now on.
  5. Wow what a lawyer he really is! He seems so genuine and he takes the time to speak to fans and appreciates all of our hard work through this! I’m so happy she has an amazing attorney on her side! Like he said Britney has had people make decisions for her now it’s time for her to make decisions. I got chills when he said it would end by November like omg
  6. I’m so ready for what’s next. Exposing Lou, her team, her family, the corruption that put her in a conservatorship in the first place. The “alleged” $600M to Ms Lou. I want these people to pay and face jail. Britney will never get that time back and she’ll never get that time again with her kids. I hope they are RUINED
  7. That’s not happening then. It’s impossible to love your daughter and do what he has did the last 13 years
  8. I can’t with how much Rosengart is dragging these *****es It’s so refreshing to see him stand up for our Queen
  9. Surely regardless of whether Jamie gets replaced or the Conservatorship just comes to an end Jamie can still be investigated for the abuse he put her through. Surely those documents will still all be there and they have a legal obligation to provide them. Like it seems a bit ridiculous we need someone to replace Jamie just to get receipts. Like surely Brenda can demand to see them if need be.
  10. This. If she is denied now after everything we know - she will be forever denied and Rosengart has to go federal.
  11. At this point is she going to sue thousands of people who are shooting straight facts I know that money hungry ***** would like to
  12. It felt surreal to hear Fe acknowledge people like Lou and her dad. Even though she refused to speak that spoke a thousand words.
  13. I’m not saying Sam is perfect in all this but I really don’t see what he did being any worse than what Britney eventually had to endure by the people who apparently “saved her”. I think he is an opportunist but definitely not as awful as he was made out to be. Lynne paints him as the devil in her book conveniently.
  14. I’m so nervous for Britney. I want this to be a positive outcome. I want there to be big, positive changes for her. This has dragged on long enough. Let her be free. Then she can get to work on suing every leach who did this to her.
  15. Of course I would love to see her come back to the stage and have full control over what she does but I just don’t think her heart is in it anymore. She’s had her career. She’s worked really hard for what she has. I don’t even blame her for being over it. She’s expressed many times that it’s her desire to retire and I completely understand. Just her being free and living her life away from these abusers makes me happy
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