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  1. Okay so I am mortified...I apparently had a "false memory" about this or maybe I just visualized her experience so hard that I could see a picture in my head (I was so bitter, my parents didn't take me to Britney's mall tour or to see Christina Aguilera at the state fair that year). She said that she didn't get a picture just an autograph. She keeps changing the topic and I'm like okay so can you go find that and give it to me please??? And she goes "do you think the thing about save Britney is true???" Sorry for saying there was a picture...apparently that never happened lol
  2. Well done, Jordan. You are helping the public understand the real problem here. Thank you for sticking to facts. I know how much you care about Britney. Although I don't post much, I felt the need to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The amount of people this will reach is incredible. You're very brave and you should be very proud of yourself. I'd love to shake your hand one day!
  3. She looks so good! This seems to be the most honest I've seen her in a long time. She truly does seem happy and not like she was forced to say that. And that to me, is all we have ever really wanted for our girl. I'm happy for you Brit <3
  4. I must protect you at all costs. Coming from someone born in 1991 and been a “forever fan” your response brought me to tears. You weren’t around to experience the phenomena of THE Britney Spears back in her prime... but you still saw it in her years later. my favorite Britney albums are blackout and in the zone btw. What’re yours?
  5. I am trying to find For the Record to show my boyfriend and educate him... was it removed from YouTube? Is there anywhere I can watch the full documentary. Sorry if this was AP
  6. I don't have DID but I have depersonalization disorder to the point I was hospitalized in a foreign country once. I am not under a conservatorship.
  7. I hope this works. Been on this forum for years now and still don’t know how to properly post a picture. https://imgur.com/a/OSVRMtj
  8. I met her in 2017. My story is on here from my M&G. This was in the height of her wearing the dark eyeliner, which I later found out was eye shadow. She was gorgeous in real life, like a doll. Absolutely breathtaking. I can't tell you how intimidating it is to be looking someone like Britney Spears in the eyes while telling a story of what an impact she has on your life. No amount of public speaking classes could've prepared me for that moment. I stood way back so I wasn't pushed around by her team to hurry and take a picture. Britney was lovely but her whole entourage is very pushy and tries to rush you. Britney laughed and was present. She also told me she liked my shirt and wore a similar shirt at her next M&G. For the picture, SHE pulled ME in close...I went in so hesitant. I didn't want to scare her or make her nervous so I was going to give her space but she took the initiative. I mean, we were **** to ****. My picture turned out wonderful. She's got the old Britney smile and looks genuinely happy.
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