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  1. i knew about this "conspiracy", it's just unfortunate and i think that their parents are entirely to blame. for everything. especially for the unhealthy dynamic between britney and jamie lynn. the spears parents milked their children and they continue to do it shamelessly, it's appalling. i do think britney was always the black sheep, because she had more talent than all of them and jamie lynn became bitter with time. so bitter that she contributed to her sister's downfall. it says a lot about her character and i don't think that trauma is a good excuse. you go to therapy and that is that, you don't hurt other people
  2. lmaooo y’all better release it someday and title it “the lost tapes” or something
  3. you can see her eyes are swollen and she's pursing her lips like she's holding back the tears though
  4. i had negative karma from what i can remember yes!!!! i remember i had this friend who was a huuuuge madonna stan, his username was something starting with J and he was always around in dark paradise. i wonder what happened to him. so frustrating that i don't remember his name
  5. DRIPPINGFORBRITNEY OH MY GOOOOD. i remember that user going on and on about how they want to suck britney's meow lips
  6. what a clown. no one knows who you are. sit down peasant and bow down to the queen britney jean, without her you and your wife would be living in a barn with the cows and sheep eating melted cheese on toast
  7. the early 10s were so toxic and hilarious, the new fans would never understand just how crazy the britney fandom used to be mostly because they’re so bland and they lack sass and personality and that’s the tea for today
  8. oh my god i just remembered when the Radar Horse had an account here and released an album the impact
  9. it was such a toxic and vile place, loved every second of it were you around back then??
  10. Who remembers Queen Flopga and how he released all of those wacky videos?? Or who remembers this other user who was impersonating Rachel Lester from X Factor and actually released a mixtape? I just remembered all of this and I am in tears of laughter Newbies won't understand the level of iconic-ness that Exhale reached in the early 10s for real
  11. i've had an account back in 2011 up until around 2013 then forgot about it. i was around when we had karma points, when we could buy adnan's head, when queen flopga aka daniel was the queen of exhale, when gabriel made dark paradise
  12. so basically they waited for her to go to hawaii so that they could proceed with this as a form of punishment for her testimony and i am 10000% sure that her lawyer won't even inform her on this. just like he didn't inform her about her own rights as a conservatee. sick.
  13. he looks glad to be there though. maybe he found a boyfriend in jail
  14. wowww!!!!!!!!!!!! that is such a great concept. chained to a house. chained to material possessions. wanting to break free from her mental and physical prison. she's a genius
  15. i initially liked the post but then the part with her mother... it felt so off and so strange. i unliked it and i am so sad that it has 1 million likes and that people think it's her. it drives me nuts
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