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  1. "Before the Goodbye" was so ahead of its time. Too bad it didn't make the album. Would make a great transition between B and ITZ. They did all they could with the album. They released so many singles. They didn't even bother milking OIDIA when it had at least 2 more potential hits on it. The album was her peak. She was basically everywhere. It still outsold many current popstars whole discographies. We really shouldn't look for holes in something that was basically perfection. We were given the classic pop singles in Overprotected EU and INAGNYAW, the new sound with IAS4U and Boys, and some rock in ILRNR. Obviously, the whole album was single worthy. But was there a need for more singles? No.
  2. Pieces of "Ruthless" were in some MTV documentary. Very obscure filming. Broadway record all their shows. If she sang there, they must have footage, audio or video.
  3. she doesn't have to change her name or shorten it. she worked hard enough to be Britney Spears. she owns it.
  4. ME AGAINST THE MUSIC (GABRIEL AND DRESDEN REMIX) takes the song to another level. They really bring out the anthem out of it. The full club mix is amazing too, the build up, the fact that it really feels like a duet.
  5. Counting all the songs you people claim that are Britney's, then there's a 14 track album on the way. 1. Blinds 2. Don't Wanna Be Cool 3. Bad Apple 4. Open 5. 180 Degrees 6. Do It For You 7. Emotions 8. Mother Mary 9. Don't Count On Me 10. Hawaii 11. Beauty Sleep 12. Ropes 13. For The Broken 14. Human Touch
  6. too bad they never bothered with making Outrageous video with whatever footage they got. the lingerie parts, they even filmed some dancing...
  7. The fact that they bothered releasing a 10 track when the 14 track was easily available is stupid. I guess it was a way to scam fans as usual. Standard editions are such a waste of resources when the Deluxe is so easily available and could simply be the "standard".
  8. and he leaks this now? he could have done that 10 years ago. what a leech. let's hope she never gets in touch with him because it will all go downhill and repeat itself.
  9. OIDIA is a really well crafted album. Even the weakest cheesy songs like One Kiss From You and Dear Diary still sound good and not at all terribly aged like, for example, anything from Jessica S. or Mandy M.
  10. I wish we knew. Usually albums for the US and Europe don't differ much, but Jive did it their way. Too bad they used the standard b-sides as bonus tracks in Japan. Would have been amazing if they used some other unreleased tracks. Also, "Deep In My Heart", "Girl In The Mirror" and "When I Found You" are wonderful tracks, it's inconsiderate to leave them off the albums. I am happy about one thing, that they changed the cover of BOMT in Europe.
  11. I wish more of her producers from her early years would share stories behind songs. I'm sure there is a lot of interesting things. Did anyone ask Joshua if he did songs that were leftover?
  12. wish they would leak "Asking for trouble" or "Bring me home".
  13. These are 2 CDs of Michelle Bell demos that were registered on January 4th, 2004 in Library of Congress. As you can see "Hey hey hey" was also a part of those sessions. It appears that all of these songs were meant for Britney or were recorded by her. I don't think she did much recording for "The Original Doll". I assume she wanted to use a lot of songs that she demo'ed for In The Zone but were left off the album because they didn't fit the sound. She did some recording for MP:GH so that is probably where the demo of Mona Lisa is from. She didn't even bother using a new recording for BITM-TR, instead, they used an ITZ reject.
