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  1. the tree obviously represents Jamie Lynn attempting to steal Britneys spotlight.
  2. I can’t believe anyone would think Netflix would commission anything pro c-ship could you imagine the massive backlash from fans AND gp??? also I think Britney’s gram is just pissed they aren’t in the spotlight since the free Britney movement took off lol.
  3. Do you not stream any Britney music? Spotify/YouTube etc all gives him money… by your logic you are no better than him.
  4. It’s disgusting to me that this person is making fun of someone’s body, regardless of the person.
  5. It will fail just like the jay-z, Beyoncé, madonna… etc. funded tidal did.
  6. I don’t really think it’s the line up, but because most people are getting rid of cable in favor for free antenna tv, and streaming.
  7. Having ratings this low is actually insane lol, pretty much every daytime talk show, news program, or soap garners on average 1 mill to 2 mill EVERYDAY! and yet the VMAs can’t do it for one night🤣
  8. Idk… if it’s witness protection, her ig wouldn’t have been disabled, they probably wouldn’t have alluded to anything being different, my mom and aunt was relocated to Florida in the 80s and placed in witness protection for 3 weeks, there was no explanation given to their disappearance, also I don’t think she qualifies.
  9. Also some Britney “fans” need to be held accountable, does any one remember how exhale was before 2017??? Constantly calling anyone who enjoyed anything post blackout “britards”??? So much hate towards her, and lots of those individuals are still here all the sudden being on her side.
  10. For instance, if I became a singer, since my name is Britney, I’d have to go by something different because sharing a name with Britney Spears would probably not be helpful to my career.
  11. Definitely, there is a reason so many artists go by different names.
  12. Definitely needs to be looked into, but I feel like y’all are trying to be vigilantes here and try to end every conservatorship regardless if it’s legit or not, also we don’t know the scope of her issues, there needs to be more legit information first, unlike Britney, she hasn’t worked, she hasn’t done interviews, we don’t actually know how her mental state actually is. What I do believe is however, there needs to be routine check ups from impartial doctors for those who are in one due to mental health.
  13. ok... did Matthew ACTUALLY confirm it??? the page six article says he did, but the only quotes was from the "insider" and then they said that "no Britney reps replied for comment" wouldn't Matthew be technically considered a rep??? not that im speculating that it wasn't her decision, it most likely was after every post is full of hate and obsessed fans trying to tell her what to do in the comments.
  14. I think he's hot lol... not really attractive, but to me those two things are completely different, there's plenty of attractive people that I definitely don't find hot lol. for instance, channing Tatum (or the majority of "hot" guys in Hollywood), most people think he's attractive, but I wouldn't go anywhere near his d**k
  15. I don’t know much about Amanda’s situation, but just because Britney is in a fraudulent c-ship doesn’t mean Amanda is, there are legitimate reasons for c-ships, however they should always be used as a last resort. I’ve met people who are in them and it’s because they literally cannot make decisions for themselves, and it should definitely be put into place that if a person is in one for severe mental health reasons, then it should be much easier to get out of one, frequent check-ups etc. my point is just because of Britney’s situation, doesn’t mean all c-ships are the same.
  16. I remember 2019, I wasn’t entirely sure if free Britney was the right thing, I was part of it since the beginning, but there was doubt there if that was really what Britney wanted, or if there was something we didn’t know, and she was happy with the situation, it’s crazy how far we and Britney have come, from not knowing anything, to Britney getting her own lawyer… I’m so happy for her.
  17. im imagining something really small, probably 10 to 15 people, just close family (mostly Sams lol) and friends, I wouldn't be surprised if it was at her house, or Hawaii, I just can't see her having a big wedding at all, or making a spectacle of it.
  18. What bothers me is how fans act as if they know more than Britney, first of all none of you know Britney, and you definitely don’t know Sam, stop critiquing everything she does as if you are her mother, she’s not a stupid little girl…
  19. this is why I rarely speak on things i'm passionate about, because my brain makes everything come out as a jumbled mess mainly due to ADHD lol, also Courtney has autism, which probably makes her communicate differently.
  20. its one of my favorites off of circus, however, I usually forget it was on circus and assume it was an unreleased track.
  21. This is precisely why I use ad block, the ads make the site almost unusable.
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