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  1. I still pretty much enjoy everything up to Circus and Glory. To be honest a huge part of Femme Fatale and the almost the entire BJ feels soulless to me. I didn’t feel it that much with the Circus album. Glory is definitely an upgrade. Very playful so that should be an exception.
  2. no good rhyme but it’s a fantasy and did what I could 1, 2, 3 Peter, Paul and Mattie got one eighty degrees Rosengart in between.
  3. Also why the hell is it censoring me if I literally typed “f” “c” & “k”? What is going to be censored next time? If you seek Amy?
  4. “suffered from the same trauma…” what the actual fffF***? So what for next time? Jamie also suffered from it? suddenly everybody is a victim in this story. Nobody is buying it anymore, not the slightest.
  5. Stop pointing the fingerI warned you about the dangerIts true I'm nobody's angelConvict meI'm guilty from Guilty Watching me, you're crawling at my feetI've seen it all and now it's on repeatI'm razor-sharp and I'm cutting deepAnd you love it when I'm getting nasty from Dangerous I'm Miss American Dream since I was seventeenDon't matter if I step on the sceneOr sneak away to the Philippines But everything else from Piece of me is great… there are many more
  6. Why should I be sad, but it’s actually good for closure Everybody - thank God it was only a b-side Toy soldier - Still a good song, but there’s an annoying factor to it which I once feel, once not, depending on my mood I guess
  7. Dear Britney, you continue to be inspiration to many of us. When I was 14 I looked up at you and now at 35 I still do but for many different reasons. I do believe you have a higher agenda in this world but I sincerely hope you will be able to do in your future what your heart needs to do. with love - Erik
  8. It’s typical here unfortunately, in Hungary. But when we did the voiceover for Framing Britney Spears with my friends, from the overall feedbacks I could say that people started to understand. It’s just not easy at all to push this through them because it’s so much easier to shrug and say: who cares about a rich, once upon a time popstar? I see the small changes though, really.
  9. You have all these witnesses' stories now and Felicia who I think one of the most genuine person ever vs. these random insta captions (interestingly discrediting something important again but in a hazy way). This fandom has reached so much within these past years so it would be an epic fail to lose the drive now.
  10. Honestly I couldn’t even consider it B10, as there were at least one great glitch before Glory. I’d love to have new material from her but I think those times are somewhat over, if she proves me wrong cool. But until then I’d be happy to have the unreleased, or remastered, remixes new-old stuff (of course only when she’s freed from all of this)!
  11. Wow after watching this I have to tell you guys I share in her emotions when she said “I’m so angry it’s insane” I will do everything to spread this doc among the people where I live and that includes the voiceover for Framing BS we did with my relatives and friends (even neighbours) to make it even more accessible. We definitely will do this one too. I want this disgusting team to be exposed and Britney to be left alone from being called crazy. Still one of the biggest misconceptions. Hoping she’s at a good place now in heart and mind really…
  12. To team con: I hope each one of you will rot in jail! And even if you can manage to avoid it somehow, karma will get you. Xoxo
  13. Yeah and let’s talk about the happy and fluffy things ONLY. Because this world is actually damn perfect inside and outside exhale and by not mentioning, showcasing and having an adult conversation would make them stay away for good… I think it’s overdone to a point where it gets extremely unhealthy. I think if we stay self-conscious, and know that what we do is not done with bad intention, then it all gets balanced and not the complete opposite of the early 2000s. That was shady, this is just hypocrete. So just another extreme… When will we find the golden mean?
  14. I'm so very happy when I see her like this. She's so comfortable and natural as she's laying down there. I'd really listen to her stories on video or audio for hours. Hope either this or a book happens eventually!
  15. Yay! I think I found you on Spotify. It’s an awesome podcast. I love these songs. Don’t hang up is even very sensual.
  16. Yeah I know that. You’re most probably correct. But I didn’t post it to be so deep or anything. It’s St Tropez, btch
  17. Her St Tropez idea comes from years ago but she wasn’t so fond about it back then at 2:57
  18. I appreciate “Blur” the most on Circus. I like Oops (the song) even nore than BOMT. ”Seal it with a kiss” from Femme Fatale is one of her weakest tracks. ”My baby” is cute… that’s it though. I appreaciate Dear Diary on the other hand. “Boys” should have been bigger than it was. In “Hard to forget you” the verses and the bridge are the strongest. The refrain is forgettable. ”Liar” is not in my top5 from Glory. Although brunette with blonde looks fierce on Britney (for example in Oops photoshoots) but I am not a fan of complette brunette hair color on her. I still think the different shades of blonde is the best choice. And I know with this one I went too far…
  19. Funny and tragic that he looks like this and lives a life like this (allegedly or not we know his alcoholism is not just a rumor) and: he is in charge of somebody’s else life. Damn this fact alone is a huge red flag.
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