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  1. maybe they will dig out the Shanks & Bigfoot tracks she did in 2000 for this re-release
  2. mine doesn't care. i have a life outside Britney.
  3. so he got himself a nose job, old news
  4. Shadow (Spanish Version) Shadow (Original Trip Hop Version) OIDIA - Shanks & Bigfoot tracks BOMT - Sturken & Rogers tracks the 1995 album sessions
  5. It seems that Britney had the title and maybe, a demo or two before it was all scrapped. Then fans took it to another level by applying theories that have no truth to them. It's time to move on. The album was just an idea.
  6. eyebrows are a thing of the past, Mina Mazzini brows are in fashion now
  7. she was a product for the record label, there was no way they would let her go. she may have been unsigned for a month, but then when she premiered Mona Lisa she was in trouble with her label, so I assume at one point she probably had her contract extended or renegotiated. sadly, it never brought any changes besides that she had more "control" over Blackout, but even there the label had to step in and fix it for her. basically, if we look at her career, back in 1997 she quickly was sent to record songs that would pretty much make her debut album. before the album was out they played with her image a lot, so many different photoshoots, so many haircuts, she was basically blonde on the european album cover. there were even pictures of her from one of the photoshoots where she's in water and there are no bra-straps seen. if and whether she was given any freedom, it was always controlled by her managers - so that she would feel "in control", but still play by their rules.
  8. It would have been a dfferent era if they went with the original soundtrack idea. Maybe she recorded more songs but only 23 were taken under consideration for the release. Even though that was her peak, it seems that she didn't record as much as she could. Even for OIDIA they re-used some leftovers from BOMT sessions. Jive probably didn't allow her to sit around studios and record with random producers, but they only collected songs that were ready made and that's all. Because I don't believe that she didn't record a lot of material for the third album.
  9. but there's not much of a chance to get her actual real hair. it's all extensions and glue.
  10. considering the fact that now we have talentless crap like kim pietras proves that pop is dead
  11. Looks nothing like Britney. It's a direct copy/paste of Vitamin C 1998/1999 album/single covers. This blonde hairdo does not look good on Dupa Lipa, it washes her out and makes her bland. I'm waiting for the day when personaliy-less miserable looking pop stars are over because it's not a good trend.
  12. Sometimes - Thunderpuss Club Mix Sometimes - Soul Solution Mid Tempo Mix Stronger - all officially released mixes are SUPERB DLMBTLTK - Hex Hector Club Mix, Thunderpuss Club Mix IAS4U - Thunderpuss Club Mix MATM - all remixes are SUPERB Everytime - all remixes are SUPERB Toxic - Peter Rauhofer mix, Armand Van Helden mix IGTBB - Petyasb mix (unofficial) Anticipiating - Petyasb mix (unofficial) then there are a lot of weird remixes, like the whole remix packs for Crazy, Ooops (Riprock n Alex G mix is ok), Lucky (Riprock n Alex G mix is cute)...
  13. Someday - EP and 2-track and why no one has WORD FOR WORD CD, it seems like it never leaked, and it has the full intro version of Satisfaction
  14. a lot if they don't touch the bones which in Britney's case, they didn't until the last time it's just the tip that was narrowed
  15. the house Britney built in 2000 cost $4 million according to Bravo magazine. it's the house where some stan broke into in late 2000 and took a selfie with Britney in the bathtub I think...
  16. They should just leak the songs, Britney's owners won't allow to have them released, no money off them will ever be made unless they sell them to the fans...
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