  14. things are falling into place.... Liobrary of Congress has whole 2 dozens of songs registered from these sessions: The songs Take Off, Money Love And Happiness and Like I'm Fallin' were recorded in 2003 and registered in US Library of Congress on Janury 4, 2004. Which makes the rejects from the "IN THE ZONE" album. It should be noted. They were registered by Michelle Bell, and included on two 12-track demo CDs that possibly include more Britney songs. Type of Work: Recorded Document Document Number: V3506D100 Date of Recordation: 2004-01-13 Entire Copyright Document: V3506 D100 P1-9 Date of Execution: 6Jan04; effective 16Oct03 Title: All night & 11 other titles; musical compositions. Notes: Composed by Michelle Lynn Bell & co-composers as noted. Assignment of copyright. Party 1: Michelle Bell d.b.a. Elleganza Music, by Daniel Lopez (Atty) Party 2: Universal Music Corporation & Elleganza Music. List of titles: 001 All night / Co-composer, Larry R. Gates. 002 Catch me / Co-composer, Andy Thelusma. 003 Dance with me / Co-composer, Larry R. Gates. 004 Hey hey hey / Co-composer, Larry R. Gates. 005 In my shoes / Co-composers, Kara Dio Guardi & Andy Thelusma. 006 Lo and behold / Co-composer, Andy Thelusma. 007 Movin' on / Co-composer, Andy Thelusma. 008 Ordinary day / Co-composer, Aareon William Comess. 009 Like I'm fallin' / Co-composer, Britney Spears. 010 All about me / Co-composers, Kara Dio Guardi & Scott Spencer Storch. 011 Everlasting love / Co-composers, Teron O. Beal & Kenneth LaDale ****erson. 012 Surrender / Co-composers, Edward Ferrell & Teron O. Beal. Type of Work: Recorded Document Document Number: V3506D079 Date of Recordation: 2004-01-13 Entire Copyright Document: V3506 D079 P1-13 Date of Execution: 7Jan04; effective 27Oct03 Title: Trouble & 11 other titles; musical compositions. Notes: Composed by Michelle Lynn Bell, with co-writers as noted. Assignment of copyright. Party 1: Michelle Bell d.b.a. Elleganza Music, by Universal Music Corporation (Atty) Party 2: Universal Music Corporation & Elleganza Music. List of titles: 001 Trouble / Co-writers: Rhonda N. Robinson & Ike Lee. 002 So original / Co-writer: Andreao Shaunee Heard. 003 Us / Co-writers: Teron O. Beal & Dana Stinson. 004 XYZ / Co-writers: Rhonda N. Robinson & Jelly Roll. 005 Ouch / Co-writers: Nanna Kristiansson & Britney Spears. 006 Money love and happiness / Co-writers: Nanna Kristiansson, Britney Spears & Nadir Khayat. 007 Come on / Co-writer: Francis E. White. 008 Until you come home / Co-writer: Benjamin Richard Chapman. 009 Hi voltage / Co-writer: Benajamin Richard Chapman. 010 Take off / Co-writers: Christian Karlsson, Pontus Johan Winnberg & Britney Spears. 011 I don't know / Co-writer: Nisan C. Stewart. 012 You gon' get it / Co-writer: Nisan C. Stewart.
  15. Billie was a local act. Jive had a lot of experience with Samantha Fox in late 1980s as they managed to have a lot of success with her worldwide, but also Fox covered a lot of different music styles, she did pop, dance, house, r'n'b. Let's not forget the influence of her video "Hurt me, hurt me" on "Boys". Fox was Jive's biggest female act and they learned a lot on her and that influenced their future female acts. What they did wrong with Fox was done right with Britney.
  16. Would love the acapella to finally leak, same with Lucky, Stronger and Born To Make You Happy so we finally could have some good remixes.
  17. BTMYH looks bad. They're just bad upscales, most probably done with some 480 videos. Close ups do not look really sharp and the scenes where she's far from camera are blurry.
  18. This is a 1999 pirate CD, the remix was online years ago, it's fanmade, like an extended version of BOMT. "New Down" is a mystery. There was also another CD similar to that that included a remix of Deep In My Heart and Sometimes. I saw this CD for sale recenty in Poland, but can't bother to waste 10 dollars.
  19. I think the writer of the song is giving himself way too much praise. I assume that it may have been wanted by Celine's husband as they usually but did campaign for songs for each album and it would fit onto her A New Day album or perhaps her Miracle album. But Celine demands the writers to give her publishing otherwise she won't record a song. I doubt Britney would record it in 2001. It didn't suit her sound. Perhaps they assumed that Jive wanted it for Britney but they had a different artist planned to record it.
  20. The third album still sold 1.88 million units in its first week worldwide.
  21. The thing is, all of her albums since 2001 are over-produced to some extent. Her vocals been especially over-produced since then and it got worse over time. For the first two albums they bothered to actually give her time to record and actually used those raw-ish tracks. Then in 2001 her voice became sounding thinner and they probably paid more attention to getting ger to sound a certain way. Blackout was the first time they used demo vocals and simply edited and tuned them to sound "perfect" which made her sound robotic and over-processed. It is only on Glory that she somehow managed to sound human but at the same time when you listen to all the multitracks, her vocals are also very over-processed with lots of reverb and layers.
  22. Back in 2000 it was considered "s shame" to be a male and a Britney fan. She was like the Spice Girls - "not for teenagers", 'not cool" up until 2003 happened. She was in Bravo, Popcorn and other teen mags weekly. I think she was one of their selling points. Posters were a thing. Teens these days won't know the devotion it took to buy all the mags and collect clippings etc. There was some cover-up when pictures of her drunk and smoking cigs appeared in press back in late 2000. "Sometimes" was basically released a year after "BOMT" was served to radios. Now that's an impact of a first single.
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