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  1. Because she changed streaming rules for artists and always advocates artists rights ... re-recording her music to reclaim her masters will become a thing she has changed the music industry time and time again
  2. Schizophrenic was better than any Justin album . 100 ways was sooooo good . He should’ve been as big as Bruno Mars
  3. I don’t think this is her, but I also don’t think she cares much about the documentaries if they don’t change anything in her situation. Like none of these documentaries mean anything in a court of law . Like that one person said tho, Britney lost her freedom when she wasn’t allowed to seek counsel. It’s a sad situation, but these documentaries although exposing her reality to the public, haven’t proven to really change anything jn her life expect people to talk more about her and trap her in their own vision of what they think she is . Britney has always been owned. By the industry, her fans and her dad. Has she ever been free? Britney could never just walk outside ... she got hounded . Celebrities all kind of live secluded ... Britney probably does a lot more fun stuff, that we, thanks to the pappz not knowing, have no idea about. britney now IMO would be happier than Britney in 2002. but who knows. She worked everyday in her prime, was harassed and ridiculed. Told what to say what to wear who to be. Atleast now she doesn’t really have to work. I think this is all about wanting a baby with Sam and the meltdowns that will come when she says this on the 23rd will be epic. I can totally see her saying, like I want a baby, my dad won’t let me, people are making documentaries about me. Just let me have my baby so I can set the record straight that the conservator ship is fine.
  4. Pretty sure her debut had more singles and was promoted longer . the only true singles from the original album that are her tracks dont start now physical break my heart levitating everything else was features ... except we’re good
  5. Everything about this song, video, aesthetic screamed Britney in control 100% ... so it’s interesting fans hate it
  6. It’s awkward, like this a 17 yr old at a kids show ! Her Rolling Stone spread is also very wrong on many levels. Like the tricycle and the shorts saying baby ... it’s a lot which I didn’t realize at the time cause I was 12 and was like well she’s older than me.
  7. I’m not going to watch this, grown *** gay men talking for her ... no thank you. Its one thing for people to discuss in conversation or on a forum it’s something else to talk as if it’s fact on tv
  8. She said she didn’t like it as a joke, funny enough Justin in one of the early interviews said it’s his favorite song of hers
  9. She says it’s sad that she was labeled good and Britney was labeled bad when they both were going through hard times. Why are people upset here .... like imagine if the media painted Britney as a victim and good . The problem with Britney’s story is everyone was jealous of her and wanted to tear her down .
  10. She choreographed that herself tho and was proud of it .. watching that not it’s similar to the dance videos she posts at home
  11. Duh moment, but I don’t get the comment, is she saying being skinny makes her feel vulnerable? Also, I’m sensing since covid is ending they’re going to put her back to work by the end of year so this is all just hyping her return. I think they’re going to remove Jamie and keep the conservatorship. Try to spin it as she’s free, make her do some big interview / documentary where she talks about how the conservatorship has helped her and she wants people to just enjoy the music and have fun. Then she’ll announce her Vegas residency . Drop a visual album. And not do anymore interviews similar to Beyoncé
  12. Every time she tried to do this during her career, it backfired . The Matt Lauer interview I feel was one of her last attempts
  13. When the kids are 18 they’ll want the money and Kfed will make sure they get it. So I think this whole thing has another 2-4 years.
  14. It’s like 15% gay content, I’ll find a source lol
  15. Is Jamie like threatened by some Illuminati bull****, like this level of dispute ... makes it seem like life or death
  16. Where did you get the stat that it’s 90% gay people lol
  17. I just think down the line people might regret doing it ... because one day your kid could be in school and their classmates could start sending the videos. if the videos weren’t saved forever I don’t think it’s a big deal, but everything online will be there forever . So I just think it’s a big commitment for a few bucks
  18. Honestly tho, I don’t know who your Instagram friends are ... but so many people have such weird posts, or post so many photos and selfies of themselves that it’s borderline narcissistic . And half my Facebook feed I wish I could tell people that Facebook is not a substitute for a therapist. People put too much information on their social media in general and need to take a step back!
  19. My question to Britney is when did she feel the most free ... she has always been trapped . Anyone who thinks her marrying Jason, Kevin etc wasn’t her trying to get out of the clutches of the Britney Spears image, including the fan base and her management really doesn’t get it
  20. What are drugs but just a way to escape ... for someone with a drug problem, she should be careful as Macklemore said “saying w**d isn’t a drug is denial”
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