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  1. This better not be an unpopular opinion but Britney really needs to speak up about the BLM movement going on rn. Obviously there’s a whole awkwardness with it with her own freedom and problems with the conservatorship but this is bigger than that. Also she’s spoke up before on multiple occasions for other injustices (Dreamers Act, LGBT issues, the whole Comrade Britney thing), and britney is obviously the type of person who would support this. Many celebs are being dragged for not saying anything or the wrong and even insensitive things (“all lives matter”, the one race is human race, prayers) and sooner or later people could actually drag her for not speaking up. EDIT: I’m not expecting her to have a whole long paragraph telling off cops or Trump and anybody else involved. All I wanted and ever expected was an Instagram story supporting the hashtag and George Floyd as people like JL and Sam have done... apparently to y’all, speaking about people around the world dying is “political”...
  2. They better save the actual costumes though, especially the Star Search one that she actually loves.... everything else can burn though
  3. Exactly. They kinda picked the worst time for Mood Ring to come out as everybody is mad at anybody who’s not speaking out about BLM. It’s better for her to not say anything unless she addresses BLM first.
  4. They count different towards the charts though, so it’s important to buy the one at the top of the charts. I’m pretty sure you can buy it multiple times I forget how though
  5. This looks so much better omg I hate how you can barely see her name in the other one! Personally I love how different it is from her other album covers. It stands out and it looks better than a regular face close up
  6. The problem is that would actually take a big amount of work and time/money. All they had to do for the cover is take a photo and slap on the Glory font. Mood Ring was even easier all they had to do was upload the mp3 file to iTunes. The Make Me video was unfinished, so they would have to re-edit and fix anything that they didn’t do (the wire on the TV, the fake eviction notice)
  7. "This is incredible! 'Mood Ring' is one of my favorite songs on Glory, it’s so vibey and ****," Spears tells Billboard exclusively. "I’m so grateful to the fans for pushing for its release, and then for making it go to No. 1 on iTunes. I have the best fans in the world! I love you all!" I love how she describes it as “vibey and ****” Jon Asher also notes that it was RCA who helped release Mood Ring, not her actual team: “RCA said that Britney's fans have been super active during quarantine and they wanted to basically reward them by releasing "Mood Ring." Also, Britney apparently finished cutting it in an hour. https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/columns/pop/9393539/songwriters-melanie-fontana-jon-asher-britney-spears-mood-ring?__twitter_impression=true
  8. There’s two videos, one from the explicit album and one from the clean album. They’re the same song but two different videos
  9. this is the first demo, meant to be a collab with her and The Chainsmokers here is the original DJ Mustard demo for the song Thoughts? I actually really like the Chainsmokers version
  10. Sigh it’s so annoying cause xtina fans tried making a “britney Spears is racist” twitter account when every other celeb was getting cancelled. It kinda sparked another feud which I understand, but it’s kinda tired at this point. If blackout does well on the charts then I’ll support and buy it, but It wouldn’t be bad At all if the date got changed to even the day after/before
  11. I think y’all are forgetting what was in at that time. Selena Gomez started a trend of downtempo music and we were getting songs like Love On the Brain from Rihanna up the charts. Slumber Party was a perfect song for someone like Britney. The problem was getting some random RCA girl like Tinashe to feature instead of someone hot at the time like Rihanna. And the lack of promo
  12. I think toxic is the one song that stood the test of time. Like most artists, a lot of her songs have become a nostalgic piece and has been a time piece for an moment in time (BOMT as an anthem for the 90s). Toxic is the one song that everyone knows and hasn’t really aged. It’s also her only Grammy song
  13. There are many reasons as to why this song is flopping hard. #1) The obvious reason. Once she cut her hair and had a whole cringy era (Swish Swish video and SNL performce of Bon Appetit) it just wasn't cool to support her and that's been how it is ever since. She would have to go back to her dark hair and do Dr. Luke type music to get the GP's attention again #2) She's released 5 singles this era alone (if you can call it an era) and has done no promo besides a huge radio deal for NRO. She can call Daisies a lead single but she's not treating it as such. She hasn't even sent any of her singles after NRO to radio stations to play including Daisies. They're not releasing it to radio for another 2 weeks I believe, and the hype is already dead. #3) Coronavirus. It's taken a huge toll on streaming, but more importantly radio and music in shopping malls and stores. IMO, pop music has died and it's kinda a commodity for radio, stores like H&M, and gay clubs to play. Camila's new single hit #1 on pop radio but it's barely in the top 100 for streaming. Katy kinda released at the worst time, and she's literally pregnant so it's not like she actually has a reason to release any music right now.
  14. Lol also this was the first day rehearsal, meaning that she probably just learned the choreo all day and was just getting the marks. I’m wondering if she did anything more than this though
  15. Lol also this was the first day rehearsal, meaning that she probably just learned the choreo all day and was just getting the marks. I’m wondering if she did anything more than this though
  16. the thing is all shows are "professionally filmed" for like sides of the stage to watch, but the footage that is put on the side screens and commercials are totally different quality from footage that would put on a DVD. The Spice Girls video shown above is a good example, the shots are good quality but they would never be on a DVD
  17. He's done a WB remix with the Vegas prerecorded vocals so I'm wondering how he got those. It's probably hard and annoying to release anything with a team probably making sure nothing gets out.
  18. I think Simon Ellis would be most logical, since he's done his own Q&As on Twitter in the past. @JordanMiller get on it!
  19. You should do one video in 24 and 60 so people can see the difference and compare. Personally, I never liked the 60 it kinda looks fake and weird to me but apparently many do like it
  20. Some of y'all are mad that she didn't see your question when there's over 30 pages, and most people asked more than one question on each post, and most of them were duplicates. Be glad she even talked about some of these topics Also can someone PLEASEEEE tell me if Unbroken really isn't Britney? I've had that song in my iTunes for like a year now....
  21. oh definitely i think among teen/young adult generation, her peak was around FF/Scream and Shout era
  22. Her "newer" songs (Circus and Womanizer) was always on the radio and I remember knowing BOMT and Toxic through Just Dance. I watched iCarly and there was an episode based on her VMA performance and that's how I knew Gimme More. Then her FF era came and the three singles were HUGE on radio and S&S and WB. I've been a fan of Miley and she had her on Bangerz and her MTV documentary. And then I became a stan during Glory era, more during the Slumber Party era.
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