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  1. I remember the 2011 interview, obviously nothing like this one... But I didn’t know she called her crazy and made fun of her.
  2. She was sooo likeable and charismatic and alive in that interview!!! What a charmer. On a good day she made the interviewer believe they were chatting away like old friends. I miss this personality so much!
  3. Just to say though, not all of the time. That isn’t her style is it...I want her to do what she wants to do but done properly and like she cares.
  4. God yes please!!! That level of commitment to the moment and precision in the dance moves? YES.
  5. Maybe the facial expression....in my defence I had just taken my pain meds before posting that (opiates ) and there is a slight chance that they affected me. I am now looking at the pic through new eyes and I take it back.
  6. Hahaha it really does It's a great pic though, I love her facial expression.
  7. I know what you mean about the FF vibes, but I actually think Britney thinks this is good. I think she believes she's out there killing it and that she's a legend and an icon etc and that her old self was annoying and cringeworthy and that she's so mature and **** now. I think she genuinely sees her IG dancing and her POM 'dancing' at the same level! And another thing, some of her outfits now are pretty dominatrix themed and, well, revealing....I bet she's going to take the name Domination literally and make it even cheaper and nastier. It's so upsetting. All she has to do is put on a pair of jeans and a nice top once in a while and sit at a piano SINGING her old songs like Born to make you happy and a few new ones like Invitation. Ugh such a waste.
  8. Ha yes they would if there was such a category! Britney: "This was the hardest announcement I've ever done, it was really a workout in itself. I ate a happy meal burger before the announcement of the announcement and clean chicken before the announcement. I was up there working my *** off and people didn't give me credit - I always announce live. There were 2 or 3 autograph signings, it was very cool and...fun!"
  9. I knew someone with a cat called Onyx, does that count?
  10. Yeah she wasn't very likeable at various points during the Kevin years, she seemed to try so hard to be badass and it was a bit cringey sometimes. I got such bad vibes off him in Chaotic, really can't see what she saw in him!!! I totally agree, her self esteem was very low and still seems to be to this day.
  11. I know what you mean about the unhealthy thing, I always think that when I see videos and pics of this tour or Chaotic. It's basically since she met Kevin she became a bit unkempt? Even though she cleaned up really well on stage and her body was great, her skin looked unhealthy and as though she wasn't eating much 'clean chicken'.
  12. This is WHY I love this tour!!! Only half serious, I can see what you're saying and think your post is excellent with really good points. Although I do mostly disagree I found it really interesting to read and had never considered some of those things.
  13. I like this story, it resonates with me in lots of ways and reminds me of the film Serendipity for some reason!
  14. Oh thank you so much, that means a lot to me! I try hard not to be nasty to anyone on here and got to admit I was a bit taken aback to be called a ***** but I’m always open to looking at myself and my behaviour and don’t agree with @rawbritso haven’t taken it to heart I can certainly be a bit dumb sometimes , more so because of stuff going on in my life though and stress etc which makes my brain a bit ‘fuzzy’!! Thank you again for your lovely words and I also agree with so much of what you write on here
  15. Haha a few people have said that to me before! I never know when to stop talking and end up making a complete idiot of myself...I’m so socially awkward lol. anyway, yes stopping now
  16. That’s fair if that’s your opinion, I don’t act dumb though I don’t think, I actually am quite dumb in a lot of ways! I’m passionate about people being treated fairly, maybe I have been a ***** lately though I will look at how I’m coming across.
  17. What do you mean?! Why have you gone on a downvote rampage on my posts too lol
  18. Her conservators have been appointed by the court in an act of law to look after her and her best interests, we are fans watching from a distance, it's not really comparable and I don't think we're acting worse. We judge Britney on her performance skills and I think that's fair. I do expect to be judged on my performance in my job and no I don't think length of time is relevant. You could imagine a tour guide in a museum, they have to take people around and tell them about the museum and they are moody with the customers, they won't look at them, the customers end up leaving in tears and feeling they made the guide upset or annoyed. (Ok this is a really bad comparison but I'm sooo tired atm!) The guide couldn't say "Oh I've done it for many years now, plus I have bad days and what do they expect for me to be their best friend?! I find it too stressful." So to me if Britney is selling an experience to the public she should make it a pleasant one. There are too many excuses all the time.
  19. You make it sound like it's a good thing! This is her job! She SHOULD be putting in effort, way more effort than she is presently. I was just shocked because you said she's doing better than ever, so I thought you mean better than in her prime. As for how much she works - she is very lucky to not need to work more than a couple of nights a week. Some people have to do three jobs just to feed their children and those jobs aren't always pleasant. And they don't have millions sitting in the bank either.
  20. Great pic! One of the best I've seen of this tour, even with The Coat!
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