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  1. I don’t know what it says about me but Toxic is not even in my Top 15 Britney songs!
  2. Ofcourse the early years were traumatic for her, she literally tried to appease everyone … the pressure to know how much money you’re making for everyone .. she probably did whatever they told her because it meant she’d be able to provide for her loved ones. even Jayden was like do you know how much bank you make .. when she mentioned quitting in 2020. Now imagine the poor folks of kentwood in 1999 realizing they struck gold. This isn’t a family that is wealthy or middle class. This was a poor family who potentially viewed money much differently. rember diary of Britney Spears. Britney gifts Jamie that gold bracelet and Jamie Lynn asks if it’s real. They sold Britney for the dollar and she went along with it because it made her happy to provide for those she loved … till she realized they cared more about the money than her :(
  3. Lindsey Lohan couldn’t get work when she was going through her stuff . Whoever masterminded the Conservatorship as a hybrid business model did it more for the insurance policy basically ensuring Britney would do what is required .. so she can continue to get work. Hence why I think at times they let her work less to kind of appease her … since she was forced to do everything … like she said during the femme era she hopes do her doing nothing in 20 years :(
  4. Maybe they have to pay for the rights to the pre recorded vocals , I have no idea how this works . Are they considered re recordings ?
  5. Or maybe she thought he was hot and wanted to know if he was gay or straight then he said he was married …
  6. My quote! 😍! I hope they don’t have more tricks up their sleeve, this all feels like the 2020 election where things leak each week to make their opponent look bad :/
  7. Best era hands down . First making the video ever . Everything about this time was perfection
  8. Ironically, I do believe Jamie first play was to make the media think he stepped down, now his second play is to make her look unfit …so the general public can be like oh Jamie stepped down and look what happened. So I do believe this is a strategy. What actually provoked my post was the Mario Lopez news and Robin hate .. it was more about villainizing everyone around her … like oh Taylor Swift hasn’t publicly spoken out she must be an awful person let’s drag her . When in reality we don’t know anything that is happening behind the scenes and the fanbase just creates this narrative. Like even her boyfriend and lawyer get dragged. It’s like not everything to do with her Instagram , career has to have a big conspiracy and we need to blame people . my post was nothing about the Conservatorship, as I said , I am free Britney. It was more about thinking that there could be two sides or stuff happening behind the scenes so we don’t need to always assume the worse about people. I was playing devils advocate and just thinking from a psychological stand point why we project so much on her . nonetheless I apologize for this topic. And if I could I’d delete it Moderator is it possible to lock this
  9. They probably gave Britney a script . 6 or 7 costume changes and didn’t want her to avert from script. The amount of manipulation they probably did to her .. is probably what made her so anxious in interviews. Like Britney if you say the wrong thing the media will destroy you, be careful don’t avert from script
  10. I think it was just too big with too many layers that she didn’t know how to fight it. I think if she didn’t have kids or her kids were older she would’ve moved to a different country . The beginning of this is heartbreaking on every level, how they got the okay to make this permanent will never make sense to me. Like I’m curious how many people across the United States are in a Conservatorship under the age of 30.
  11. This was beautiful , I even appreciated the filter. The rose in her hand .. ♥️
  12. For the record, I don’t think Britney should be in a Conservatorship … I just don’t think everyone around her is some villain. Like if she was to hug her sister … fans would be like she is forced to. This fanbase just creates their own narrative … and believes it as fact. Anyways I would delete this post if I had known it would spark such outrage. playing devils advocate really gets lost on people.
  13. Oh my Lordy, such a goober to have to explain that a 5 second clip from a one hour documentary.. might be taken out of context . Apologies that I don’t think Robin didn’t confirm with Britney about working on her birthday and that she may be in that boardroom because Britney may have not wanted to attend a stupid meeting like that. I also assume they were trying to show how dedicated Britney was to the Vegas show by saying how she was willing to work on her birthday. (Sticks out tongue while biting down) anyways like you said I’ll shut up now. Take care sweetie
  14. Thank you for this response. I agree with this and this is where I was hoping the conversation would go. Like rationale reasons and facts.
  15. I’ve been here for years, why would I be banned . Because the fan base here hates anyone and everyone that has been in Britney’s life for the past 15 years? It’s exactly this mentality , you can’t be rationale cause if you are you’re team con. I have free Britney gear I’ve been her loudest supporter. like for years this forum would hate on Britney for everything, outfits, lyp syncing, dancing, surgery, meet and greets, videos , interviews , promotion and it was really toxic towards her … now this forum has just flipped everything to still be awful, but it’s like not her fault it’s everyone else’s . My point was to ask a question on why we project perfection onto her and put her on a pedestal, claiming she can’t do anything wrong and when she does it’s not her fault. were attacking Mario Lopez now . Like it’s a really bad environment . I love Britney with all my heart but I think this fanbase is not accepting reality and live in this alternate where primney on the dwad tour has been held hostage by the conservatorship. When in reality we don’t know **** and we just keep hating on everyone around her . Even her boyfriend . There’s no one safe because we as a fan base think Britney is god and can’t do anything we don’t like . I don’t blame her if she never comes back to the spotlight , what kind of pressure that must be in her own words to be so pretty and perfect. Literally team con did all this **** to appease the fans so they can make money. And everyone thinks it’s team con for why she didn’t dance perfectly. It’s just ridiculous . Give the girl more credit . She deserves freedoms from team con and her fans expectations
  16. I’ve been a die hard fan since 98, but as the years have gone, girl has shown us time and time again that she isn’t perfect and she makes mistakes. My question is why do we take her word for everything now .. and never question that there may be 2 sides to every story. I’m not talking about the conservatorship as a whole, but we as a fan base have villanized everyone around her and blamed everyone for her shortcomings. I believe in Free Britney, but I also don’t believe everyone is a villain. We really don’t know her , nor anyone around her. Girl has changed since 2004, just like all of us have. So from a psychological level I just wonder why we never doubt anything she says or does … without blaming others. the end. I’ll get hate for this but it’s a real question … we really judge a lot on public interviews from 2000-2008. I love her and I respect her, but I don’t put her on this pedestal that she never wanted to be on.
  17. because a documentary that is 1 hour long tells the whole story lol. Maybe she talked to Britney before but it wasn’t on tape. Not trying to be a jerk so sorry if it comes off that way it’s just Im a firm believer of Britney being abused .. but there’s more to the story than just what we see and there’s always two sides.
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