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  1. Yea, I definitely remember listening to it around 3 or so years ago on YouTube. I tried searching for it a few months ago and as you said, the videos on there now are not the same mix. I loved how all the songs were mixed on the original golden edition.
  2. Overprotected (Darkchild Remix). The styling, outfits and chorero are everything. Britney looks absolutely stunning. No pop girl has topped the breakdown choreo. My other faves are My Prerogative, I'm a Slave 4 U and Toxic
  3. ABC looks to have released the first episode of a 5 part series on investigating the California Conservatorship System. It brings attention to the difficulties of ending a conservatorship and the conflict of interest the conservator has of accessing the conservatee's estate to fund legal opposition to a conservator's attempts to change/get out of a conservatorship. Some key points from this episode: “[The Conservatorship of Estate] takes over everything that you own and all the rights you have to ownership. [The Conservatorship of Estate and Conservatorship of Person] are often paired together and in my view when they are paired together, the conservatee often becomes invisible. They’re in their own prison in a way because the Conservator of Person controls all access to them.” “…if I take on a conservator, that conservator is not using his or her own money, they’re using the conservatee’s money to defend. It’s as though someone goes and robs a bank and is caught says, ‘well I have a lot of money for attorney’s fees.’” “Conservatorship is about money. It is about billable hours and the more they can keep you coming into court, multiple parties appear in front of a judge: the conservator, the conservator’s attorney, the court-appointed attorney, a number of different experts come in, they all get paid from [the conservatee’s] estate.” “Conservatorships were created to assist and protect the most vulnerable population, the elderly and many of them do, but our year-long investigation found that California’s multi-billion dollar conservatorship industry is powerful with little oversight from state regulators opening the door to potential abuse.” Looks to be well researched, factual and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
  4. I made a shorter (14 minutes) Britney Music Video Evolution which is linked above. Enjoy OP video link updated with a new version which fixes the compression issues found in the original
  5. Hi! I've been super bored lately, with way too much time on my hands so I decided to start making a Britney music video evolution project . Linked below is the finished product. I aimed to showcase approximately 30 seconds of each vid I tried using the best 24fps high quality sources I could find online, excluding the Lucky (30fps) and Hold It Against Me (25fps) videos. I hope you all enjoy this showcase of Britney's iconic videography
  6. She's stunning in this vid. Much better video quality compared to her usual posts too
  7. Gives me an "All is well" post vibes where the caption is completely different from the context of video. I don't believe that Britney wrote this caption at all.
  8. So disappointing that they stuffed up the audio for Toxic, one of her most viewed music videos. It's disgraceful It sounds so muffled and flat now
  9. As well as butchering the video quality and audio quality (Stronger sounds awful mono quality) for these remasters, Sony/RCA seems to have stuffed the descriptions up putting lyrics from completely different Britney songs in the description. Currently, Sometimes' video has the lyrics to Radar (You Drive Me) Crazy video has the lyrics to 3 Stronger video has the lyrics to Radar Messy
  10. Music videos would cost anywhere from $10,000 to over a million dollars to shoot. I doubt the original film would have been disposed of Music videos would cost anywhere from $10,000 to over a million dollars to shoot. Oops' music video cost nearly $1 million to shoot in 2000. I doubt the original 35mm film reels the video were shot on would have been disposed of as soon as the music video wrapped in post-production. They are most likely still in storage somewhere in the USA. The expense of doing proper remastering would cost several thousand dollars to do so. Most likely, Sony/RCA does not want to spend the money right now investing in doing a proper remaster when they can upscale to HD on the cheap. It's just disappointing they upscaled from composite tapes where the rainbow effect is still present in some scenes on videos (digitally removed as best as possible but still evident as @MSTAR suggested), when there are better quality versions of Britney's music videos to upscale from available from DVD/ProRes sources. This is the case with a lot of artists videos from Sony/UMG etc. and not just unique to Britney unfortunately.
  11. Let Me Blow Ya Mind from 2001 has had a 4K remaster from UMG and looks amazing. SME seems to over-sharpen and add too much digital noise reduction for their remasters for Britney and several other artists.
  12. They are not re-scanning the original 35mm film source which all her music videos were shot on from 1998 to 2011. Most of these "remasters" are upscaled to HD from an SD master source with a bit of sharpening, deinterlacing etc.
  13. Definitely. @nnbritney and @Stifler's Mom upscales look better than the official remastered versions. The user ddnt32 on sharemania also has done some great upscales for a few Britney vids too. Maybe in another 10 years, they'll do proper remasters using the original 35mm film source and release all her vids in 4K
  14. Channel 9 in Australia is airing the Framing Britney Spears documentary tonight. Hopefully the 60 Minues segmnent which aired on Sunday (which was alright imo) sparked some interest and will attract a larger audience to the professionally done NYT documentary.
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