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  1. I don't listen to either of them anymore, but: Rihanna has better singles Ari has better albums Ari is hotter Ari obviously has better vocals Rihanna has a more infectious personality Rihanna has better music videos Also, Rihanna has had so many reinventions over the years that she's the closest thing we have to a modern day Madonna (sorry, Brit).
  2. Omg, I thought you were talking about this Alok: And I was like, "What business does INNA have working with Alok?"
  3. I love the folk vibe, omg. And the combination of the bridge and final chorus was an EXPERIENCE. Also, the MV is giving me soft boyfriend vibes, which is just what I've been needing after having watched so many romance dramas during these past few weeks. Sad boy hours in full swing.
  4. It's impossible to do an entire ranking for me, but the 3 albums that are the most special to me are 1989 (I became a casual fan during the Red era, and then 1989 turned me into a full-blown stan because I was incredibly obsessed with it.) reputation (I was anticipating it like crazy, and it came out when I was on an exchange program which was a very special week of my life that I'll never forget. reputation became the official soundtrack of that very special week.) Lover (It came out during a time when I was enthralled by K-Pop. I spent an entire year only listening to K-Pop, so I missed a lot of great albums, including Lover. When I finally started listening to Western music again, I gave Lover a shot, and it totally reignited my love for Taylor.) These 3 also feature my top 3 Taylor songs (You're In Love, King Of My Heart, and Death By A Thousand Cuts). I'm pretty sure Lover is my favorite TS album, which might be a rather controversial opinion. It probably has the most filler out of any of her records (alongside Red), and it could've definitely been cut like 5 songs short, but the highs are so high, that it's still my #1 despite the filler. Also, the whole vibe of the album gives me a very specific feeling of nostalgia, summertime sunset hours, and adolescence that I haven't felt since Pure Heroine. Some of the songs on Lover were produced by Joel Little, the guy who produced the entirety of Pure Heroine, but I don't think that's the main reason. I can't really put my finger on it, though.
  5. (Little Mix related) @Slayer, my K-Pop queens TWICE (their latest track, if you care) are preparing for an EP release this June, and there have been a lot of Twitter posts regarding new TWICE songs being registered with ASCAP. Well, one of the tracks lists Jade as one of the writers (alongside one of the members of TWICE): ASCAP link Normally, the whole ASCAP thing isn't the most reliable (as we all know), but the official Little Mix account apparently liked this post, which is crazy to me. I don't have a Twitter account, so I can't check, but this seems credible. I doubt it's going to be a collab. I mean, who knows, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be some sort of Confetti reject or something. And I don't know if it's going to be the lead single or not. I'll update you if/when it comes out even if there won't be much left of the original English lyrics, so Jade will probably be credited as a composer only. Also, First Time sounds kinda spicy.
  6. Omg, I was obsessed with Born to Die when it came out. Back in 2012, my internet was like 20 kilobytes/second (yes, kilobytes ) slow, so I remember leaving on BitTorrent overnight, so that I could pirate it. I was like 12. But then, Ultraviolence came out, and I didn't really vibe with it. Thankfully, Lorde and Marina gave me my Tumblr girl fix instead.
  7. There was a whole conspiracy theory that Taylor is a clone of her or whatever: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bradesposito/taylor-swift-zeena-lavey?bftw&utm_term=.cdNe7mWqK#.eu5NQVK9a
  8. So does James despite allegedly being an alleged alcoholic and alleged domestic abuser. Such a cutie! He wouldn't hurt a racehorse fly.
  9. Oh, I will... The amount of excitement I have for the new album is through the roof. There haven't really been any other exciting announcements (besides CHVRCHES), so I've latched onto Marina. Here's hoping Lorde and Poppy announce new albums soon enough too.
  10. What is this new era of you repping this satanistic Taylor Swift looking h0e.
  11. Legendary song that influenced a generation of self-diagnosing teens that used depression, having issues, and being damaged as an aesthetic. Lana and Lorde sooo paved the way for all the alternative/dream/bedroom pop girls and boys of today.
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