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  1. Oh yeah they would totally ruin them! Nice to dream though...amazing choices!!
  2. I might have started a thread on this before, I can’t remember! Forget reality for a moment and imagine that Britney is doing a special performance featuring loads of her songs. She’s asked for fans to vote for their top three video outfits from her videos and she’ll perform those songs wearing those exact outfits 😃 Which ones would you choose? Just fascinated to see what people’s dream video recreations would be!
  3. Omg. This here is the most beautiful girl in the whole world!!! She looks like her prime here.
  4. I agree. This is the most intelligent, calm and relatable she’s come across in years. Actually watching that video made me realise still how much of a fan I am of Britney and how I love her so much. I could listen to her chat like that for ages!
  5. Ok I’ve just watched the video as hadn’t seen this one, and close up it definitely looks like she’s still got the effects of that awful smile lift, even though in some photos this year it looked to be wearing off. And I have to say it’s a bit weird the way she just walks off mid photo session, I’m not a fan of Sam at all but I did kind of feel a bit bad for him or at least imagined how I’d feel in that situation and it’s a bit awkward I have to say.
  6. I am far from someone who blindly worships Britney’s appearance in every photo, but...I genuinely can’t understand why people are saying she doesn’t look good here!!! Ok I do think her hair is a bit wild and ungroomed and if it was still blonde would look disastrous- but her makeup looks flattering, her dress is cute and her figure of course is amazing. I think she looks quite young too 🤔 ive seen her look WAY worse!
  7. She looks stunning and so young! I’m loving her hair colour a lot .
  8. I just pressed the downvote by mistake!! Omg stupid phone! I’ve hopefully corrected it now. Ok I just found the comment that prompted me and it says “Zoom in on the mouth and eyebrows. That is not Britney” That was when I did zoom in and saw that yes she looks so different facially. So I do see what you’re saying and ordinarily no I probably wouldn’t have zoomed in, but this comment intrigued me. It might just be my eyesight but to me that isn’t an especially close up pic and so it wouldn’t be crazy to zoom in I don’t think, just to see her make up etc.
  9. Well I wouldn’t have but scrolled through the Instagram comments and saw someone say “That is NOT Britney!” or something similar so that’s why I zoomed in because it is a pretty distant photo. And it was then I saw that her features looked a bit odd and she did actually look quite unlike herself. I do zoom in on photos of things/people/animals/places if they are quite far away or just to see more details! Didn’t know some people think that’s weird or that it means I must have a lot of time on my hands!
  10. “And I can’t believe people had time to zoom in the photo to say she has her old face back/looks beautiful” Does it work that way too?!
  11. Yes I can see what you mean, it’s what she’s doing with her face that has made it look a bit different. About your other point, I was just responding to the poster who said her face looked the same as her pre-surgery days, but I agree with you, the main thing here is it’s a beautiful photo and she looks happy and radiant! 😊
  12. I don’t know, it might be the angle or the lighting or maybe the makeup but her face looks so weird to me! Someone commented if you zoom in it’s not her, well I wouldn’t go that far, it’s definitely her- but her mouth looks odd, her eyebrows seem higher than usual and her nose looks really different! Can anyone else see what what I mean? I absolutely love her hair though and that dress, so stunning.
  13. The horror!... 😱 You’ve triggered my CRPTSD (chocolate-related PTSD)...I’ve had many an agonising experience trying to forcefully break an unsliced bar!!!
  14. She’s right, this is VERY hard to do. (Need to stop eating so much damn chocolate 😬)
  15. Very weird caption!....almost seems like it’s been written by someone who isn’t a native English speaker. Just odd!
  16. Weird account, especially when they’re also making comparison posts about poor Jon Benet Ramsay.
  17. Ok it’s official, she has morphed back into 2007-ney. Her face looks so much like how she looked back then!!!
  18. Wow, she looks like an actual angel in these pics, especially the second one! 😍😍😍
  19. I agree with you. Of all the words to describe this video, ‘goofy’ is probably the last one I’d choose. And I hate to sound negative but her whole look these days is just so cheap and tacky, she could look natural and fresh faced but her style seems to be to go as grubby looking as possible. It’s a shame! And I don’t understand why she finds that caption so hilarious, it’s so weird!!
  20. This is what I find confusing, she really does appear on the surface to be happier than she’s been in ages. Maybe she’s just forcing herself to carry on with life and distracting herself with Sam and workouts ? but it’s very odd. If it’s all corrupt and she SHOULD have the boys with her why is she letting them get away with this and why isn’t anyone helping her...Lynne and JL for example? Everyone seems so ‘meh’ about it all.
  21. Ah ok I think I’ve missed that. That makes me very sad.
  22. I was thinking about this earlier, I think it’s either: - Now she does have full control of her IG she doesn’t want them on there for their privacy (maybe before, her team decided they’d be on there if they wanted to) - The boys themselves decided they don’t want to be posted on there - Someone else has made it so that she legally can’t post pics of them anymore OR - She doesn’t see them currently
  23. She looks like she’s de-aged about 10 years and all her surgery has reversed itself
  24. That dress is awful and I cringed but I’m in love with it and want a huge poster of her wearing it.
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