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  1. It's really hard because I want to give everyone this hug emoji because I treat y'all as my friends. And of course these emojis to my exhale crush lol.
  2. I'm broke rn and I'm too shy to show myself But it's amazing to know that you're a vocal coach! Wow that's really awesome, I wish I have a good singing voice too.
  3. But you're right. She needs to be compensated and so much more than that. Those who are all involved needs to pay for what they've done.
  4. Those 4 MVs are too iconic so it was really hard. So, instead of judging it based on visuals and choreography, I focused on the pacing, composition, cinematography and other technical stuff. Some may find it boring but I really love this technical and artistic part of the MVs.
  5. Ikr but we still don't fully know why it's taking her too long to be freed from this abusive conservatorship Maybe it's because of the corrupt justice system matched with evil people like jaime and Lou that has lots of connections.
  6. A new court document reveals that Britney has no developmental disability. The main reason why Britney is under a conservatorship is her father's claim that she has dementia, among other things, but this new court document says that she "does not" have a developmental disability. These aren't baby steps anymore. This is a huge leap and milestone for her freedom. Related:
  7. I think she's gonna use her new, revamped, re-imagined, but still iconic i'm-finally-free voice.
  8. Or maybe she wants people to take her more seriously as an artist like how Gaga did it with Joanne, genre and sound shifts.
  9. Maybe she's trying to rebrand herself? I think she felt pressured to top her previous records and maybe she doesnt want to be labeled as the "California Gurl with bubblegum Max Martin hits"
  10. Not gonna lie, some exhalers tend to be too edgy, diva-ish to new members and have odd superiority complex. But exhalers are naturally nice and caring. Those who dragged me on my Britney threads are the ones who comforted me on my mental health threads. Exhale is a beautiful place for Britney fans. Every platform has a fair share of toxic people - Facebook, Twitter, IG, Forums, etc. so attacking Exhale and selective criticism is just stupid. Generalizing and stereotyping exhalers is not cool.
  11. She's such an underrated artist. I wish she gets her BIG break soon. She's so talented and humble that she deserves more recognition and awards! I decided to stan!
  12. Personally, I think setting goals is important but it's also okay not to have this grand ambition. I think it's fine to wander sometimes in life finding interesting and memorable things until its time for our souls to go to the afterlife. Our lives doesn't always have to one grand epiphany with some flash of great meaning and great insight when most people experience these in much smaller ways in life. Some people work too much to become the next Britney Spears or Steve Jobs or they exhaust themselves hoping for that big shot that would make them successful that they often miss out on all the good small stuff in life. It's always the small stuff that makes us happy and fufilled and we often overlook it because we're so occupied with pressure, ambition, anxiety, and expectations. I'm 23 and I feel you. We're still young and we're our I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman phase. This adulting transition took a toll on me last year and it's one of the worst feeling ever. It had me overthinking about what's next in my life, will I prosper or will I be a failure? I think we should take things slowly. It's normal for people at our age to have existential/mid-life crisis. Breathe, hun! We'll get there! We're still in our 20s so we have lots of time to figure thing out. Here's a big, warm, and tight hug from me.
  13. Gaga deserved the award but its weird how she was awarded first when there are older artists out there who deserved to be awarded first. MJ, Madge, Mariah, Whitney, Janet, Britney, Christina, Eminem, Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna, and other older artists deserved to be awarded first.
  14. Omg no! If the majority like the 60fps version I think you should stick with it. I just shared my thoughts but it's always your choice if you'll go with 60fps. Your Oops 4k version is eyegasmic! It's like I'm watching in a movie theatre. The IUSA video is really hard to upscaled. I tried upscaling it before but the film grain really gets in the way. I guess the film grain was intended to make the video looked "low quality", like a homemade s3x tape.
  15. Same thoughts, I didn't mean in a bad way. It's just that as an amateur filmmaker I prefer my videos looking cinematic with 24fps. The upscaled britney videos in 60fps has this too much smooth movement like those stock footages on flat screen TVs that it looked too perfect. But you're amazing @StiflersMom for making these, thank you!
  16. I agree, 60fps makes it look like those stock footages played on loop on flat screen TVs at the mall's department store.
  17. Look how comfortable she looked beside her former life coach. We need her baack, what happened to her?
  18. I really hate bumping into 2006 - early 2008 Britney photos/videos. I instantly get sad and teary eyed and there's always this heavy feeling my chest.
  19. The best Britney biopic will be the one with her approval. The "Britney ever after" isn't considered a biopic, it's a fictional film with bad directing, bad actors, bad script, and has low budget.
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