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  1. Interesting thought .. a lot of **** stars have issues with their fathers and get into **** to show their fathers they don’t control them.
  2. I got dua lipa vibes and the lesbian vibes she was going for with prisoner … I wish she sang the first verse or there was another verse in the song . that’s kind of the problem with the album, the songs don’t sound too complete and she didn’t work with Tarek Makdoor at all this time around … I do think it’s better than Nancy 9 overall.
  3. The dad and a Lou Taylor, make Britney wear a school girl outfit, she says she too old for it .. and she wants to be herself, and they ask if she stopped taking her medication and if they need to oht her on a higher dose. they then say wearing the outfit will get her career back on track so she needs to wear it and meet her new manager. They hire a new Larry Rudolf, who tells her he’ll get her back on top but she has to f executives and producers like she did when she first started out .. then he says starting with me . Britney’s dad walks in during her having s** and is like yay she is following the rules and is getting acquainted with the new executive manager. sprinkled in the beginning is Britney starting the free Britney trend and asking for help from fans … and a fan breaking in and her dad kicking out the fan .. saying this is nonsense
  4. I love this performance. fans at egforum had meltdowns of how bad they thought this was.
  5. Sorry to be the one to post this and I’m okay this being deleted but mainstream straight **** site teamskeet just released a fetish video based on Britney’s situation and I’m kind of appalled .. and no I didnt really watch it fully. I guess straight guys will learn more about free Britney https://www.mylf.com/movies/free-britney
  6. It’s a bit bland, but I do like the new video salamat
  7. There is people literally dying … I support Britney but to the the president this is literally just a girl complaining about having to go to rehab where she had a chef cook for her and was sad she didn’t get to do her nails.
  8. It’s so off putting how the army makes everyone a scape goat, like Britney is perfect and all her career choices and personal choices that weren’t liked couldn’t have been her fault. It’s so odd and so overwhelming for her I bet. Like girl wanted to marry Kevin , girl wanted to do a bunch of things . Just because you don’t like it or approve of it doesn’t mean you know better than her. The Conservatorship tried to give fans the Britney they wanted . I’m sure if Britney had more control in 2008-2010l fans wouldve been even more unhappy. Let her live , let do her thing … and stop blaming others for Britney’s shortcomings or actions. Atleast when you don’t know for sure the truth.
  9. We really should acknowledge how much we learned and how much happened in less than a month Literally 6/20 we didn’t even know if Britney was against the Conservatorship
  10. Media Matters … Jamie Spears lawyers spent 500,000 to do Vivians Media Tour. Rosengart is doing the same, he’s using Britney’s social to rally more support for her case and show her as a prisoner. It’s a tactic. It’s also probably okay with the label and what not because if she comes back it will look more authentic given that we know she has spoken up in the past. I think this is a strategy . I think Britney approves and is helping with the strategy. Her main goal is freedom and definitely her new lawyer realizes how much public support and attention can bring to the case
  11. The fan base will go crazy when she comes back like Ashley O singing NIN rock songs and flipping off the industry . It’s sad how fans are like they’re making her look crazy … like I’m sorry if you think not being an industry puppet at 39 makes her crazy … she’s not 17 years old anymore . Literally Gaga threw up on stage and Cyrus has done a bubch of **** but Britney not smiling and saying I love everybody makes fans say oooh manic break down. Like makes me really hope she doesn’t come back to that scrutiny again. also bipolar doesn’t require a Conservatorship. This is obviously rosengart trying to use her social to show her as a prisoner and at the same time this is marketing for a come back on her terms.
  12. Britney will tear down the brand. I’m living for this. Being angry and ****ting on everything doesn’t warrant a conservatorship . It means your angry and you don’t care what money will be lost. I think she will destroy fans favorite moments in the coming months . Britney is allowed to make fun of her career She can shave her head and not be ina Conservatorship… I don’t see sinead Conner in any conservatorship or anyone else girl is about to destroy the Brand … she tried it before with the head shave but now she can continue. She’s over it
  13. I’m 100% positive her new lawyer is going to have her go public with so much more stuff to win the case. I think her Instagram will be so interesting in the coming months … remember she said Ingham wanted her to not say anything. I’m sure Rosegart is working on her social strategy as part of his fight in court
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