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  1. Johnny Wright was suing Britney the conservatorship stopped it from happening but doubt he would work with her again.
  2. The paralegal may have Been lying, Larry could have said what he said and trying to find a silver lining. He may genuinely not Be involved and a yes man collecting a cheque with little influencer. Especially as Britney is managed by 2 people .
  3. Kevin has always been eligible for more money, britneys earnings are a lot he is entitled to 20% net of it. Halle Berry pays more for ONE CHILD than kfed gets for two and Halle earns less than Britney. Kevin was entitled to spousal support until he got married. If he wanted more money he didn’t need to get married. He loves his kids enjoys being a father and is a good one by all accounts. Leave him alone.
  4. False. She has danced to Beyonce, invited destiny’s child to open for her , listened to lemonade in vanity fair declared it. Just because YOU DONT like her doesn’t mean britney doesnt.
  5. Scooter is a TERRIBLE MANAGER . Both his major clients are touring with serious mental health issues. Look at Bieber and Ariana looks like she has an eating disorder as well as severe anxiety. In regards to nappy tabs cancellation it looks like they are holding her performing hostage. She wants to perform but can’t due to her team.
  6. Come of it look at beyonce , look at Rihanna both started young. She was an adult made adult decisions with repercussions.
  7. Artists aren’t record labels. The record label makes money of the sound recording , music videos e.t.c so she may be profiting but the label is losing money. This is why she may be dropped.
  8. Britney was an adult at this point. Could have left didn’t she is solely accountable.
  9. A liability is when a persons behaviour or action will cause another’s to be disadvantaged. If britney gets the funds to release a music video to promote an album and can’t for whatever reason rca loses money that’s could have been spent elsewhere. This has happened before with the make me video. The profit margins are probably already thin, due to her star status. Her personal issues are irrelevant but it has damaged her professional life. In contrast chris brown has PERSONAL issues but not really professional issues. He records songs, makes music videos and promotes.
  10. How’s it the same contract or anything? Britney clearly gets a large set amount of funding as seen with her music videos so she refuses to show they still have to pay the cost.
  11. IT could be a contract for 2 firm albums and 2 options which rca may not extend. Or britney could release b10, greatest hits and remix and glory. That’s four.
  12. Apart from Switzerland it was great she did 19 shows and made 15 million.
  13. Courtney love also asked him to help kidnap beans boyfriend and he did it. So yes He may have shouted and done that but he has always done what the client has requested going’s above and beyond. He is a yes man.
  14. I believe sam lutfi he always comes with actual receipts has a clear pattern of behaviour of trying to help his clients and team Britney lied about him introducing Paris Hilton’s into Britney life.
  15. Britney is no worse a performer as Ariana grande lol. People want props, memorable songs costumes and don’t care about anything else to be honest, she can sell arenas if she comes to the uk again.
  16. After Britney endangered her children driving around ,took drugs , was constantly wasted in nightclubs e.t.c admitted to drug abuse at a time when bands were literally blacklisted for doing so she should have been blacklisted. Th media didn’t do that to her at all. They merely reported what was shown and often Britney herself called the paparazzi. If anything they were easy on her over the years.
  17. The kiss had nothing to do with music nobody can really remember the song that played, lilo and Paris Hilton had nothing to do with Britney career. As as I said before the difference between Rihanna and Britney is Rihanna knows when to walk away. She knows when. To stop Britney didn’t , chased fame and got burnt.
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