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  1. Can’t make you love me would have been epic. Satisfaction would have been the logical bridge in sound between Oops and Slave though. It’s a nice contrast to the Max Martin Oops/Baby/Crazy sound and the lyrics were a bit more mature, which would transition smoothly into Slave.
  2. It could also be to stir some headlines. Conservatorship issues aside, she’s always known how to stir up some publicity. If she really is pregnant, then she might make a bump reveal her Instagram comeback etc. I mean.. it’s just a theory. But she’s always loved to shock that way. I have no doubt she decided to drop the engagement news the night of the vmas too. Queen!!
  3. These “insiders” are never reliable. That said, if it’s true, I hope it’s not because she wants to retire and see what her options are.
  4. She was pretty unprofessional in 2007, that’s why she became an insurance risk. The OK magazine fiasco, pulling out of interviews, not showing up for all the VMA rehearsals, the extreme backlash she received for the M+Ms tour (both for the quality and also being hours late), and the Ryan Seacrest interview where she ditched half way to take a shower. I understand she was going through a lot, but there was still a certain amount of professionalism that was at stake. This made her a liability when it came to being insured. As someone mentioned, she was also late to the Piece of Me video. I’m not sure if y’all remember, but the fandom at the time was very much on edge of their seat whether she would show up or not. Luckily she did, but there was a lot of uncertainty over what would or wouldn’t pan out back then. None of this means she should be in a conservatorship. But when it comes to professional etiquette, she definitely was part of the problem then. Hopefully if she records again once she’s free, she’ll have learned from these mistakes when it’s time to promote.
  5. I was looking over the recent court summaries and saw that as most assumed, Britney was lead to believe the conservatorship would be removed after the Circus tour. This led me to wonder if that’s when the real abuse actually started, after they made it permanent and thought it would never get out? Im sure 2008 and early 2009 came with its share of troubles, but they might have been less forceful back then because there was a chance the conservatorship wouldn’t be extended, and they probably were worried that she could report them once free. Maybe that’s also why she seemed much more motivated then- because she thought it was temporary and also they hadn’t been too bad to her yet? Privileges aside, I don’t remember reading any leaks about electroshock therapy or the drug cocktails they’ve had her on back then. It seemed just a bit more strict than it had been prior to 2004 (which was already exhausting and she hated, I’m well aware.) Looking at everything that’s been uncovered, I feel that once it became permanent, that’s when they felt they could get away with anything. Isn’t that also the time L*u became much more present (at least officially)? It also seems to be when Britney started looking very medicated and depressed.. and we know how that all went down with FF, Disneyland, etc. I feel that’s when the gaslighting really started and L*u and Jamie started the whole idea of “Britney Spears” being their brand, not a person. After that, she was literally just a puppet to them and all that mattered was the brand’s success (and Jamie’s boat.) Sorry if I’m just staying the obvious, I was just trying to get a timeline on just how they started getting away with their torture.
  6. Omg I love this!! The second one especially!! Thank you for these!! Any chance there’s a demo of Invitation out there? I’d love to hear that without the processed vocals in the chorus.
  7. I can’t wait to see it. The fact that she attended a rehearsal, despite already being on hiatus, gives me hope that this is a project she’s behind.
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread, but ive recently been going on a Jewel binge with the re-release of Pieces of You, and I got to 0304 and can’t stop banging to it. Has she ever indicated doing another pop record? I would love that. I read here that she was forced to record it by her label, but in the liner notes she writes that this was her favorite record up until that point. I guess that could have been damage control, but I really wish she’d go back to it. It’s much better than her later country albums.
  9. I’m guessing it’s probably that she can’t get any insurance for her shows without it. I remember reading that was a stipulation for both the Circus tour and POM residency.
  10. I see she’s flaunting her Sailor Moon collection again! Get that Sailor Moon Eternal Promo!!!
  11. Wait- how would he have the right to ground her if Jodi has been her personal conservator for a year now? As much as I love the idea of the documentary being true, that makes me doubt it’s real.
  12. Wasn’t Everyday supposed to be for the FF sessions?
  13. https://www.bsavenue.com/en/music/1754-3-x-my-uo-vinyls-collection-box-set.html I’ve considered ordering some of the fragrances from there but wasn’t sure if it was a legit site or not. Just seems weird that they automatically have every new scent when every other big store doesn’t..
  14. Is BS Avenue official? I’ve always wondered that because they have some pretty awesome exclusives (the vinyl holders being one of them) but it just seems random for them to be the only source.
  15. I’d never seen this special! When was it from? Also that remix is FIRE!! It’s my first time hearing it!!
  16. Wait, was this the troubled shoot? I thought the one with problems was the canceled one for Ok magazine. If memory serves, she ruined the dress and allegedly didn’t clean up for her dog and then stormed off without finishing... and didn’t do the interview either.
  17. 1. Radar - this was such a letdown. Especially after getting 3 great videos that era setting up the expectations. All the fades were so cheap and while the plot was decent, the execution was horrible. With all the revenue and success the Circus tour was having, they should have gone out with a bang. Instead we got a horse hosed down on a film school budget. 2. Ooh La La - does this even count? It was just a tie in after all. That said, they could have done a few more scenes. It seems like they shot it all under an hour and called it a day. 3. 3 - Nothing memorable. Editing was crap. It’s like they were trying way too hard to camouflage the dancing. That worked with HIAM because of its creativity. Here.. it’s just bland. I was originally gonna list Make Me but despite being boring, it’s at least well produced. She looked great in it. And it gave us the American Dream version which I liked. Pretty Girls is ridiculous.. but fun. I think they needed to up the campy acting to make it clear that they were shooting a satire video. The Not a Girl MV on the Britney DVD is boring. The one that aired with the Crossroads scenes is better. The interactive one on the Crossroads dvd that lets you piece together your own video had so many new scenes that I thought were better.
  18. Are these going to be using stems or filtered? Excited to hear them either way. Would be great to hear some new remixes for tracks that never get decently remixed. Would love to hear new takes on: Just Luv Me Invitation Shadow Bombastic Love (still praying we get that Demo version someday)
  19. Is there a reason this isn’t available for sale in the US yet?
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