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  1. Verified artist accounts can update old video files without losing numbers.
  2. but what about DEVIL IN DISGUISE? it's on the same soundcloud channel and sounds like Britney
  3. She can't sing, that vocal fry is not ****, her songs are very basic (production wise they sound like something drag queens put on their youtube channels, but at least they add some humor to it, ******* is taking herself too seriously lol)
  4. it means that she's an illuminati slave, she's branded, no way back
  5. she he has trunks of personal items and cds, yet all he does is blabbing about them, why not leak the songs that will never be released anyway, not until she's dead. at least she gave him a restraining order.
  6. Well, maybe she'll do her best for this album and then say farewell stans.
  7. I WILL BE THERE got scrapped but when they released SOMETIMES , this picture was published in every teen mag at the time, no scandal then?
  8. All you people seem to only care about her struggling to go back on stage (to later complain how robotic she is) and make another album, when certainly all she needs is a year or two off to focus on her own wellbeing.
  9. Stans are the worst. It's not like she ever spent months working a project. It's obvious that she will be decisive in many aspects, but overall the production will be overlooked by others. Managing some aspects of a stage production seems what she would do well considering that she worked with dancers for a long time etc etc it's different than having to deal with a mental illness that can be triggered by many things e.g. crazy stans
  10. I wish her crazy mental stans would let her live privately instead of giving her additional stress and creating conspiracy theories.
  11. OMG you stans are mental the video is taken from a lower perspective and probably has a filter on it, it's no conspiracy let her live.
  12. Is a toilet paper commercial next ? "wipe yo baby one more time"?
  13. With any mental illness there are good days and very bad days, surely this is probably the first time she actually spent time focusing on her health, having doctors supervise how the medication works on you is actually what a lot people would love to have to feel safe. Hopefully she will be able to accept the side effects (they're not always great), but in the end it's about her own safety. Bipolar (if that is what she has) is not easy to medicate, but she's got the best care in the world, things will get better... Ive got a cousin with bipolar and he doesn't take his meds cos he thinks he's healthy when clearly everyone around can see that he's not... Too bad that the people around her only think about making money when she clearly can afford to retire and live a normal life.
  14. I hope she retires. She worked enough and now can live the life she wanted to.
  15. Didn't they shoot scenes at the desert? Where they also took the promo pictures? Perhaps this is just a rough cut of some random scenes. They didn't even CGI her face, I mean, it's a must these days. She makes weird faces most of the time and her lips are distracting. The stand-in looks so out of place (though they did well with the ratty extensions in the wig) The scenes inside the house are the best, she looks better with hair up.
  16. At the beginning they used a stand-in, because that is not Britney's bottom nor her hips.
  17. Maybe Britney flushed and the water was green because the cleaner put those little "refreshing soaps" in the water tank and it flushes with green "nice smelling" water?
  18. The gap between the first and second single is unthinkable these days.
  19. It was allegedly supposed to be a b-side to "Overprotected", but they scrapped it. Is that promo CD of the album the one with "Turn On The Night"?
  20. so some fans on a madonna forum admitted to having those demo mall tour cds, but they won't leak it because it's nothing special.
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