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  1. My thoughts exactly I see a lot of Jayden in her. He is very like his mother and grandmother!
  2. I feel like Kill The Lights should have opened the album. It’s just randomly after Out From Under. Blur is such a moody song I love it. It’s very Early Mornin’ vibes.
  3. I hate these people who hide behind religion to justify their ****ty behaviour and wrong doings. The absolute audacity of them trying to cure anyone. The most evil, devious and controlling people. Thou shall not steal? What about that Lou? Jamie? Poor Britney probably never envisioned getting invovled with psychopaths like this in her life.
  4. I was there the first night of the London shows. Britney was in really high spirits that night and her crowd interactions were pretty good (I was on the side that screamed the loudest ) I remember this video coming out though and feeling bad for that girl that had the bad experience. I knew it must have been something to do with the amount of pressure she was being put under. Her European leg of the tour was very intense. I remember her being in Glasgow then 3 nights in London then on to Paris. It was disgusting how much they put her through. Going on a worldwide tour is bad enough but couple that with being forced to do M&G experiences when you are so anxious and unhappy. These people deserve to ROT in jail. To think Larry Rudolph worked with Britney all those years and turns out to be one of the worst. The audacity
  5. I hate that the court documents make her out to be a raging psychopath. Britney loves her boys and would never harm them. She’s such a gentle and sweet person why the **** does everyone get off on making her sound like some sort of predator monster. K-Fed would say that now as she’s about to get free. Their kids would have benefited from their mother when they were kids but their old, alcoholic grandfather was using them as bait to make their mother work harder and harder. Sick
  6. I feel sad that she wasn’t allowed to show her full potential as a mother and that her kids were used as a way to black mail and control her. It’s so sad Britney just wanted to be a mother but she never got to spend every day with her kids. That’s the sad part. They’ve grown up around their father.
  7. Wow Jayden looks like Britney so much! Sean is the spit of Kevin. They’re so grown up!
  8. She was which makes it all the worse. It’s almost like they were jealous of her success but at the same time were happy to blow her hard earned cash that didn’t belong to them. They are such an entitled bunch and have let money literally ruin their relationship with Britney. Disgusting people. I get so triggered when I see them hanging around all the other leaches of team con so gleefully. Disgusting what lengths they went to because they got so greedy and Britney’s generosity still wasn’t enough
  9. Toy Soldier Why Should I Be Sad Hot As Ice (it sounds too similar to Ooh Ooh Baby imo and it’s not the better song).
  10. Popjustice weren’t going to give up on those exclusives now were they?
  11. This. Adam knew what was going on. Britney was clearly heavily medicated in 2011 - he knew what was going on.
  12. She literally looks so good in this video. Just solid proof that her team were sabotaging her looks to make her seem crazy. She already said they were stopping her from getting her nails done etc. They were definitely not letting her get her hair the way she wanted it. She looks so pretty and fresh
  13. I’ve been listening to the Britney album and realised what a good album it really was. It’s not one I listen to that often. Slave 4 U was a real risk for Britney to choose as lead single considering her last lead was Oops which was a naturally commercial pop song and the perfect lead. Looking back on the album as a whole what would you have chosen as the singles from the Britney album? Or would you keep it the same? My choice would be I’m A Slave 4 U Cinderella Overprotected Lonely Boys or Bombastic Love
  14. Get Naked and Freakshow were both robbed of being singles. There were so many possible singles from Blackout though
  15. She won’t need a manager to book holidays I hope she enjoys her life away from the spotlight
  16. I’m not even going to say what I really think on Sam as I can’t deal with the heat that comes with it from those who just adore him. BUT what I will say is that I really hope when Britney is free from all of this and not living in a bubble surrounded only by people her team approved - then she’ll be able to chose for herself who is good for her and who isn’t. She’ll find her own friends, people who don’t want money and aren’t working with her as a job who will help bring her back into reality. She’s a 39 year old woman I trust that she’ll be able to do that for herself.
  17. I remember knowing something was very wrong during the FF era and knowing them she was being forced on stage. She was clearly heavily medicated and plain unhappy on stage. After that I never criticised her again as I knew something far deeper was going on there. I’d be interested to know the full extent of the 2010-2011 change.
  18. It’s true. I guess fans are getting excited and just want her to have full control again but I agree it’s wrong to be wishing her return to the stage so soon. Especially given she’s worked her whole life. Now should be her time to live her life on her own terms and for her I don’t think that’s returning to music anytime soon.
  19. This Grandpa Joe looking piece of **** was so obviously sketchy he couldn’t answer a single sentence. I hope you enjoyed ruining a young woman’s life. I hope it was worth it.
  20. I think she’s a performer through and through so one day if she has 100% creative control - she may come back for a few performances here and there but I think it’ll be much more low key like the M+M tour. Her days of touring world wide and promoting are long gone.
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