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  1. You're right! I went to Dublin in January and seeing the glitter fantasy at superdrug made me go "what" ... Back home in Denmark it has only been fantasy, midnight fantasy and intimate fantasy that has been available for the longest time. But after I came home from my trip, they "replaced" intimate with glitter. Made me go "what" again, since glitter hasn't been talked about at all
  2. Britney perfumes are my favourite!!! Quite funny, I like the fantasy line the most Believe and Curious are okay, but no favourite of mine. Also I do not like midnight fantasy tho. The naughty remix sucks Prerogative were a great new line. Also VIP private show, gotta give that a thumbs up
  3. Quite interesting But what would have been it's purpose? To stand outside and look cool? To be used in the show? I really wanna know
  4. I always enjoy her insta. But I think that I love her for being so sassy and calling out the haters Some of the things are weird yes, but overall really cool
  5. Don't know if this is a serious thread, but ... Isn't it the other way around? Like they drag her for not dancing like she used to and her "singing". I feel like people do have respect for Britney. Not like they follow her every move or stan her or whatever, but that they like her in general. Maybe I've just been around the few who thinks so
  6. Tbh I think she looks cute. It's a small gap and I think it suits her
  7. I just don't understand why they will never let her sign. It's quite clear that she want to, it's her team that don't want to
  8. Yas!!! This is more like my vision of the video You did a great job mixing the 3 versions and I am so here for it. Love it
  9. The original The official The American dream version
  10. There are elements of all 3 videos that I like. I'm glad I got the chance to see the original, but it just wasn't what I had hoped for. Make me is about *** and yes I wanted a **** video, but the original is too much over the place. For me at least, it's trying to hard and Britney usually don't have to. That's a thing I've always thought highly about regarding Britney. She never needed the extreme to come across as ****. The official needs a little more *** tho lol. That's too boring. The perfect video for me is a mix of all 3 versions
  11. I noticed that too. I think she forgot the lyrics
  12. Don't know how pm/dm works around here But I would love to get the link
  13. I was in a rush yesterday when I watched it. And now it's gone
  14. This probably sounds weird or crazy.... but when I saw the gimmie more video, I thought her *** looked great But I don't know, after she lost a lot of weight, it just haven't looked the same. Not hating, cause that's whats weight loss and unflattering () costumes does :p But hey, my flat *** could never look as good as Britney's
  15. Oh that's so cool. Love the little airplane
  16. I sort of like the beat, but something is missing. And I don't like the lyrics at all
  17. Yes I have to agree. I thought sunset fantasy was pretty, but Rainbow fantasy looks amazing
  18. How does rainbow fantasy even smell? Can't seem to find it anywhere Would love to give it a try tho!
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