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  1. I doubt you read the whole article. It mostly criticizes the approach of her Instagram posts. It’s a critical point of view not only on Britney but on her whole team.
  2. A brief analysis on her Instagram, the public’s expectations and a pop star whose personal life seems like a job. A great read! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/magazine/britney-spears-instagram-freebritney.html
  3. Messy, messy, messy. Britney should know better than to post daily on IG. Especially now, when she is not in a healthy mind frame.
  4. I think it’s either a scheme to move the attention from FreeBritney or it’s just Britney having too much time and MBs on her phone that instead of dealing with serious things, she chooses to deal with such petty, OLD matters. As you pointed out, it is all about angles. It’s not the paps fault, nor hers.
  5. She is delusional at this point...It’s sad to watch. She has bigger, better problems to address.
  6. Lol....She should focus on getting her freedom back, not on the trolls. The trolls criticized her even in the 2000s when she looked bomb, so...
  7. good for her. she needs therapy to deal with the lack of control she has over her life. must be draining
  8. i had the wrong words perhaps. drink a cold glass of water. it’s the internet. we get impulsive and it sucks, yes. but no need to insult each other. peace out.
  9. is that all you can come up with? a new york gif? you are full of hatred too. this is a forum. do you know what a forum is? a place where people share thoughts and debate. don’t like me, block me.
  10. i am not mentally ill, i am not hunched over my computer. i watched the freebritney drama here and at this point, when britney posts we get excited. in my case, i felt disappointed and explained why. if you can’t deal with it, ignore me and stop insulting me when you don’t even know me. you are full of hatred.
  11. i am so disappointed with this post. does britney think she’s clever or something? girl, we are questioning everything because you are answering nothing. that is tea and pure fact for the past 11 years we have been left to our imagination, trying to speculate about your life, and now you throw shade at us, your fans??? i am out. the only person deserving shade is lou taylor and your daddy and those are the hot facts. so silly...and that video of her trying to emulate her old, playful videos and only ending up looking stiff and weird? come through, britney. open your eyes, girl. this ain’t 2001. you’re almost fourty, you need freedom over your life.
  12. i wanna know too can someone answer?
  13. we should be thankful for people like lachapelle and courtney love tbh. they are so brave and just good ppl who are willing to put their *** on the line for the safety of another human being
  14. that pap video!!!! she’s grinning!!! she looks so happy, she’s even giggling! god i love this woman. we are freeing her for real
  15. lmfao at this point they could leak rebellion in full and extended version and i would not care
  16. how the **** can TMZ post this quickly? i guess the team sent them the video before it was posted!
  17. lmao the media is so desperate. kind of like ‘stop thinking for yourselves you’re supposed to be obedient little dumb stans remember??’
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