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  1. If you want my personal opinion, after listening over and over and over to this album, trying to find where there might be Myah or mostly Myah or no Myah, I can honestly and sadly say that I think "Work, *****!" is totally 100% Myah. Anytime Britney has done a British voice, it is much deeper (e.g. "Scream & Shout"). I also think that terrible "Chillin' Wit U" song was zero Britney, but not even the voice of the Princess of Pop could save that track from being a full tragedy. I have had that song unchecked in my iTunes library since the day I got Britney Jean "'Til It's Gone" and "Body Ache" sound like they're a mix of Britney and Myah, almost as if they used Myah's stems for some verses and didn't bother using Britney's (...or didn't even have her sing them). I definitely think this is the case with "Passenger", because Britney DID sing the entire second verse in a demo version—the acoustic version, with Sia—so why will.i.am decided to use Myah's stems for the last lines ("My copilot... / ...enjoy the ride") is beyond me. RIP his career! I reiterate, years later: I do not think that Britney willingly knew that Myah was taking over as main vocalist in some of these tracks. I honestly believe that Britney recorded them all, but will.i.am just used Myah's stems to replace them later on. I also know that Britney Jean is the only album that Britney did not listen through from start to finish before approving the final copy (due to prep for the Piece of Me residency). But again, the production of the album is so poorly done, that this really could just be terrible mixing. The conspiracy lives on!
  2. She's trapped and alone BECAUSE OF THE CONSERVATORSHIP.
  3. Like how Sam conveniently replied to it, but is also very conveniently boosting his own fame off "dating" her? I don't trust him anymore, sorry. And Lou is very obviously controlling her account. "Britney, go film something, and tell me about your day so I can write it down as a caption and add something Godly so they think it's you". Why do you think there aren't any videos of her with her boys? Because Kevin has temporary full custody while the courts finalize the restraining order against her drunk-***, violent dad.
  4. The fact that some of you still think she has full control over her Instagram is equally hilarious and sad. You think her monster father Jamie and nasty Lou would allow her thát much freedom? She's not even allowed to buy cigarettes or Starbucks with her own money. Her kids are with Kevin because there's a restraining order against that alcoholic piece of crap. Lou is making up bullcrap captions and asking Britney to go film herself wasting her days away doing some yoga moves in the lawn to uphold the cheap illusion of a normal life until Team Britney can figure a new way to make money out of her. Boycott the brand and spread the word about #FreeBritney if you want to really make a difference
  5. If you want to help Britney, BOYCOTT EVERYTHING UNDER HER BRAND. No more albums, no more vinyls, no more merchandise, no more concerts, and especially no Britney The Zone bullcrap. I for one won't be spending a single dime on Britney the brand until I see the conservatorship cancelled and both Jamie Spears and Lou Taylor BEHIND BARS
  6. When she (= whoever wrote that caption) pretty much demanded privacy, I had to laugh. Sure, NOBODY should have been contacting her family directly, at all—especially not with crazy threats and foul language. But what made me laugh is the fact that she had privacy for THREE MONTHS by offering the world ZERO communication. If she’s in a wellness centre on her own accord, tell me: what does it matter if we plaster #Free Britney all over the internet or not? I won’t go so far as to say that she was forced to say something, but this video isn’t her idea. If her team already admitted that they lied about Jamie’s illness and the Domination cancellation, and if we know that the Easter content was from a paid paparazzi company, then we can safely assume that the caption was her team’s doing. There is a sizeable chunk of that caption that specifically talks bad about Sam Lufti and old emails...but makes zero mention of the paralegal’s voicemail, the Britneysgram podcast, the #FreeBritney movement? Suspicious as hell.
  7. Because an obedient zombie is more favourable to them than a healthy person with a sound mind.
  8. I want the paralegal who started this whole big wave to come forward and either a) identify himself or b) leak concrete details so that the rest of us can do all the grub work and get to the truth of all this.
  9. Well, we are, but I guess everything is a conspiracy theory until either proven true or proven false...
  10. Once again, what do you expect him to do, LEGALLY, about a very strict and LEGALLY BINDING contract (the conservatorship)? I'm sure he has some influence into what Poppa Spears lets Britney do, but I can guarantee that Sam has about as much legal power as you and me.
  11. It's unwise to hold Sam accountable for things for which he legally isn't responsible or that he legally cannot change himself. So far he seems to be loyal throughout their entire relationship and maybe even providing her emotional support and motivation on a regular basis, which is great for her. It's not fair to assume that he's a bad guy when he hasn't done anything shady.
  12. On 23 March 2018, Britney posted on Instagram a mirror selfie in her home gym. The iPhone she's using is rose gold and has a large circular camera lens (iPhone 7). On 09 August 2018, Britney posted another mirror selfie on Instagram in a Piece Of Me outfit, possibly backstage. The iPhone she's using is black and has a large vertical camera lens (iPhone X or iPhone XS). In this photo though, she's got a white iPhone with a large horizontal camera lens (iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus). Why would she downgrade from the most recent model iPhone to one that is a couple years old? Can anybody confirm if she uses more than one phone or if the phone is Sam's?
  13. Share it around then. It doesn't do anybody any good to have it sitting in an obscure site. YouTube is already filling up with the version with watermarks.
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