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  1. I’m happy that he has felt able to fully be himself now, I’m disgusted by some of the comments on Instagram and Twitter but shouldn’t be surprised I guess He seems like a nice guy and that’s all that should matter when judging him on a personal level. There are probably several gay artists in the hip hop game, maybe this will inspire them to come out.
  2. This girl is seriously body goals - I could cry...as I sit and eat my cake...going running tomorrow it’s decided!
  3. And as someone who is fast approaching 40, I can wholeheartedly say I agree with you!!! It’s all downhill now ??
  4. Yes I agree with you, if I was to guess I’d say that having Sam as her boyfriend has definitely increased her insecurities about her body. And it’s a shame if so because she’s so stunning!
  5. I find the caption so weird! It’s like a stream of consciousness like she’s just blurting out loads of stuff without pausing for breath. It made me think of Vicky Pollard from Little Britain and I actually read it in that voice unintentionally. But it’s kind of sad how focused she is on her weight, she posted a few weeks ago about stress being a good weight loss aid, she had her iconic needle meltdown and now - saying she’s working really hard to lose weight...from where?!! Her body is a dream and I can’t imagine why actually losing weight is her goal, it’s weird.
  6. There’s something so sarcastic or passive aggressive in that video. Hard to explain what I mean.
  7. Well yeah precisely it’s all very odd tbh isn’t it...I’ve been thinking a few things: - She really is that naive and/or sheltered that she has no concept of the fact that different angles can make you look different body shapes and add curves etc - Sam is SO into the perfect physique that she associates being ‘needle skinny’ with keeping him interested, so when pics surface of her looking less than a needle she panics and lashes out at the people she has no real emotional connection to- her fans and the paparazzi. All her logic goes out the window because she’s blinded by fear of losing Sam. - Over the past few years she’s had a hell of a lot of praise for her body and she has become known for being a fitness queen. Maybe she’s attached some of her core identity into being super thin so when that is shaken slightly, that threatens the very thing she is most safe with and she can’t handle it. Therefore once again lashing out at those she feels deserve it most - fans/ the general public and paparazzi. - Or this is related to the conservatorship and a being used as a way for her to farm evidence that it’s all a load of crap and she does indeed have control over her life. I’ve said before that she may have some kind of Stockholm syndrome towards her dad and team and so by hearing about the free Britney movement she’s decided one way or another to prove all of the theories wrong- and her being outspoken on social media is a good way of showing she’s in control and that we should all back off. Or none of the above lol. Whatever is going on I have to say I find it a bit shallow that she’s sooo upset about people maybe thinking she’s anything other than stick thin, it’s kind of insulting to those who rock a fuller figure. And tbh the ironic thing is I think she looks way better in those boat pics than in any of her ‘needle’ insta posts!
  8. She seems well to me. Just pissed off and in her own world ?‍♀️
  9. Very well written! I completely agree and you said things I was trying to but couldn’t find the words. I’ve also been interested in her since day one and she doesn’t seem like a nice person these days - I guess it happens when you become so famous like she has and get people literally worshipping you. She definitely has an arrogance about her now and it’s pretty off putting. Weird as I’m also a similar age and like you have some bizarre connections and a weird story about how I became a fan! It’s a bit hurtful isn’t it to see her so dismissive of her fans, we’re like flies she wants to swat ?
  10. You’re right it was a bit dramatic, I shouldn’t have used that word. I think it was just the way she said it, so ‘empty’ and without any sincerity or care towards her fans. I just think she doesn’t like her fans. She tries hard to hide the hatred towards them but it comes out sometimes! I don’t feel sorry for myself though or want to leave the fan base.
  11. It’s the way it was done, so defensive and without any context of the past few weeks. It’s as if people had been accusing her of this out of the blue for no reason, she just seemed very abrupt and bitchy to me.
  12. This really turned me off her, it’s like a slap in the face to her fans who I’ve seen over the past few weeks do nothing but love and support her. ive only read bits of the Free Britney thread but there’s been so much energy and effort put into looking out for her well being. I feel bad for all of us who have tried to support her, I posted about it on my Insta and got ridiculed for it but stood up for her. Its obvious I think at this point that either she’s being forced to comply with their demands and put on an act of being fine and happy and in control - but more likely I think she has some kind of Stockholm Syndrome and is extremely loyal to them all and sees her fans as an annoyance and a hindrance - she seems so out of touch with reality and has been for so long. Never thought I’d say this but I think she thinks she’s above all of us and we’re just deluded and irritating. That video is pure savagery and it made me feel weird :/ there I’ve said it and await the downvotes...
  13. Wow in that top picture I’m getting such Slave video vibes for some reason...I think the hair!!
  14. No way! It’s so weird how people see the same pics so differently! Her body looks incredible- these are honestly some of the best pics I’ve seen of her in years!!!
  15. I’ve missed a lot of this thread so not sure if this has been asked but is there ANY chance at all that Britney could have been forced to have the surgery she’s had?? I realise that’s probably venturing into ridiculous territory!
  16. Wow this is just crazy, all of it. I hope her boys are ok :/ Whatever is going on right now.
  17. Oh wow I didn’t know about this! Thanks for the link!!
  18. Lol yes giving me Hunger Games vibes!!
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