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  1. This is how I see it: Britney showed from a very early age that she had potential and loved to perform, so Lynne took this as an opportunity to try and raise her to stardom in order to solve the family's problems with money (or she wanted to live a dream that she may have once had through her daughter. We know how stage-parents work). I may be wrong, but I think I once heard that Jamie didn't support what Lynne was doing and thought it was too much for a kid. If I'm honest I've never got good vibes from her in that aspect of Britney's life. And seeing that a relative is basically exposing her, it doesn't purify her image for me at all.
  2. I still don't understand why they don't use the original ad. I mean, it speaks for itself as to why they should: So whimsical and high-end looking. She also looks gorgeous
  3. My guess is that she hasn't filmed it yet, so since she's on hiatus they are waiting for what's going to happen after all
  4. I wouldn't really like it, tbh. The reason why I listen to Britney is because most of her songs are upbeat and carefree, so they put me in a good mood. If I'm in the mood for something mellow then I listen to other artists.
  5. After all the bottle looks so much better in real life, I can't believe I like it LOL
  6. I agree. I think that without the ''alarm'' sound at the beggining and the pitched down ''y-y-yeah'' vocal it would be much better.
  7. Why don't I see any of you guys talking about Everybody? I love it and it is one of my favourite tracks from Blackout. Wish she could perform it someday along with And Then We Kiss and Get Back (will never happen but one can dream)
  8. Oh my god, I hate it. It looks super childish and t's probably going to smell like a 12 year old Prerogative has apparently been a hit. The fact that they've bring it here to Spain proves that it's being very requested. Also people are asking the shop that's selling it to bring more Britney perfumes, so they're still very well recieved.
  9. Depends on what kind of sweet scent she likes, really. Fantasy is bakery-sweet while Midnight smells like candied fruit. I can't tell you about the rest since I haven't smelled them, but they're along the same lines (sugary sweet) since they belong to the same line.
  10. She also did this conference. Wish she would go back to this hair style/color
  11. When the POM Asia tour happened, the hashtag #BritneyComeToSpain was the top trending topic for some hours, so clearly people want her to come here. Imo the reason why she hasn't come back here is because her team want to play safe...
  12. It sounds bad tbh. Not horrible but not amazing, either. She has a very weird technique, like she doesn't ''connect'' the notes smootly, if you know what I mean.
  13. Literally any unreleased song from Blackout/Original Doll. I LOVE the direction she was taking with those songs.
  14. If I remember correctly, they actually used to give as a bonus for the purchase of a fragrance either a CD single or an album (Someday with Curious, Blackout with Believe...). It was a good marketing idea imo, they should do it again.
  15. I've never understood this interview (and Britney throughout the whole era tbh). Was her true personality like this or was there something else going on?
  16. Are they really releasing ANOTHER Fantasy flanker? I have to scream . Anyways, the ad actually looks beautiful, but I'm not a big fan of both the concept and the bottle for the perfume to be honest... Looks too childish imo. Why don't they give some love to Believe? It is one of her best
  17. I have a love/hate relationship with If I'm Dancing. I love the effects they do with her voice and the song overall is really cool, but those weird sounds that are scattered all over the song just annoy me, I don't like them at all. Anyways, imo the worst song is Private Show. Very fun and all but personally I've had enough of teeny *** songs. Girl you're in your 30s, do it in a more mature and womanly way idk
  18. So... music is basically a hobby to her now? I'm sooo tired of her omfg As far as we know she literally does NOTHING on a daily basis. A lot of parents around the world work their ***** off to take care of their children, and all she has to do is sing because a lot of her songs are given to her. She could do it in a studio in her own house, but she doesn't give a ****. Thank god I've moved on to stan other artists who take their job seriously.
  19. Actually it reminded me a bit of MF when I first smelled it because it starts fruity, but it is a LOT less sugary and loud than MF. I haven't smelled that many frags from her brand, but I think that it's actually pretty different from what she has released until now. You can tell they have put quite some effort in this one.
  20. @EzekielJean @Albertohdezgarcia En Primor!! Lo tienen a 19'99 euros.
  21. They're finally selling Prerogative here in Spain, so when I saw it on a shelf I was shook hahaha I ran to try it. Let me start by saying it is NOT a girly fragrance, it is pretty balanced as to what's considered ''masculine/femenine". However, it leans a little bit more to the femenine side because it's pretty sweet. I've seen some people saying that it smells a lot like coffee and that it reminds them of Mugler's Angel Men, but at least on my skin it smells fruity and peppery. It smells amazing but i feel kind of dissapointed since I expected something more edgy, tbh. Personally I don't think I'll buy it, I'm still gonna stick to Believe. It is really really good, just not my cup of tea. And it isn't because of the sweetness, it just doesn't wow me hahaha (I can totally see a guy wearing it). If you have the chance to try it, do it!!
  22. I don't get how u guys hate it so much???? For me is one of Britney's more mature songs, the vocals are pretty good and it felt different from what she had released until then. Personally I really like it.
  23. Britney holding a cup of Starbucks coffee is literally one of the most iconic celebrity related things I can think of, lmao. She's obsessed
  24. @Snesh! Wtf are you serious??? I also live in Spain and in my city literally the ONLY one you can find in stores is Fantasy #tragic. Where have you seen them? I want to repurchase Believe but I can't find it anywhere.
  25. I'm tired of her attitude, really. Some people excuse her with the breakdown, but seriously it's obvious that she lives in a bubble where she thinks POM it's a ''fun show'' and not an overpriced concert where she should be giving it all. POM has had an enormous run, but we wouldn't be so tired of it if she at least performed better.
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