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  1. I mean, sure, but not everyone is as mature as you were. Besides, it's not like she said something downright offensive. It was just a bit ignorant and tone deaf, yet people are turning this into some huge drama and dragging her just because they don't like her. Educate her, tell her why her words were tone deaf, and move on.
  2. She low-key looked really hot that night. That was one of the only few times I actually found Taylor hot.
  3. Marina and the Diamonds saving the music industry once again, wbk. Though, I've seen some people drag her for insensitive lyrics: The chorus is sung from the perspective of Mother Nature, so she's basically implying that the virus is the planet's way of getting rid of us, and that we low-key deserve it. Personally, I agree that the planet will find a way to purge us once it's sick of our sh1t because humanity was a huge mistake, but I don't think the virus is one of those instances. I can totally see how some people could consider these lyrics to be rather insensitive and out of touch. She's a celebrity, living in a beautiful home in LA. She hasn't been impacted by the virus pretty much at all, so it's easy for her to peddle that hippie sh1t.
  4. @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN's impact. I legit haven't even heard a single Jessica Simpson song in my life. But the amount of fun I had trolling @Look But Don't Touch, though.
  5. Like any social media platform TikTok has its good and bad sides. Personally, I don't use TikTok, but from what I've seen it has a lot of awesome recipes, vegan stuff, wholesome content, true crime shorts, etc. I don't really care about the low-quality, mindless content. My biggest gripe with TikTok is its super toxic and dangerous diet/What I Ate in a Day culture. Sh1t is not healthy.
  6. HD remaster of the What It Feels Like For A Girl music video. This MV is so sick, istg.
  7. Cue the obsessed antis to proceed with their usual "Taylor is overrated, mediocre, and untalented" shtick.
  8. I haven't listened to any of her songs, so I have no idea what her voice sounds like, but I really like the album cover. Might give it a spin when it comes out.
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