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  1. Yes I’ve very recently got into her music. I love More Than A Woman, We Need A Resolution, Try Again and Rock The Boat. So tragic what happened to Aaliyah. I feel like had she lived she’d have faced a similar path to Britney. Her family seem on the greedy side especially with her music being withheld from steaming for so long.
  2. It’s frustrating that Do Somethin’ is blocked here in the UK. Me Against the Music was blocked for a time here but luckily it’s back.
  3. Whenever I click on her comments they don’t come up and you need to click “load more comments”
  4. Why do they always impersonate her as a hillbilly when she’s not
  5. I have to say I agree. I like WYSIWYG but it’s very similar to Oops and I’m glad she went for something different.
  6. I just hate that they all conspired against her - her own mother too. This is why I just can’t with Lynne. She is just as guilty if not worse because she’s Britney’s mother. All the leaches in her life all conspired so they could place her under a conservatorship and force her to make even more money for them. They knew they could use Britney’s one love in this whole world - her kids - against her. Realistically everyone is happy except for Britney. Kevin has his money, Lynne, Larry, Jamie etc. It’s disgusting. They should all be sued and imprisoned for what they did to this poor woman. Time that Britney will never get back.
  7. There’s a part of me that feels like inevitably she will go back to her family at some point. What they’ve all did is unforgivable but I think one day Britney will forgive her sister and mother.
  8. Oh please enough now Cassie. Britney hardly ever talks about Justin because he was an ex. How many of your exes do you write about all over social media? Her social media team need to knock it off now. Sick of seeing this bs on my feed. It’s like they are reaching for clout so bad.
  9. She lived in a gorgeous penthouse in Manhattan between 2002-2004 I believe. It was featured in the ITZ ABC special.
  10. If Britney didn’t have her dad - her full family (including this POS) wouldn’t have a dime. It’s disgusting how entitled these people are yet they have lived off of another woman’s hard earned money for over a decade. They show Britney no respect it’s like they hate her but happily take her money.
  11. I hope by the time the November hearing comes around that they will have all their evidence against Team Con’s abuse of power. Then Britney can get on with the reality of life. She chooses her circle, gains full access to her social media (should she chose to keep it or not), moves the hell out of LA and does all the things she wanted to do. She deserves it. I want her to have good people around her truthfully but I hope she cleans up her business side of things and gets a small group of people she can trust for her music affairs. Then she goes off and lives her life.
  12. Everyone kept saying she was pregnant in this and that she had a belly which used to annoy me so much. She looks so good. I think it’s the way her top is sitting and she could have just naturally been a little bloated that day
  13. I always found it interesting that her team teased us with Private Show and Clumsy - perhaps two of the weakest songs on Glory. Meanwhile there were so many great songs they could have used. Odd. I agree with this ranking but ITZ still wins it for me and I’d swap with Blackout. But minus that I’d agree. I’m not here for the Lace & Leather/Gasoline slander though
  14. I think she was first put on lithium back in 2010/2011. That’s when I noticed a massive change in her. Her face changed, she became checked out, her eyes were glazed, her voice deepened. She showed signs of being put on lithium. The FF and X Factor era kinda speak for themselves. The transformation from even the Circus era to that was drastic. I don’t think she ever recovered fully after that. She showed glimmers throughout 2016 but I think she’s been on such strong meds from 2011- current. Perhaps when she’s fully free and in charge of her own health care they will find a good balance without Jamie deciding every few years to drug her up to make her comply. Her body must have gone through hell for over a decade with the amount of meds he’s concocted for her.
  15. Truly disgusting JL: I’ve never spent a penny of my sister’s hard earned money. They should be sent to prison and made to pay it all back by freezing their assets and working for the rest once they eventually get out
  16. My thoughts exactly I see a lot of Jayden in her. He is very like his mother and grandmother!
  17. I feel like Kill The Lights should have opened the album. It’s just randomly after Out From Under. Blur is such a moody song I love it. It’s very Early Mornin’ vibes.
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