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  1. i think this is what they're referring to https://blindgossip.com/blabber-will-get-fired/
  2. Radar online (yes) has some "news" https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/02/britney-spears-mulls-foreign-concert-residency-after-dad-health-crisis/
  3. Everyone on exhale seems to be delusional. It's never happening again.
  4. Queen Elizabeth is most likely the most photographed person ever. Britney is not even the most photographed outside the queen. Princess Dianna, Paul McCartney, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, MJ, US presidents, athletes are heavily photographed, Bollywood stars are heavily photographed... the queen ascended to the throne in the 50s when press photography exploded.
  5. I can only imagine how awkward it is dating her because of the conservatorship. I mean she's not a legal adult. I don't think most men would want to deal with that...
  6. Aww, why was she upset? and now she has two beautiful boys
  7. If that's all true it's so disappointing. I wish she had pushed really hard to be her own artist. She could have done so much more than be a *** kitten poptart. I wish she had started her own label between 2004-2007. She might have been better off now because of it. Or she could have signed with another big label that at the time would have given her anything. She always had so much more potential than what she showed.
  8. The worst super bowl game paired with the worst halftime show. It was horrible. Adam is ugly Britney would have been better, but she would have had to prepare
  9. I've bought the albums, so that's enough. you're not a real fan if you do everything you claim to. you're just obsessed for some reason...
  10. I just wish State of Grace was released. There was no reason to not include it on Blackout.
  11. It's my second favorite album from her, first is Oops
  12. love this song FF is one of her strongest albums, i love it. I just wish she was more present. my favorite songs are I Wanna Go Inside Out Hold It Against Me Up n Down Criminal Don't Keep Me Waiting Selfish Till the World Ends What are you favorite FF songs?
  13. Crazy days and nights always uses ""singer"' when talking about Britney, but who knows if this is even true. But to other users saying she is too smart to get caught up in continued drug use... Britney is probably mentally ill (nothing confirmed). And if she is, it's common for mentally ill individuals to self medicate (drugs, alcohol, etc.). And if she has had past problems with addiction... well, addiction is a disease and is not easy to overcome. If she was ever addicted in the past she could relapse again, but I don't know the specifics for her conservatorship, so I do wonder if she even has access to drugs in the first place (since she has minders). There was a previous blind about Britney saying that one (or a few) of her dancers smuggled (or were trying to smuggle) drugs to her. None of this may even be true.
  14. So now it's a good show... very predictable exhale
  15. Okay.. what about after that? She has had ample time to try anything in her career, including writing more songs on her own. So she tried a few years in her 20s... that's nothing. If she really cared she would still be writing her own songs to this day. Britney stopped trying to be an artist a long time ago. A true artist doesn't stop caring, ever. I understand Britney has had certain circumstances happen to her that no one else has experienced. Yet, that hasn't stopped other people who have fallen on hard times from creating great bodies of work from their suffering. If she was an artist of that caliber, she would have recognized the potential material from those hard times in her life. Other writers have done that exact thing. I understood long ago she wasn't ever going to be an artist like that, so I don't have those expectations, which is why I always wonder why people ask questions like this. You know she is not and will never be an artist like that.
  16. I don't see why she couldn't have done both. Pop star and singer songwriter.
  17. People keep asking this question. She will never be what she was. She might be able to have another successful album with sales higher than BJ and Glory (closer to FF) if she changes her ways. But she's not gonna do that. We have seen no indication in the TEN years since Circus that she if going to bring it again. In fact, in most respects she has just gotten worse and lost a lot of what made her popular. I don't see her having a Confessions or Private Dancer in her 40s, but she is welcome to prove everyone wrong.
  18. Yes, it wouldn't have healed completely in less than 2 weeks, but it doesn't need to. You can go back to work within 2 weeks and resume strenuous activity within 3 weeks.
  19. Yeah she definitely got a nose job in late 2000. She lost a lot of weight from 1999-2000 and her nose looked bigger for her face, see here (before 2000 VMAs): This was December 1, 2000 and she still had her old nose then jingle ball (December 14, 2000): so I would say she got a nose job between december 1st and december 14th 2000. she then went on to gain a little more weight for 2001 and Britney album, which gave us the look we all know now Obviously, she has always been beautiful with or without the nose jobs. (i also think she may have gotten another one at the end of 2001 too, but maybe she just gained more weight idk...) ETA: wait now I don't know... i've looked at more candids and it might have actually been in 2001, unless she got multiple ETA2: okay, maybe not. apparently there can be swelling after nose job during the healing process, so maybe she did get it then idk
  20. Were they ever really friends in the first place? lol
  21. Does anyone know of demos that were sent to Britney but she never did anything with them? I know of a few like Royalty and Entertainment from Circus era, but I would like your input if you know of more. Thank you
  22. I found it a bit simple and anticlimactic... I'm glad it wasn't on ITZ. You know what should have been on the album... Don't Hang Up, The Answer, And Then We Kiss, Girls N' Boys. I wish they weren't relegated to bonus tracks and a remix by Junkie XL. and i hate how most of her albums are, like, 12 songs.. there are so many good, unreleased ITZ tracks that could have given the album more substance Strangest Love, Sippin' On, Over to You Now, Pleasure You (& i secretly wish Chaotic and I've just begun were on the album) ...i mean why not on the album?...?...?
  23. I don't know who her hair stylists were during that time, but I do know she changed her main creative designers (the ones who came up with the slave costume, the superbowl costume, etc.). She wanted to change directions so she hired (fired her previous designers?) Lori Goldstein in July 2003 (she was the stylist for the October 2003 rolling stone shoot with MP outfit). It wouldn't surprise me if she let go a lot of her previous team, including her hair stylists. According to Goldstein, she was brought in to make Britney's look more feminine (because she was getting kind of trashy during that time..) and elegant, but Britney just did whatever she wanted; soon, Goldstein wasn't working with her anymore. It wouldn't surprise me if, over the next few years, she just had a constantly rotating team, until she had a more permanent one established around circus and femme fatale.
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