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  1. I’m 100% positive her new lawyer is going to have her go public with so much more stuff to win the case. I think her Instagram will be so interesting in the coming months … remember she said Ingham wanted her to not say anything. I’m sure Rosegart is working on her social strategy as part of his fight in court
  2. I’m a firm believer that she tried her best at making a career and name for herself to provide money for her family so they would love her … then she found Kevin and tried to do the same … then she agreed to help pot full of vegetables and Tinashe and wanted to help them … It’s heartbreaking that in my mind she thinks she doesn’t believe she deserves love unless she provides monetary value
  3. She’s posting pictures with her kids faces hidden by emojis … but like you just need to scroll to like pics from 2 months ago and you can see her kids, not sure the logic there
  4. I hope if Britney ever does continue with music that they collaborate. Can you imagine a song like cleaning out my closet with Britney singing the chorus
  5. Probably dealing with the trauma that he will never provide value to anyone … as the only value he was able to provide for his family was when he convinced his daughter she was mentally ill. Probably gave him a sense of purpose and worth, feeling like he was finally the man for his family that they needed after he provided no value all his life and now he probably feels worthless that the charade is coming to an end … I think he will take his life tbh.
  6. It’s humiliating to stand infront of thousands of people and be labeled incompetent. I don’t blame her anxiety. Like what kind of self doubt and detriment to someone’s confidence. I’d never want to be in public if I was told time and time again I’m stupid and can’t think for myself . It’s like that movie or Eminem song where the person is told they are sick, and need treatment so they are dependent on the other person. It’s sick. Maybe that’s what Jamie wanted . For her to feel his worth … so he kept telling her she’s sick so she would have to lean on him more . Idk it’s all gross
  7. Meghan has always been a Britney supporter and her best friend is Clay Aiken. I appreciate her on the view and she will be missed. I don’t agree with her politics often but she doesn’t come ever from a bad place. She 100% is a fan of Britney’s and is a good representative of millennial republicans .
  8. Why he won’t step down is really what doesn’t make sense … I don’t think he lives lavishly or anything . It’s so strange he’s fighting so hard .. like even if he thinks she’s mentally ill or whatever at this point you’d think he’d be like to hell with you .. fend for yourself . I don’t know. It’s a weird situation also I blame Lynn for wanting Jamie to assume the role to basically make him be the bad cop and her the good cop. Like awful parenting all together
  9. I have a feeling Rosengart will use the media to his advantage. I wouldn’t be surprised if Britney does an Oprah style interview eventually to rally more eyes on her case
  10. Vivian is a lawyer she is just doing her job, even rapists, molesters, killers have lawyers … I wouldn’t throw so much legit hate towards her. She is just doing her job and is not the reason any of this has happened to start nonetheless can’t wait till she loses …
  11. Glory was just the record label chasing trends. It was great. Solid album. I don’t think Britney had more influence than say Femme Fatale or whatever … Britney Jean I think was more Jamie Spears and was more lyrically Britney than any other album. Full of lullaby simple lyrics that lacked a bridge
  12. When Britney is free I imagine she’ll say things that are super offensive and non PC. So be prepared. Girl is stuck in 1999 America! nonetheless I don’t think she said this …
  13. Jamie is by the courts supposed to be managing her estate on her behalf. So he should not be able to call the shots … and be like no your lawyer you can’t pay for cause that lawyer is fighting me. It’s not his money it’s hers … he has to do what the court think is in Britney’s best interest with her money. Britney by law has the rights to a lawyer .. which lawyer is a different conversation. But I don’t seee this Matt guy asking for an outrageous number . This case is so prominent I can see him working with an arrangement so Jamie doesn’t make the case to the judge that Matt is asking for an outrageous amount. Hel’ll probably ask for the same as Jamie’s Lawyers or Sam Inghams to further the case that he has every right to be her lawyer
  14. Umm how can you sue someone for talking on a forum. I mean it’s not like we’re the press. This is literally like talking to your friends.
  15. Thank you for bringing more clarity to this. Hopefully you’re in a much better place now. Life is rough. ♥️
  16. I believe it, seems common treatment for severe bipolar mania and schizophrenia cases.
  17. I think the label would have dropped her! The conservatorship was a guarantee she wouldn’t go rogue . I doubt they would’ve invested in her much. She probably would’ve gone to Louisana eventually i think
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