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  1. I'm out that H, town coming coming down I'm coming down, drippin' candy on the ground H, Town, Town, I'm coming down, coming down Drippin' candy on the ground but real talk such a charismatic performer …
  2. It’s grand canyon and it was not cgi, there was an mtv making the video we’re she went further than they even asked her to go … ugh I feel old when fans don’t know this stuff . I remember watching making the video followed by making the movie live
  3. Yes there is two versions of the music video, this one is more explicit in how it relates to crossroads as it has her in multiple scenes … camp fire, hotel room etc but yes the concept was supposed to have Britney reimagining crossroads scenes
  4. I love how team con has become the scapegoat for everything people didn’t like about Britney
  5. Just to play devils advocate, which is not my personal opinion but fans seem to have since 2008 said Britney appears lifeless, forgets things, doesn’t dance the same, looks weird, has weird ticks, voice is off, Instagram is bad, talks like a baby, seems bimbo-ish, doesn’t know what’s best for her, is easily influenced, has bad people around her etc etc etc … and the one consensus is that everyone says it’s the conservatorships fault … from a business standpoint . The conservatroship wanted her to be skinny, pretty, dance hard etc all the things fans wanted . They probably attacked her more than any of the fans did … since it hurts their pockets when she is off …. So maybe all the times we blame the conservatorship for everything .. it’s actually Britney’s medical condition…. And her rebellion. Maybe she refused to work … refused to dance hard .. refused the sing longer in the studio … refused to put the effort she used to … I always took Jayden saying it will be glorious when you finish the album .. a way as she hates recording and she’ll be so happy once it’s done and she doesn’t need to anymore. nonetheless, all the fans complaints over the years don’t warrant for a conservatorship, it warrants for a retirement or a change to her career but just a thought about how people say the conservatorship is to blame for the public’s perception of Britney in the last 13 years … if anything Britney got to work less during the conservatorship which is why I think she didn’t fight as hard for it to end early on I want Britney out of the conservatorship because I don’t think she needs one and she wants out not because I blame them for the Britney Spears we were showcased the last 13 years …
  6. He is probably wanting her to resign since she’s allowing Britney to pick her own lawyer … if he becomes conservator he can ensure Britney gets another crooked lawyer
  7. I always hated that girl … she’s like his voice is so high and mine is deep … she seemed to imply he was gay which in retrospect hmm
  8. She spent a good deal of 2007 trying to rebel against the Britney Spears image and then they forced her into a conservatorship and made her pretend to be the Britney Spears image she loathed and probably blamed for what’s happened to her.
  9. Fans think they know Britney better than anyone who actually knows her. I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate people accusing Sam or others of taking advantage of her. Britney was complicit in the manipulation during her prime years … she was a great actress. She knew how to fake a smile and innocence for the public … she has on the record alluded to her calling her career cheesy. Girl basically played a ***ified Disney princess for most her career. I honestly think nobody knows the real Britney Spears
  10. At this point, I guess the next question fans will have is “if they can trust Britney”
  11. Even if she was deemed not capable in 2008 to get her own lawyer … if the conservatorship has helped her like they say it did, shouldn’t she be capable of getting her own lawyer now. also as a parting gift could Sam ingham file the termination paperwork
  12. The audio is owned by the courts it can’t be played but I’m sure they’ll quote it
  13. I also feel this is a way to delay filing papers to petition. But hopefully this time she can hire her own lawyer and it’s not some court appointment bull**** again. They are all going to sue her on her way out but can they sue someone for what they say in court ?
  14. I think you lowered the pitch of the vocal so I thought it was live vocals for a second. Sounds exactly how she does when she sings it live. Great work.
  15. I think Sam Ingham, he’ll say something like Britney has voiced that she wants new council
  16. They are just trying to control the narrative. 1 Jamie Lynn’s Husband 2 Jamie Lynn speaks 3 Jodi vs Jamie, she wanted to tour etc etc 4 Larry steps down, she plans to retire next they’ll probably leak some medical documents the Ronan Farrow story needs to be the main headline
  17. This . She always shared her platform with her family and friends. There’s a reason Fe is so we’ll known as well as Britney’s family
  18. Could Britney Spears rebellion be an nft
  19. There’s literally kids in cages and people dying …. Britney to the president is just someone who doesn’t want to go to therapy 3 times a week .. there’s bigger issues
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