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  1. It still irks me that 'Dangerous' never made it even as a bonus track, or any kind of re-release. That track seems so well polished and it has such a fantastic vibe. For someone who isn't too fond of Circus in the main part, bar a few tracks, I feel like Dangerous was a missed opportunity - and definitely single material. So different, theatrical, and could definitely have done with a music video (imagining a sequel to Toxic, in terms of a spy scene, or some kind of chase). Fantastic song. Maybe that's just me haha.
  2. I'd actually like to see something dark, twisted and deep. As much as I liked her catchy, electronic music - I think we've heard enough of that manipulation with her voice. I want to hear her real vocals, awesome instrumentation, melody and a voice which carries the song. Above all, lyrics that aren't conceptual or of any character - lyrics which actually have been inspired by true events, something which produces the gravitas she deserves considering her story. I'd like to hear demented productions, like that we heard on Blackout - Perfect Lover was my favourite, it was weird melodically. It kind of gave me Slave 4 U 2.0 vibes, but more twisted and not so ***ual. The deeper vocals from Baby One More Time and her more deeper cuts, mixed with the experimentation of In The Zone (South Asian, Eastern, R&B/Hip Hop, World influences) and the darkness of Blackout would be awesome. Songs I base this on from her catalogue: Perfect Lover, Slave 4 U, Early Mornin', Blur, Inside Out, Toxic, Boom Boom, Change Your Mind, Slumber Party, Better. Artists I base this on: Alina Baraz, Jhene Aiko, Ta-Ku, Radiohead, Burial, Tinashe, MARINA, Galimatias, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson. I just want to hear something more aggressive, commanding, honest but just weird, different, awesome. I just want to hear her for once. I actually, for the first time, would like to listen to what she's singing and what's she's meaning, which I hope has come from her own truth. Like Janet's Control, Rhythm Nation. I think that would be an awesome way to either round out her career (if she chooses not to continue) and absolutely the best way to mark her rounded out, 10th studio album. A nice number really. And to emphasise, this is not a mere case of me wanting a 'combination of ITZ/Blackout/Glory 2.0' - I want this to be real, honest, what she wants it to be, and I just want her to be free. Free in saying whatever she wants, without hesitation or restriction. I want her to be angry, sad, happy - she deserves all of this and I think this album could momentously capture her torment in such a big way if she's heard, and it would resonate too. Ultimately I hope she gets creative control over the next project with little hindrance, perhaps guidance and suggestions, but where she calls the shots and produces an album of '**** you's' in a creative way, before she decides to put that behind her (if at all - for all we know, she may want to continue that for future work!). Anyway, that's my long-winded write up haha.
  3. I have been waiting for the moment Britney and Janet come together for either a duet or performance together. Better yet, Britney releasing Control as a cover. I can't emphasise how much these two are just so perfect. Hopefully it happens.
  4. You know, you're very right about not being able to make one's mind (no seas cortes) up about singles from Glory. Originally it was Do You Wanna Come Over? but I constantly switch between Change Your Mind and Just Luv Me too, along with Better. Whilst I like Liar, I think I would've preferred to have seen video treatment for CYM (if they did it right), that could've been fantastic, different, and pretty dancey. Make Me and Slumber Party were awesome but pretty mellow still, and CYM would've changed things up. Just Luv Me should've been tested in a few markets like the old days, but I don't think that would've fared too well from a marketing perspective, especially when people mostly just want upbeat most of the time these days. In an ideal world, this album would've been great with a 5+ single run, if it was successful.
  5. I hope she's doing okay. I really respect her honesty and her ability to 'translate' documents for easy digestion by the average joe, so to speak. It's clear that she's right on the money if she's been silenced. I just hope these videos and updates/posts are being saved/kept somehow, or maybe we should collectively do that just as a precaution so that this evidence gathering is still about. Is there a Breatheheavy Discord server? I feel that could be good.
