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  1. So we are missing the demo recordings of: 1. Nothing Less Than Real 2. Wishing On A Falling Star 3. Sweet Kisses 4. Final Heartbreak 5. I'll Leave It Up To You 6. If You Could See Me Now 7. You Got It All (Full Force production) 8. Love The Hurt Away (Full Force production) 9. Love The Hurt Away with Dong Philip 10. Let Me Take You There 11. Today (pre-album demo) 12. I Have Nothing (pre-album demo) But did anyone ever tried to get any information about the album Britney was recording in 1994? We have the photoshoot, but we have no knowledge about what style it was meant to be? -- This is what Dong Philip was saying in an interview in 2000. If he recorded about 60 songs then Britney, being Jive's priority, must have recorded around that number too. Have you ever played big shows in the past? Well, Im going to join the last leg of the Britney tour this summer and Ive never played crowds that big. Im not nervous, but I know I have to really put on a good show. So the people in the back get their moneys worth. (laughs) There is a lot of people to appease. Is the music something you write or is it brought in? How is it done? It is a little bit of both. What we want is the best songs we can get. Jive is very particular about the songs that go on the album. Most record labels today are concerned about one or two singles and the rest is fillers. Jive is about a real quality album. Ive actually been signed for over a year and a half and Ive probably recorded sixty songs. I always say that if I die Im going out like Tupac, because Jive will have enough songs to release four cds on me. We really picked and chose the best songs. We have a real quality album.
  2. Magic Carillon and Never Loved By You were made up by me about 15 years ago and people still take that seriously.
  3. The song itself is like 30 seconds longer than the album version.
  4. Jive practiced similar promotion strategies with Samantha Fox in the 1980s and early 1990s. Even the change of sound is similar. Also, Boys video is def inspired by Fox's Hurt Me video.
  5. Too bad they won't bother releasing the Christmas album she recorded in 1999/2000. Since they have it demo'ed they can easily mix it and release.
  6. Paris is an opportunist. She met Britney when Britney was at her lowest. Instead of using her "high IQ" to help Britney she was smiling to paparazzi pictures so she could feel relevant again. She is not a friend. She is not smart. She just has good PR people and a team that managed to fool us all that her past was "not the real Paris". If she cared about Britney back then, she would help her, but she was using Britney as another tool to regain fame and get papped. Didn't she think that partying 24/7 with Britney was good when she had 2 toddlers at home?
  7. it was meant to be a solid album track the same reason why Can't Make You Love Me was never a single
  8. The Christmas album was demoed. It was confirmed by someone from her associates in Rolling Stone. 10 tracks. Hopefully it leaks someday. BOMT album went through an overhaul because of the success of the first single. No wonder they cut out the more "urban" sounding tracks. I don't velieve she recorded Where are you now for the album. Even in the OIDIA Word For Word she said that the song is a response to her recent breakup. Unless she was referring to 1998 and her Kentwood bf. OIDIA was recorded over a period of 7-9 months. She must have recorded more than was on the album, but Jive made sure she didn't waste time recording things that didn't sound like her. Most was recorded digitally, but still, the files were/are held on digital tapes which makes it harder to copy them. I'm sure they did go through various versions of the tracklist. For whatever reason they recycled "You Got It All" which doesn't really suit the album. The album was such a huge project for Jive, it is a mystery why we don't know much about what went through behind the scenes. They must have been going through thousands of demos to find the right tracks. Wasn't Overprotected demoed for OIDIA? What happened to the songs she wrote for OIDIA but Jive didn't like? What happened to the Sturken & Rogers tracks recorded for BOMT? What about the duet with Eric Karmen(?) I Was Born To Love You for OIDIA? There was a drum 'n' bass producer who did a track for OIDIA? What was his name? He was mentioned in the press for producing for OIDIA?
  9. I think it's a solid bubblegum pop ballad. They did give her a massive budget. Unlike her contemporaries who relied on synthezator driven ballads, Britney actually had an orchestra playing. It's a beautiful song. Naive but it didn't date badly.
  10. If you pay for ZOOM then when you manage the meeting you can easily kick people out.
  11. I wish we got all the unreleased DLMBTLTK remixes. Jive commissioned so many but they only released Hex Hector's commercially.
  12. Waves When The Song Comes On Adventure Spread The Love Up In Flames Sassy Blow My Whistle Set The Mood Obey Damaged Goods Clouds Drop The Pressure Mascara Tears Cuts Party By Myself Suitcase Bop Crumbles Your Place Or Mine
  13. I think Britney's label decided not to work with them because of the RADAR contract. They gave songs to Britney but usually had a contractual agreement that they have to be released as singles.
  14. Whitney was a 3 pack per day smoker and that was the reason why her voice was thinning and losing its texture.
  15. So I open Exhale and I see this huge add promoting the Polish president who is openly a homophobe and fascist. I am hugely dissapointed that he is being promoted here.
  16. She was outed as a smoker in 2000. Heavy smoking to deal with the stress is one of the reasons her voice became shrill so soon.
  17. so is this demo ever going to leak or was it a fake bait?
  18. So it was obvious that Jive was recycling songs etc "You Got It All" and "Where Are You Now" ended up on OIDIA "Shock Your Mind" went from OIDIA to B, but got scrapped "Overprotected" was allegedly demo'ed for OIDIA but scrapped and then picked up for B also, the scrapped duet with Don Philip for his flop album (anyone got a link to that?). And "I Was Born To Love You" with some old male singer. I wonder if the Disney track she did for a compilation will ever leak? Also, she did more scenes for BTMYH video but they were scrapped, she had cornrows or sth on her head? I think they had enough footage to edit the pregnancy out of the video. She's only preggo in 1 scene that lasts like 5 seconds. I doubt Jive would let her do a scandalous video without filming more scenes for a (expected) safety edit.
  19. what I found shocking is that they wanted to make an US video for "Born to make you happy"! Britney will make a remake of her europe video next month and will premiere it on "Making The Video" on Mtv USA
  20. that's the tracklist i saw in 2001. asking for trouble - was it confirmed as an unreleased song? shock your mind - alleged title for the third album seems like they were recycling songs and ideas OOPS was recorded in 1999, didn't she perform it live in 1999 already?
  21. also, the tracks have wrong duration, most CDs like that don't include durations. and a fan would know that GIRL IN THE MIRROR is not 4:20
  22. show us the link because it looks fanmade af the tracklists that leaked in early 2000 used a lot of alternative titles, like "mirror mirror" for "girl in the mirror", and there was a duet with JC Chaserz and the common theme was "sunflower" as a title.
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