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  1. I never really liked Boys. Slave is a hit and Boys is a miss.
  2. This is beautiful, hun. You're officially Exhale's Taylor Swift!
  3. Then I guess it's time for me to stop pretending that I like What You Need and Showdown.
  4. Me Against The Music VS. Toxic is so hard. I had to rewatch the two MVs just to find flaws to convince myself that my tentative answer is justifiable.
  5. Okay we know she had a sudden change of heart that's why she left but it still cracks me up. If I was the fortune teller I'd be like "get the f out of shop!"
  6. I'm not emotionally attached to the song or anything but I got teary eyed because of how soulful Christina sings and the orchestral instrumental gave me chills. Christina remains as the greatest vocalist of her generation.
  7. I used to think the british accent was her way of trolling the paparazzi as well as the general public. She was on every headline that time she was like "okay i'll give these ****s something to talk about"
  8. This is exactly my point, thank you so much bub. We can't be naive now, the movement is getting bigger and that means more challenges and people from Britney's team who will try to discredit, invalidate,silence, and destroy the movement.
  9. What is he going to testify? That positivity is better than negativity? That he's not fond of people from breatheeheavy? If he really wants to help, he couldve given us legit testimonies already so organizations like ACLU wouldn't think that this movement is silly and shallow.
  10. I believe Jamie Lynn really loved her sister before and likes chillin with her while drinking red and white wine and feel like they're walking on the sky but I guess money has the power to change people. She and the entire Spears family became dependent on Britney.
  11. As much as I really want to give them the benefit of the doubt, they are really not contributing anything significant and instead, they're showing red flags and suspicious actions.
  12. my thoughts exactly. Loucifer can easily pay people like Billy and Jason to act like whistle blowers but it'll be very hard for her to silence people like Cher.
  13. I hope I'm wrong but what if Billy and Jason were hired by Britney's Team to act like whistle blowers that would spill the truth and act like allies for the #FreeBritney movement? So far, they really got the heart of Britney stans and had them thinking that they're here to help. I'm afraid that once they finally gained the trust of the stans and protesters, they will little by little execute their trojan horse and flip the narrative and destroy the movement. I don't want to be negative but everything that they've said never really contributed a lot to the movement. Billy: He's just like the Britney's slumber party stylist, they both said things that we already know. Sometimes, he's making it about himself, trying to redeem his image to us fans just because he was bashed before. If he really wants to help Britney, he wouldnt think about his image, he would just attend the protest and show his presence/support. Jason: He appeared out of nowhere when the movement is starting to echo louder. I also find it annoying how he's talking about winning Britney's heart again if Britney wants to try one more time. If you'll watch his interviews during the protest, he makes this suspicious non verbals while answering questions, not making eye-contact at times, weird hand gestures and mannerism. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and I hope I'm wrong. I hope they're really genuine with everything because right now, the energy I'm getting from them is fake and manipulative. If the vthings I've said about Billy & Jason are outdated and wrong, please correct me and enlighten me. Britney, if you're reading this, please give us a sign if Billy and Jason really talked to you and if they are really allies. I love you and I just want your freedom back thats why we tend to be confused because we want to be careful and cautious.
  14. I guess Britney's tacky and cheap Piece Of Me Vegas outfits is caused by the corruption of the conservatorship. People be stealing money that is alloted for her costumes etc.
  15. omg I forgot to vote. I forgot my name. I forgot my telephone number. If you wanna see me, he dont even know it. I forgot my address, damsel in distress, I forgot my boyfriend was the one who bought me this rock. I get amnesia when I'm standing next to you-o-o.
  16. Guys, please don't take this thread seriously. I'm just joking and I know hundreds of thousands of songs used this beat already.
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