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  1. F-words do be embarrassing themselves once again... Is this another Shawn Mendes/Nick Jonas situation? People need to chill.
  2. She looks botched AF, but that'll never take away from her legacy. She's clearly living her best life, so good for her. I'm just patiently waiting for a new album.
  3. Omg, don't remind me of that mess. Based on people's comments, I was lowkey excited for that remix, but it legit sounds like some sort of banshee summoning ritual.
  4. I think I'm gonna skip this one because the album is so short already. I don't wanna listen to like half the album before it's even out (apparently, we're getting 2 more songs before the album including this one). The artwork is once again really cool, though, and bestie is rocking her grey hair again. I love her so much!
  5. As much as I find self-empowerment anthems cheesy AF, cheesiness has always been Katy's shtick, so this feels very Katy in the best way possible. Definitely not giving this my streams (even though I adore Pokémon), but good for Katy.
  6. I haven't done an album ranking in a while, and my opinions have changed a lot. For some reason, I used to be a huge advocate for Oops, but I based this ranking on how many songs I would skip (%-wise), and Oops ended up really low: Glory Circus In the Zone Baby > Britney > Blackout (same %, so I ranked them based on how much I like the vibe and subject matter) Oops Femme Fatale Basic Jingles Kinda impressive how few skips Glory and Circus have considering they're her longest albums.
  7. I've been very dismissive when it comes to Olivia and this guy because the whole drama just feels too fake and staged, which is why I still haven't listened to any of Olivia's songs, but I can't deny how cute Joshua is.
  8. I have no sympathy for this lady. She has done a lot of great things for the LGBT community, but her show just sucked major balls... The segments where she would showcase random people's talents were really cool, but she always treated her celebrity guests like garbage. Like, the entire premise of her interviews was always to put her guests on the spot and make them as uncomfortable as possible.
  9. Ugh, she's such an icon, and it's crazy to see how far she's come. I still remember listening to her music when she barely had 100k monthly listeners on Spotify. Now, she has 11 million. And yes, I do want a cookie for that. Also, weird that they never considered this song to be single material prior to the release of the mixtape. Deal With It kinda flopped, and it seems they only started pushing Slumber Party after it took off when it was pretty clear from the get-go that it was the best song on the mixtape.
  10. According to Tidal: Composer: Daniel Nigro, Olivia Rodrigo Lyricist: Daniel Nigro, Olivia Rodrigo Most of the production and instruments: Alexander 23, Daniel Nigro This definitely seems pretty authentic and intimate. There seems to be a big industry push behind her, but the music is seemingly anything but that.
  11. I mean, I'm sure there are people who use this situation to spread anti-Jewish sentiments, but most people don't, and those that do are idiots. I just hate it when people deflect any kind of criticism by pulling the anti-semitism card. It worked for so long, so I'm happy people aren't buying it anymore.
  12. Stop pulling the anti-semitism card. It's so tiring and stupid. Would you call someone that criticizes Islamic countries for their treatment of women/LGBT people Islamophobic? No. Would you call someone that criticizes the CCP racist against Asian people? No.
  13. I'm glad that the conversation finally seems to have shifted, though. Just recently, you'd be called an anti-semitic alt-right conspiracy theorist for questioning Israel (I'm talking about regular people, not those annoying internet bots paid by Israel), but now a lot of people seem to be on the side of Palestine. I'm super glad that's the case.
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