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  1. Inside out (found it overrated at the time but now I think it’s one of the best aged songs off FF) I think I found it too slow. These days those verses are everything
  2. I like everyone in Zoey 101 (even Dana who was there for one season) except Zoey. JL isn’t all that as she thinks she is :P
  3. You should really check the music video for it. It’s very beautiful. Her most beautiful music video ever! It’s very 90s story driven.
  4. That album is one of my faves of hers it’s higher on my list. Mainly because it’s her best and most raw vocals.
  5. 1) From the bottom of my broken heart is my fave! I also love Shadow, where are you now, Email my heart & I”ll never stop loving you ❤️
  6. - Mmm Papi - seal it with a kiss - drop dead beautiful - What You Need - Better (the most overrated song in her entire discography I never play this)
  7. 1. from the bottom of my broken heart is underrated af and it’s very classic story driven retro type of music video too. It’s gorgeous and beautiful. I think it’s one of her best story wise and is definitely underrated. 2. I love rock n Roll I love the aesthetic of this video another really good one with low views. 3. Sometimes very well story driven video beautiful aesthetics, simple and cute. Many don’t talk about this one either.
  8. From each album Baby - none I know this tracklist oops - One Kiss From You britney - that’s where you take me in the zone - showdown blackout - perfect lover circus - rock me in femme fatigue - seal it with a kiss, selfish, scary Belinda Johvannie - hold on tight Glory - what you need
  9. For me personally I don’t listen to Make Me often or ever really... At the time I did but overtime I just don’t care for it at all now. But I will say it showed a different side to Britney and I thought it was a unique choice compared to her other songs. I do think as a 2nd single choice it should of been DWYCO because we need energy to grab the GPs attention. I think that would of been amazing for the VMAs Make Me as intro for one minute and then DWYCO surprises us! RELEASE DWYCO as a SINGLE in SEPT AFTER THE VMAs. slumber party I think is the perfect 3rd single. then as fourth single change your mind Then as fifth single (if we make it there) could be if I’m dancing, just luv me or man on the moon.
  10. I would like to see a list of performances from this era.
  11. l didn't know who Janelle Monae was until the Grammys I enjoyed her performance & thought she had a great Prince aesthetic everywhere, best performance of the night. Loved her bringing 80s vibes! For once I felt there was pop music in one of these award shows
  12. I didn't say she shouldn't sing live I just said she needs to get up off the chair. Im not making an excuse I DIDN'T say she needs to continue to lip-sync I just said this would be better than her sitting on a chair lip-syncing, Plus she can sing live while moving you know?? even if its just walking around like "Something to talk about" proved it. The movement in this video isn't hard at all, the singer is still able to sing live and doesn't have to be something intense since its mid tempo. Everytime in POM had great visuals she just lip synced and its the least memorable performance, I liked it the first time but after that I NEVER watched it again tbh same goes for Perfume & Alien and any other ballad from POM.
  13. Turn them into a mid-tempo sort of song like this that way we don't have her sitting on a chair lip-syncing I could see her doing this with Sometimes, BTMYH, FTBOMBH, Lucky, DLMBTLTK or Email my heart
  14. In honour of celebrating 20 years of Britney I did an album retrospective on what I thought of each track on the album analyzing the creation of the album to the tour to the music videos and other elements from this era and explaining why this is a legendary pop album from my point of view. What I thought of the tracks then to now. I never use my youtube channel to talk about Britney except in my last video so for the 20th anniversary I thought give this a shot because she is my inspiration. Created a time line/documentary sort of... After this I went to go take my BOMT urban outfitters vinyl downstairs and play it on my vinyl player How did you guys celebrate today?
  15. I don't care for this album much tbh I like it but I can't love it because Britney doesn't care for it much and I get a vibe she doesn't like it at all because we haven't really got any tracks other than Till The World Ends after FF era. I like Britney albums when she wants to be there and when she's fully engaged when I know she isn't all there I can't enjoy as much. Till The World Ends : A great dance song, great for closing concerts. Hold It Against Me: Excellent strong song one of the best singles of the 2010s, my fave from this album.  Inside Out: Love it and feel its one of the songs where she's more engaged tbh vocally.  I Wanna Go: Its decent  How I Roll: Love it very adorable! (Drop Dead) Beautiful: I don't care for this song but love the verses  Seal It With A Kiss: Least fave tbh Big Fat Bass: I actually like this song a lot tbh I bop to this with my friend a lot!  Trouble For Me: The verses are amazing! Trip To Your Heart: Love it because its Heaven On Earth Part II! Gasoline: Its an alright song Criminal: an alright song would of chosen a different 4th single tbh Up N' Down: Overrated song tbh He About To Lose Me: I think this should of been the 4th single tbh Selfish: ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS a fave criminally underrated! Don't Keep Me Waiting: Another criminally underrated song Love Rockney! Scary: A HALLOWEEN BOP!
  16. I think Jessica was just being prudish coming from her conservative background. This was shocking for the time. I find it disrespectful since Britney ALWAYS praised Jessica for her vocals before and after this In her dateline interview in 2006 she stood up for Jessica Simpson too. But I do think Jessica has moved on if she did have any hard feelings for Britney because she does follow Britney on Instagram.
  17. I thought Lisa Ling would like her I could see Debbie Matenopoulos or Elisabeth Hasselbeck fangirling more though I think she should promote B10 on The View because many people watch that show its always in the news plus Meghan Mccain and Abby Huntsman are big fans so it would be interesting. Lol I live for that Hannah Montana wig and outfit! My least fave Britney performance from 1999-2004 would have to be First off I would like to say I loved the Cabaret for Baby, I think she did it perfectly for that song! But for Oops it just wasn't meshing together? you know? Never could get into this performance.
  18. I think she's like this song a lot because A) She thinks its beautiful B) This is one of the few ballads she could actually sing in her natural voice to showcase her power in her vocals (which is why I think she should try this LIVE on POM) I also heard Soda Pop was on Crazy 2K I want a good solid professional performance of Soda Pop can you imagine those live vocals? Soda Pop was also cut from the Disney Concert
  19. I would be here for that too! I don't know if she would do it just because it is about Kevin lol but if she ever did I'd be shocked. I always wanted to hear an acoustic version of that song!
  20. I am campaigning for FTBOMBH as the ballad since it showcases her real voice the most out of any of her ballads. Although I will not mind DLMBTLTK as the ballad just not Everytime again because its been on Overtime
  21. I put FTBOMBH with live vocals and Heaven On Earth just for the fun of it.
  22. I wouldn't mind it being DYWCO if it has that dance with the piece of cloth with a flag saying "Domination"
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