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  1. What an awesome thread @LostInAnImage It’s made me smile today, thank you ?
  2. Of course, the Coat as well. There were reports that she wouldn’t look fans in the eye and then crying etc and snapping at people. I think she absolutely hates it all.
  3. Yeah there’s that as well! Have you seen that they tweeted about all the amazing things that WON’T be happening now? Like Overprotected and live vocals? I find that odd too!!
  4. I do try to be balanced when looking anything really so this is a valid comment imo. Things haven’t seemed quite right with Britney since her Europe tour, her behaviour in the M&Gs as reported by the fans, her weirdness at the Domination announcement, the fact they asked for suggestions for the new show so recently, the eagerness to share the rehearsals....it’s just weird. I really think there’s a LOT behind the scenes with her, although I do think she’s cancelling this for genuine reasons. I just wonder if her dad being ill is the only reason, I think there’s probably a few things. Ultimately I do believe she’s over her career.
  5. I have a lot of respect for Britney for doing this. Family is everything to her, it’s so obvious. She’s following her heart and some things in life are just more important than others. I hope she can just enjoy her time with them for now and forget about the fame game ?
  6. As for what a real artist is. It's subjective isn't it and will mean different things to different people, but to me it's someone who is: PASSIONATE about whatever their art form is DRIVEN to make more of that art (or commit fully to the existing art) AUTHENTIC even if putting on a character to perform or whatever, it's still authentically of them and their soul and not for anyone else's benefit
  7. Britney killed 7 people - Britney the boss. She decide if they live NO ONE else. They her staff she control their last breath.
  8. Oh I didn’t know that, I was kind of lurking around that time but not very much. I probably did see it but can’t remember! Well it’s been a few years since then so it’s about time they asked so we can have a say again!
  9. Interesting that they’re asking that. I see it as a good sign, we’ve been wanting them to take on board our opinions for years. I’ve thought for ages that most of the members on here could manage Britney’s career a million times better than her actual team!!
  10. The live singing is a small part of the overall issue. If Britney was into promoting, took it seriously, learnt a coherent and feisty dance routine, sorted her hair out etc then yes she could go far. Playback has a place when all the rest is amazing. The problem is that none of her career is amazing anymore
  11. I think this would be a bad move, Ariana would show her up with her professionalism, dedication and live vocals.
  12. This video genuinely made me lol That neck face!!!?!?? Very excited for Benny Drama’s version of it!
  13. I do agree OP. I find it very hard to watch, she looks completely out of her depth, especially at the beginning which is excruciating. By Toxic she was doing good, and that last minute is amazing. I can't bear the Slave pole parts and the part where she poses ready to do the back flip, it looks so unprofessional and 'dancing by numbers', like her feet are unsteady and it doesn't flow properly. It just really highlights her different style of dancing now which I don't exactly understand, all I can do is compare it to the past where it looked spontaneous even though it wasn't, and she looked like she had total control. She did look fantastic, that outfit is a dream! And I love the Slave breakdown and as I said the Toxic part, but I think it's way overrated and a whole world away from Primeney. I think she came closer to Prime in some of her Vegas dates.
  14. I love this! So cute. Her Southern accent is really noticeable in this too, it seems non existent nowadays.
  15. OP I agree with your sentiments and frustrations, but not your solution. Britney doesn't need a break, she needs to change her belief system. She believes that she's earned the right to phone it in, to half *** it, to starve her fans of any connection, to be a diva, to lipsync 100% of the time, to stop making music, to NOT CARE basically. Until she starts taking her career seriously, and believing that she's going to lose all her cash cows fans, then no amount of breaks are going to make the slightest bit of difference. She needs to get some fire basically.
  16. I think it’s Larry she looks at, maybe other assistants too, I find it really annoying!!! She is most definitely treated like a child and acts like a teenager a lot of the time.
  17. Same, but you just know it’ll be the opening song of Domination
  18. Even though I agree with every word of this I STILL felt excited watching those videos and felt alive and totally fixated on her and the way she moves. And somehow I now want to go and see Domination!?! What is wrong with me???
  19. Unlikely. They probably have the CD synced up ready as we speak
  20. Haha yes it all falls into place I think on Chaotic you can just see over the episodes her focus totally shifts, she seems very into her performing at the beginning and driven, determined etc. When Kevin arrives she is besotted with him and going on stage is like this thing she has to do, just get it out of the way so she can get back to having more *** with him kind of thing haha. That was my interpretation of it anyway while watching!
  21. Well...I heard that footballers in the Premier League (UK) are told not to have *** the day/night before a big match so.... And of course we all remember the Friends episode where Monica's 'Ultimate Fighting Champion' boyfriend is told by his trainer not to have 'BOOM BOOM' before a big fight. So from that highly academic research it's quite clear that Britney's energy levels were through the roof before Europe because she was thirsty for *** and vented this on stage, but when Kevin turned up she fkked all the energy away with him. I'm being deliberately dramatic, she was still a million times better than anything since.
  22. Maybe the facial expression....in my defence I had just taken my pain meds before posting that (opiates ) and there is a slight chance that they affected me. I am now looking at the pic through new eyes and I take it back.
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