  6. Nice one, Nick! I've always been a huge fan of Perfect Lover. Hoping one day the steams leak for this, the instrumental is awesome and I was always so sad that they removed the solo/instrumental segment at the end and instead broke it down. One could hope!
  7. On one hand I think it's about bloody time she finally got her story heard and that people see how responsible they are for being part of her - I won't say total demise, but downfall to a degree - but at the same time, the one thing nagging me is that I can't help but see these documentaries as another way to make money off someone who has already been trodden on for many years! Don't get me wrong, I think it's vital that her story is told (and hopefully she gets to tell it fully herself one day), so I don't mean to detract from the positive light it is bringing, but it's just a little nag and I think the positive outweighs the negative, but they do get attention/money if you think about it.
  8. Sorry, I completely missed that this was already posted! Anyway, what a weird... thing.
  9. Didn't expect to see this in my inbox this morning. Loot Crate have announced an exclusive and limited edition Britney Spears series of Loot Crates featuring merchandise inspired by her music. This isn't something I expected to see as typically Loot Crate series are focused more on gaming, anime and that sort of thing. What do you guys think?
  10. That's a real shame! I felt like they really underused it. After that, Crazy just became a remix-within-a-remix, using the Stop Remix vocals and just jazzing it up or doing something else. I dig the live remixes but I think Britney doing something like the original tracks that were released in videos would be pretty epic ... weird to say after so many years of performances and wanting something new, but simplicity I guess? Hah.
  11. I've never actually seen this but it's an awesome performance. It's also great to actually hear the Stop Remix of Crazy live because the majority of her performances have either been other remixes of Crazy or the album version - understandably because the Stop Remix was created a bit later and released the month before this performance, but it would've been neat to see more of that version performed live more - I always thought it was loads punchier. I may look it up as there may be performances I've missed. Thanks for sharing this!
  12. I can see it now, the next Britney album - and fitting for a wholesome and rounded 10th, as if capping off the first 10 albums with a victory - will be titled 'Brenda'. "Brenda", the new album by Britney Spears with the lead single, "The Penny Has Dropped" and promotional single, "Br^2" In all seriousness though, I don't think I've ever been so stoked for someone that I have no other connection to but being a long-time fan from the very beginning. I never am so invested, but knowing this is going down has somehow really affected me and in doing so, all I've been thinking and hoping for is for her to be free, for everything to be out there and just for her to get closer to her freedom. I think this is a huge and fantastic first step. I have more confidence, despite the constant delays, but I can't help but wonder the buzz behind the scenes for Jamie Spears and the asshats involved. They're obviously going to be doing what they can to make this even worse. Ridiculous. I still can't fathom how someone can do this to their own family. Awful.
  13. Hey, everyone. I had a look and didn't see this posted anywhere but I happened across this today - Britney has been re-released for the third time on vinyl via Urban Outfitters featuring a new colour variant (blue/yellow splatter) along with the cassette. Seems like this new wave began with the release of BJ, where they're now releasing new variants and the cassettes. Vinyl: Ships August 14th (Says Limited, but no quantity listed) Cassette: Ships September 11th (Limited to 3K copies) Unsure why they've missed the clear versions for both FF and BJ (for the completionists out there) but I wonder if this'll just be a continuous, ongoing cycle once they keep hitting BJ...
  14. I'm glad someone else thinks the same. I've been wanting a Marina / Britney collaboration ever since The Family Jewels! And I think it could work. Have you heard this? https://vimeo.com/391163046 Sorry, was trying to figure out how to embed but unsure. Anyway, the above makes me believe they could work wonders together.
  15. I think she's bloody great. I can't say I'm big on Gaga, Miley or Katy Perry. Gaga has the pipes and the greatest talent, I admit. Not my thing personally but she is good, however I lean more towards M.I.A in terms of style and music. Odd because Britney brought me to this forum, but M.I.A I listen to far more than those 3 put together (makes it easy because I hardly listen to them at all), so there's a bias. I like substance, not formula. M.I.A is the former.
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