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  1. Wade praised Michael until 2013 when he was denied to be the choreographer to Michael Jackson's show in Vegas, when he was told "no" he "randomly" changed thought about Michael... also, why suing the Michael Jackson's Estate? Oh yeah, money! Also, they always talk about Jordan Chandler, the first accuser, if u care u can watch this: if u don't care, it's ok... but as i said as a victim of abuse myself i feel insulted! Oh and one last thing: James claimed that he was abused at Neverland in the train station in 1991... bullcrap, the train station wasn't built until late 1993 and accessible only in 1994
  2. Please everything but not something like Leaving Neverland... that crap has been debunked by everyone, i would like to watch a documentary full of facts and proofs for Britney, not a mockumentary full of lies. And as a victim of abuse, myself, i feel insulted that they used my pain and a lot of others people's pain for ratings and money, I know it's off topic and i'm not attacking you, but i had to get that off my chest.
  3. She should turn this into a song tbh Britney Spears "Home" enough talking about ***, i think we all want something like this, right? I think it can be a very interesting step for her future career, if she wants to, obviously
  4. I've seen people taking better pics/vids on their IG stories pls, stay the **** away from Brit, k? You destroyed way too many things already!
  5. Not to mention how GORGEOUS she looked here: a mature version of prime-ney...
  6. Actually this is Britney, whoever made it used a couple of acapellas (you can clearly hear "Lace and Leather" and "Hold it against Me") and they used melodyne for her voice
  7. OMG the second pic from November 2 gives me "Crossroads-ney" vibes
  8. I like the quality BUT she looks too orange imo... It makes her look like Xtina back in 2003: I think the saturation and the contrast are too high tbh but beside that, good job
  9. Wtf is that messy caption? She looks fantastic tho
  10. Same tbh, i love the way she sounds... Very mature, you know? But i hate some of the lyrics and as u said, not single worthy
  11. I never really liked that song tbh ... and after Work *****, Perfume was NOT the right choice for a second single imo oh and i think "Don't Cry" is also Myah-free lol but Happy Birthday to Perfume anyways
  12. Exactly... the "pitched vocals" story was never a thing until Shane Dawson talked about it in a video of CONSPIRACY THEORIES aka rumors based on NOTHING, i don't even know why people believed that lol and breaking news: the reason why Britney don't sing live it's because she doesn't want to sing live a good example is DLMBTLTK during the DWAD tour, the pitch of the song was lower, which should be easier to sing, yet it was lip synched... So please, stop fooling yourselves by believing these rumors
  13. i've always found odd the whole "comeback era" tbh, i mean, not even one WHOLE year since she was taken to the hospital with that famous ambulance... and "she" was ready to perform, dance, release interviews already? It's really hard to believe tbh...
  14. Well maybe the fact that he stepped in (in the beginning) was ok, but the fact that this woman nowadays, after what? 12 years? isn't even free to do or say whatever she wants isn't helpful at all, actually it's allarming if you ask me
  15. Personally i can't go cause i'm from Italy, but i wouldn't go not even if it was next to my house it's on her Instagram AKA her team is involved and i promised to myself that they wouldn't get a cent from me until Brit is free But... nice try Loucifer, you failed terribly tho
  16. Right? I mean, she looks amazing already, i don't get it
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