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  1. I think one of the biggest struggles for gay people is not feeling accepted by family or the straight world, to find out you’re not accepted by the mainstream gay world unless you are into hook ups, body shaming, **** sizes, abs, and other superficial ****. You’re valued by how hot you are ...
  2. Okay the Netflix show sounds annoying two insanely hot white men talking about struggles of being gay. I hope they include someone of color or with body issues or talk about how the gay community is one of the harshest on race, body, etc. The gay community is really only accepting to those who fit the jock stereotype
  3. So you’re saying she makes popular mainstream music .. that appeals to everyone. The horror! Heaven forbid a pop star releases music people like ...
  4. It feels like current Taylor is reading her old diary. I love it
  5. Publicity stunt, and the fact that she has body issues when her family and her are the reason so many people do ... heaven forbid an unedited photo leaks to show others that they are not perfect. What a mess
  6. I like this. I’m surprised it didn’t make fearless. also people coming for Taylor, like wth she is recording her old songs, so what. This is like if Britney was to rerecord slave and people *****ing that she says “I know I may be young” ... this song is from the past. And it’s not even a diss, it’s just being broken hearted if you want current Taylor then go Listen to evermore or folklore .
  7. This is some Illuminati ****. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist. but it’s almost like Disney trained her, mtv said they’ll promote her if she pushes a certain agenda .. so she was given so much air time on mtv .. which helped make her a star right when she began going off script , they tore her down , made her appear crazy , put her in a conservatorship. and basically was like you’re either our slave or we’ll have you taken care of and then free Britney caused this ruckus so now their like legit trying to figure out what to do with her next I don’t think they’ll let her expose them, so she either stays quiet or they probably threaten her
  8. The conservatorship from a business perspective is what got her tours and residency lit. It was their insurance policy to ensure she performed and stayed on brand. You guys talk about Demi, but has she toured. I think Britney was going down the Lindsey Lohan route where no one would’ve wanted to work with her nor would her label support her unless they had a way of guaranteeing she’d show up and perform. it ****ed up, but I’m certain the record label and tour sponsors required the conservatorship in their contracts ... it also made her less responsible for any issues ... so it was all handled by team con. It’s obvious domination she fought back and they pulled the plug . I think from a business perspective Britney was fine with the conservatorship which is kind of what Brian Spears alluded to. I think from a personal perspective she wanted to live her life and her dad kept signing contracts on her behalf and she just wanted to stop and they wouldn’t let her . also people keep saying she isn’t working, let’s be clear that we’re in covid so there isn’t much money in the music industry right now but once covid is over ... it will be interesting how the brand moves forward. They’re in essence not losing anything . So somehow when she would be able to tour or have a show they’ll move this **** forward to make sure she can make them money again
  9. I honestly think she’s going to try to push her fans away as she fights for her freedom. Like I don’t think she wants any attention so if she can push it all away she will. Imo what sucks about this as fans, is we all all grew up with Britney and she made us feel free and powerful. She gave us a voice and we were inspired and influenced by her and now that were adults it just sucks that she’s not where we are anymore ... it’s like we’ve all grown up 20 years but she hasn’t or hasn’t been able to . It’s tough seeing this all unfold and to have doubt that the girl who shaped our childhoods might have not really ever been there
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