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  1. Or the fans who a couple of topics up say Britney Needs to be managed by Kris Jenner so she can look hot and polished. Legitimately Britney meant her dad is making her try to be the perfect pop star … so she stays skinny and pretty …
  2. Wtf, this fan base , literally if Britney was doing everything perfect the fan base wouldn’t have a problem with the conservatorship. Britney does not want to work as hard as she did as a kid, so she’ll never want to be the it girl anymore …
  3. I’ve been a fan since 1998, and I remember in 2006-2007 the sadness so many fans felt as the media portrayed Britney as spiraling. Fans were upset that Britney would ditch shows, award shows, interviews she was scheduled to appear at … they hated how her image became a trailer park cheeto girl who would step barefoot in gas station bathrooms and was unhinged etc … Fans rejoiced when circus started and since then it’s been this focus of getting Britney back to be Primney. Which continues into today … My question is, the conservatorship is messed up on every level, but can the fan base accept some responsibility by acknowledging how we were not ready to let the image of Britney Spears go? The reason for her success post conservatorship is because of us. TeamCon forced her back to give us what we had come to expect from Britney Spears … it’s sad to think how Larry and Lynn saw how Britney was unraveling the brand; that they would say “they built” “the family business” … (which to some extent is true any Britney interview from the early days focused on her family, friends, cousins, etc) I’m sure the amount of times Britney was ridiculed and called selfish by her family for destroying the brand … made them really push this conservatorship. I’m sure that’s why they are scrambling now how to salvage the brand and why it took Britney so long to speak about the conservatorship in public … like she said on the 23rd “they told me it was bad for my image” I wonder had Blackout Britney continued her way … Matt Lauer interviews, no promo, poor dancing, no polished music videos etc … would the fansbase have turned on her? Sadly I do think Sam Lutfi gave her the most control she ever had in her career because he didn’t care I’d like to think after blackout Britney would’ve taken a long break …. And came back 5 years later refocused . But sadly we’ll never know. the point of this post is fans critical nature and I hope if Britney does perform again she won’t be ridiculed for her dancing, looks, outfits by the fan base like she was during Vegas and her last tour fans are always like she’s destroying her legacy . And that makes the conservatorship come down on her harder to be pretty and perfect Has anyone thought that maybe the dance move she refused to do for domination May have just been something that was to intricate and grueling and she wanted something easier ?
  4. Is the beginning of the criminal video an ode to her management telling her she’s embarrassing and to smile
  5. Lynn describing the relationship between Britney and Jamie as Toxic … okay Lynn . I don’t know why her using a song title rubs me the wrong way .. makes it sound trivial
  6. Sounds like Max Martin says she lost her spark in the studio :/ I wonder if he said something so they never let her work with him after that
  7. I believe a major part of the conservatorship was as an insurance policy for the touring company .. ensuring she wasn’t going to bail . Hybrid business model. It’s like a guarantee .
  8. Honestly the face that you can’t hire your own lawyer is so messed up. Like criminals are allowed to hire a lawyer
  9. I really hope her image has a complete overhaul soon. Like bikini hot girl photos when she’s literally crying about being depressed. It all comes off so weird … like why her team thinks her image needs to be hot girl all the time is boggling . This is her time to be real . Whoever does her social media strategy makes no sense
  10. Starting this topic, because there is so many topics but when will Sam Ingham file the petition? Her testimony doesn’t mean anything right, if it’s not documented in a petition to end the conservatorship? She said all this in 2019 and nothing happened. So when will something get filed ? What is the 7/14 date, is that the date it will be filed? Team Con in doing PR trying to say they’ll update her care plan etc and showing how successful she was in the past 13 years, but there’s no talk about actually submitting a petition to end it?
  11. He stepped down when they forced her into the mental rehab facility
  12. I imagine she considers 2002-2007 just as bad as the conservator years. She was trapped by her brand … the only difference is they got legal rights to make her comply after 2007
  13. I mean I think this was a smart way of defending herself without saying free Britney or anything of value … it’s her version of “her daddy loves her very much” this is Jamie Lynn just saying “I love my sister very much and support her” … I don’t like her but I do feel for her . I imagine Britney will post something about loving Jamie Lynn
  14. I’m really glad she did this over the phone …. Can you imagine how much conversation would be around how she looks and what she wore if there was a video or she was actually there … People use her looks to describe if she’s mentally fit or not, which is so upsetting
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