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  1. Blackout 2.0 would be perfect. She didn’t really promote or tour Blackout, so who says she can’t just release an album and still relax, enjoy her freedom, start a family, etc etc
  2. Being forced to do a residency in Vegas and doing a residency in Vegas are two different things though. IF she chooses to return, Vegas will still be there for her. I think that’s all they’re saying, really.
  3. I really really really hope their relationship is genuine. But I just can’t help but think otherwise. Like, how do “they” let someone in so freely who is on her side? Absolutely no one else they let close to her seems to have her back. And the ones who do have her back disappear. Just stating the obvious. But I hope I’m wrong.
  4. These documentaries can be a double edged sword, I guess. I mean, yeah it sucks that she’s spotlighted in them. She probably does hate that. But this not only helps “shed light” on her case, but also opens up a lot of doors to help fix the entire corrupt situation of conservatorships for everyone who is having to endure them. Before the #FreeBritney movement, no one I talked to about Britney even knew what a conservatorship was. No disrespect to Sam, Britney, and their relationship…I really do hope that it is genuine. But it’s kind of hard to forget that pretty much everyone that Britney can be close to has been vetted by team con at some point or another.
  5. I wonder whatever happened to that girl who got the surprise pizza party from Britney during the Hawaii Live and More special… Is she on exhale??
  6. Ok this goes way back, but I remember inbetween the Crazy2K Tour and Oops era ( I think) her website had this animated Britney that was dressed in the white fringe outfit from the Crazy2K tour…she walks into the locker and comes back out and is wearing the outfit from the Oops tour opening. Does anyone else remember this?
  7. I didn’t even realize Dr Luke was a thing back in 2005. When did Animal come out? 2011? That’s what confuses me. But whatever. Kesha will always have my undying support.
  8. DWAD, hands down. I also liked the entrance to OIDIA tour, mainly because of the Crazy performance…But like, that ball….was she inside of it? Was she just behind it and when it rose up it look like she came out of it?
  9. *finally goes and follows Sam just for the real Britney content*
  10. I’ve been thinking this all day long. Like, what’s going to happen now that she’s put all this out there?
  11. Oh good. We’re finally getting a touch of pink or whatever it was “she” said we were getting a few weeks ago. Great job, team.
  12. She’s able to purchase 20 different spandex catsuits but can’t purchase Starbucks on her own free will. Ok.
  13. I wasn’t a huge fan of their tribute episodes (besides Britney’s...and maybe the Madonna one). I’d imagine there would be a ton of Ariana, Taylor, and Dua covers if Glee was still on, today.
  14. If she posted a video of herself saying all of this, we would be all like “she seems nervous..like, they’re forcing her to say this”
  15. I’m kind of indifferent. I definitely hope he genuinely loves her and that they are both truly happy. She deserves it. I just don’t trust what I don’t really know...like surrounding the conservatorship...I don’t know how anyone knows what to believe.
  16. I remember hearing it being about Justin (“puppet with their strings up”/NSYNC reference), Kevin (the verse that says “Daddy-O”) and Adnan (the lollipop reference) But I think that was all just a theory so I dunno.
  17. It would be wrong of them to do so, of course. BUT it’s super dumb on their part to not have done that to make more bank. They aren’t smart enough to do that but we already knew that.
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