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  1. i know. i was 25 and now im 30. what makes it feel long for me is it was released only a month before my gran died which i think makes it feel even more longer !! Really hope we get B10 next year now that shes making progress with the cship
  2. This is what really annoys me. Why should you feel awful for wanting new Britney music?? Yes of course we know about the cship and the horrible things she had to endure and of course i dont want her to be forced into new music. But do i miss getting a new album from her? YES because i love her music. why is that a bad thing? it really bugs me
  3. im not going to lie, i would be really sad BUT of course i would completely understand and respect her decision. Selfishly i do long for a new album from her because i love her music but if she retired, i would understand
  4. Its really weird though as i just watched this interview and the woman obviously asked her about Little Mix but didnt asked about a reunion and Jesy says [at 8m 53s] 'who knows, eventually one day we'll come back' i mean, the thing is just because they've unfollowed her on social media doesnt mean they hate each other. Shes not in LM anymore so neither Jesy or the LM girls need to keep up to date with each other on twitter. i watched another interview Jesy did this week and she said when Perrie and Leighann had their babies she sent them a text saying congratulations so they obviously still have their numbers. i mean, i remember Geri saying when she left the spice girls, obviously social media wasnt invented then but even though publicly she didnt meet up with the girls, she still privately kept in touch and two of the girls went to her daughter's christening. so its probably the same with LM and Jesy
  5. Well that psychic guy on here says we're getting a new album in 2022 lol i dont wanna get my hopes up but it wouldnt surprise me if shes started writing new music now her dads out of the cship and shes making progress in ending it completely. i really hope its true and she gets complete control over B10 and does exactly what she wants with it
  6. Yeh but it was probably a throwaway line she just said like ive said on here beforehand, i really dont know what to feel anymore. But shes only almost 40, she'll get bored of doing nothing eventually. Plus her $60 million fortune will probably not last the rest of her life tbh
  7. i do not believe she sings 'he asked if i come here a lot' in Amnesia, im sure she secretly is singing 'he asked if I f--- here a lot' because it really sounds like it to me lol
  8. Yeh im with the majority - i actually think i know every lyrics off every song off Circus apart from Mannequin. But its hard to even figure out what Britney is even singing in the verses. and also ive said on here before, Mannequin is like the only song of Britneys i really dont like
  9. tbh though its not really that much work to release a new album nowadays anyway. Groups/artists only have to do a week's promo if that and thats about it
  10. She easily could. if you say to like 99.9% of people i am a fan of Britney, they know its Britney Spears. and if im talking about her to my family and friends, i always just say Britney. and she has done it before like someone said, her vegas residencies. her tours etc i have the single collections boxset from 2009 and it just has Britney on it
  11. You know what, i honestly dont know what to believe, how to feel, i dont even know what i predict anymore The thing is, shes only worth like $60million now apparently which ok sounds a lot, but if you consider shes only 40 in December and could still have 40+ years left of her life left, it probably wont last her considering as well she lives in a mansion and goes on like 3 or 4 holidays a year. Unless it generates a lot of interest and she lives off the interest i suppose. But i dunno tbh, i know she said yes when a paparazzi guy asked her but if she said no, it would make headlines, probably muck up the cship progress etc im so glad she came to scotland in 2018 and i at least finally got to see her live then. at this point, i dont really know whatll happen with Britneys career now
  12. I dont hate xtina although never been a fan of hers apart from the odd song. But when was the last time she even had a hit?? was it not Beautiful and Fighter back in 2002? im surprised she still even has a record deal tbh
  13. What pisses me off is this paragraph on a DailyMail article 'Mr. Spears loves his daughter Britney unconditionally. For thirteen years, he has tried to do what is in her best interests, whether as a conservator or her father,' the statement continues. 'This included helping her revive her career and re-establish a relationship with her children.' what part of 'Jamie is her ******* father' does Jamie and his team dont understand. wow he helped her and 'loves her unconditionally'.....OMG Do you mean like 99% of other fathers would as well?. and as for 're-establish a relationship with her children', er remember when he went for Sean and Britney had to defend him and take him away and then was scared she was gunna be stopped from seeing the boys?? Jamie is disgusting!
  14. OMG Brillant! Step 1 has finally been achieved. hopefully more progress will follow. so happy for Britney!!
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