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  1. Haha, this made me laugh!!! A lot. Thank you for that 😁
  2. Yes but this ‘social media manager’ seems to be promoting Sam, not Britney, in this post. You’re probably right though, I’m reading too much into it.
  3. She’s trying to promote him as an actor for the new Fast & Furious movie 🤔
  4. She definitely looks younger now than she did here. I’ve always believed green is one of the colours that suits Britney the most 💚
  5. I do agree with this. She was starting to give less fkks, pretty much after she met Kevin I think. But overall I absolutely LOVE her in this era! She was such a perfect mix of confident, fun, cute, exciting, ****. I saw her live during this era too!! Good times
  6. I was just coming on to post this. Her facial expressions and mannerisms and voice, is like a blast from the past. She sounds and looks just like she used to, and seems so normal as well! Just totally down to earth.
  7. The caption hurt my heart a bit, the part about the little boy with the white hair…as a fellow mamma I felt that. I just hope Britney hasn’t gone through too much regarding those precious boys, if they really have used them against her that’s a whole other level of evil.
  8. You guys are so funny, I’m actually laughing out loud at these gifs. Honestly the best thing about Exhale is the amazing replies to any thread, you are all so witty and hilarious basically!!!
  9. I do agree with this. Even though these photos are stunningly beautiful, and of course any woman, or man, has the right to post whatever they want…I can’t get my head around the idea of my teenage son seeing me or his father like this, and that’s literally the only thing that would stop me if I looked like Britney! 🤣
  10. I freaking love this post! Her caption was a wild ride and I loved every minute of it. She looks so young and natural, and calm. This actually had an old school Britney vibe to it. And was so genuine and endearing!! I’m just rooting for her so much, she will inspire so many people with her story.
  11. I noticed this too, but she doesn’t speak like this when she’s just with Sam or not ‘on show’. I think it’s like a performing voice to her.
  12. Honestly, you’ve articulated everything I’ve been thinking perfectly! I agree with every word. As a fan, it’s hard to see some of the things she’s posting. She’s most definitely better than this, you’re absolutely right!
  13. I just wanted to tell you that I agree with your posts, and I don’t think you sounded misogynistic at all!! FYI, I’d also say the same if it was a man saying and doing these things, it just feels ‘off’. I genuinely can’t imagine Britney, on social media, say “Here’s my ***”. It’s just weird, all of it.
  14. I thought she’d been with Sam throughout most of her quarantine? It’s odd mentioning being without him 🤔
  15. This is clearly a photo shoot, not meant to be posted as a clip surely? I genuinely don’t think she knew this would be used as a whole post rather than just to take some shots from, but who can tell anymore.
  16. Well whoever it was posted something yellow again. They would have seen everyone going crazy in the comments about the previous yellow themed posts, and either it’s Britney trying to communicate by using the colour yellow, or someone else is having some fun with it and probably laughing at the reaction. Or neither. I don’t know anymore, it’s all so bizarre.
  17. Omg yes I remember the days...there was a very different vibe on here. I had totally forgotten about that whole Marta debate but yes I remember being upset at the time. However in the interests of being fair and balanced, before all of that happened, I did have some interesting chats with them both and they seemed nicer on a one to one basis.
  18. They say that leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for a victim. At that point, the perpetrator literally has nothing left to lose, and this is where they can be volatile and unpredictable. I do think of Britney’s situation as her being in a kind of domestic abuse relationship but with several perpetrators. It’s worrying. As for them holding her kids over her, again this is a very common abuse tactic because it works. I’ve often wondered how she’s so upbeat and smiling in her pics and videos since this happened with the boys, but it’s obvious she’s probably repressing it as a defence mechanism. She’ll probably end up with severe PTSD from all this, the trauma of missing her boys lives like this is possibly going to catch up and really affect her mental state. And then they’ll use that against her: “See, she’s unstable, she’s mentally ill, she can’t cope” - just like all abusers do. Google Lundy Bancroft The Water Torturer profile for more on this vile technique.
  19. Yes I remember the MATM outfits, that’s what made me think it would be amazing to see some others, but maybe you’re right in that it ruins the fantasy. Circus one would be cool!
  20. I get what you’re saying, it makes fantasy a reality and that sometimes backfires.
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