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  1. Hey guys! I miss y'all. :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

    I'm currently not updated with Britney news because 2020's strongest typhoon destroyed our city and now we still don't have electricity. 

    Can someone please fill me in? What did I miss? I hope Britney's fine. :katycry_perry_crying_tears_sad_sobbing:

    Can someone please summarize things or provide me links to important threads. I'm sorry I can't browse a lot because I'm saving my phone's battery.

    Stay safe, guys! :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support:

    PS. @Jordan Miller THIS NEW LAYOUT SLAPS HARD! IM INLOVE WITH THE NEW BREATHEHEAVY! :pumped_britney_excited_yay_pumped:

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  2. 4 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

    It was everything to be able to see her on TV twice a week for the duration of the season :mcry_mariah_carey_proud_beaming:

    It was like Christmas for us Britney stans in 2012. :wontcry_tears_crying_sad: Xfactor, scream n shout, talk show interviews, and xfactor again. We were well fed.

    I remember back then I was really eager to always go home early instead of playing with my highschool friends just to watch Xfactor and chill and interact here on exhale. :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

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  3. 1 minute ago, PokemonSpears said:

    Everyone focuses on the negative parts but there were auditions and performances you can see she clearly enjoyed. I live for those moments

    Yes! :ahhh_britney_scream_glory_excited_yay_pumped: And whether they admit it or not, if you're a Brtiney stan, X Factor is one of those memorable moments! The feeling of excitement is still vivid in my memory. 

    The way we tune in regularly for every episode, excited to see what Britney will wear next, her quirky remarks on the auditions and live shows, her facial expressions - those were really good times. 

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  4. 1 minute ago, CarelessDiva said:

    So flag the posts about someone's dads colon rupturing that seems a little negative to me. But you won't you'll only flag  just the fans that are using their brains to take both sides or say they think the conservatorship is in the best interest for her.  Unfortunately this site is more about her conservatorship then about her new ventures so this is what fans are left with, discussing her conservatorship and the two sides to it. 

    She is fighting for her rights ffs, 

    who has the time for "new ventures"? :wtf:

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  5. 2 minutes ago, CarelessDiva said:

    Britney uses yawl maybe you should inform her too. :badgirl:

    I'd love to inform her but I can't. 

    You know why? Because she's locked in an abusive conservatorship. :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:


    It's y'all, not yawl. :plzexplain_britney_karaoke_carpool_confused_oh_okay_hmm_nod_eyebrows_raised:


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  6. 2 minutes ago, CarelessDiva said:

    How are they getting money? Ya think Jamie's like here's money from Britney's account to shut up. How is it not clicking with you. What you think that somehow people are just paying off everyone in Britney's family and no word of this has come up yet. Wheres the evidence of this payout you all seem to know but not even the court is aware of this. Receipts please. I want bank statements, word transfers, mortgage statements, trial balances. Yawl got all that evidence. 


    Oh wait here comes the it's in a untraceable offshore account that they all have access to. What detective movie are we in right now. 

    It's funny how you're asking for receipts when you can't even support your claim that Britney has a mental illness. 

    Where's your medical records, sweetie? :riha_rihanna_cackle_laughing_lol_haha_hehe_lmao_hand:

    I'd love to see it. :tiffeyeroll:

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