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  1. Her family never spoke about it because they are all benefitting from Britney's hard earned money. What's not clicking, sis?
  2. Tehk Tehk Boowm, Body Ache, It Should Be Easy, Chilling With Lou over Lucky, Stronger, Oops, and Where Are You Now? HELL NAW. Oops should be at least on the top 5 imo.
  3. omg I'd love to help! I'm scared tho, i'm not really confident with my grammar (english is my 3rd language) and I'm such a snowflake on stan twitter.
  4. I don't know who to believe anymore, I still have trust issues with some people who "support" the movement. But I'm happy that Britney is finally over that "All is well, there's nothing to worry about" phase and she's silently fighting with us.
  5. OMG I miss recruiting people to join our fandom! I once gathered all my younger cousins and told them a story of a girl named Britney and how she was the biggest star once and the world tore her apart but she remained strong and came back stronger than ever. The next thing I know, they searched her on spotify and are now dancing to her classics. Everyone loves an underdog and redemption story so I usually do the storytelling first then the songs and MV come second.
  6. I think we won't have a tell-all interview for it will be really hard and painful for her to reminisce and go back to those dark days. i think what's possible are tell-books and an auto biopic film that is approved by Britney.
  7. However, word on the street is that Lou and Jamie Lynn is set to perform too with their joint single, "Chilling With Lou (By Demand)".
  8. This makes sense because Jamie is now using "her" Instagram posts against her in a new court document!
  9. Britney is set to be the 1st artist to have a halftime performance in a court hearing on September 16.
  10. Maybe they ran out of Britney photos and Britney refused to take new photos/selfies as part of her rebellion against the c-ship so her team is recycling photos? IDK I'm just really distracted by your icon because you look really hawt.
  11. I was low-key hoping that "Just A Touch Of Rose" would be a legit photoshoot with a hired photographer but it seems like Britney is just having fun trolling the haters so I'm cool with that. Trollney come thruuuuuu
  12. This Billboard article made a timeline on how #FreeBritney started, it's progress, how far it went, and why it's still going on loud and strong. Here's what they said about BreatheHeavy: Congrats, @Jordan Miller!
  13. I'm an independent filmmaker but during these hard times and how money is usually low in independent filmmaking, i have to hustle harder to pay bills so I also work as a freelance photographer and videographer. I shoot a lot of things: photoshoots, weddings, dance covers, product ads, promotional videos, etc. I'm really into the art department.
  14. She's the midst of a legal battle for her rights. I'm pretty sure her physical appearance is her least concern right now. You're pointing out all that shallow stuff when the whole fandom is just like "Finally, new candid photos. Thank God she's alive and well."
  15. Hey guys! I'm gonna share my old fan made videos. Please ignore my the tacky watermark and intro. Watermarks were a thing back then because people love to steal & re-upload youtube videos. The Conjuring starring Britney Spears (2013) The Pop Goddess Will Return ( Promo for Work ***** ) Britney Spears - Sweet Dream Are Made Of This ( Short Horror Film ) Hunger Games: Catching Fire starring Britney Spears Britney Spears ft. Justin Timberlake - Perfume Who is Britney Jean? ( Promo Video for Britney Jean album release) Britney Spears - Til It's Gone Britney Spears - Hold On Tight Britney Spears - Body Ache The Fault in our stars starring Britney Spears This is my latest fan made video: Britney Spears - Mood Ring
  16. I'm 23 and I'm supposed to be on my "In the Zone era" or "Stripped era" but I'm not yet on my peak.
  17. vw gti quarter mile vw gti quarter mile Honestly, I also think Project Rose is just one of Britney's passion projects about her rose themed photoshoots at home. But looking back at her instagram posts, she usually leaves hints with the books she's posting. Like how a book she posted is about a woman with an abusive father, and all the stock photos that resembles slavery and deprivation of freedom. This article about a program called Project Rose deemed as a RESCUE operation for exploited and trafficked *** workers is interesting. LINK: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/av4eyb/in-arizona-project-rose-is-arresting-***-workers-to-save-them THOUGHTS?
  18. I remember Exhale praising the f out of Passenger when it leaked and yes it really was really refreshing for Britney to record a song like that and we were convinced back then that britney sang the high note on passenger because Larry never stopped mentioning about how Britney was always practicing with her "vocal coach".
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