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  1. MarcoMarco did terrible outfits for her but this one was amazing
  2. I kinda see a possibility of Domination coming back somehow. They must have put in so much money and work into getting the show together. According to Nappytabs, all the sets were already made and they were about to do full out rehearsals right before she cancelled it. I have a hard time thinking her cheap team wouldn't reuse everything if she ever performed again
  3. The signatures that she gives after receiving fan mail during Vegas were almost never her and people traced the handwriting back to Felicia. Also the practice of selling autographed CDs for the music charts didn't really become a thing until like last year. If she ever made an album and sold that, she would probably use an autopen machine to make fake autographs
  4. Anthony Preston. He did like such a small amount of production beforehand, and then somehow worked heavily on BJ (including the song Alien with the infamous glitch) and then hasn't produced anything since.
  5. It just isn't weird. The charts represent the songs that people nationwide listen to and hear on radio and buy. A bunch of Britney stans buying a song on iTunes just doesn't represent what the whole US population is listening to. Also here's a more better way of showing how the charts are (estimately) measured. The #85 song had 6.2 million streams and 1.7 youtube views. Mood Ring got only 1.4 million spotify streams and 600k views on youtube, and that's GLOBAL, not just the US only.
  6. The answer is literally simple and what everyone has been saying. iTunes is dead. All those sales mean nothing without good streaming numbers and good radio play. That margarita song probably did awful in streaming like Mood Ring, but it did good on country radio: https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/9395629/luke-bryan-scores-30th-top-10-country-airplay
  7. sales mean nothing in terms of the hot 100. there are basically three main factors. Streams, Radioplay, and physical sales. Mood Ring wasn't serviced to radio, so there were almost no radio play whatsoever. Streaming numbers were incredibly awful, and everyone was streaming Gaga's new Chromatica which drove a lot of her songs on the charts, which lowered Britney's chance even more of getting on the chart.
  8. The streams are kinda tragic so I don’t think it’ll hit Hot 100 but I still think it has a reallly good chance of being Bubbling Under
  9. I guess it’s proof she’s not locked away for anyone who seriously believed a repost of an old yahoo article.... also I love how she insists on using that filter on every single video
  10. Lol update is if he sends anything! I’m a little skeptical but after hearing the audios I definitely think that it could be an actual audio
  11. i dont get the appeal for stadium tours... like it's only good for stats and that's IF the tour does good. The tickets are still expensive and then the people in the back see nothing but a huge screen. And unlike Taylor's team, they would never invest in something like glow bracelets to make the audience experience seem cool I'm actually jealous of the people who got to see her in Vegas (2015-2016) the tickets were relatively cheap and all the seats were so close
  12. They only play the top song it’s really annoying.
  13. Even before I read this I was gonna y’all about social media. You can literally become tiktok famous by being a mediocre dancer so what’s the reason to be an actual good dancer and an actual good performer?
  14. this happened with instant dejavu once and another time when fans started uploading leaked music on spotify podcasts they both got taken down QUICK
  15. I don’t think justice is even needed. She literally performs it every single time she’s on stage as the opening song and on TV and makes a billion shirts and hats with it. I think people know this song
  16. She did more than what I was expecting her to post and I’m so glad about it
  17. Wow this created waves... I made an edit in the OP. Idk how y’all think this is a political subject, it’s literally people dying in America and around the world. Some of y’all are acting like her speaking out against violence would be most controversial “Dixie Chick” like move. And as @JordanMiller and others have discussed, she doesn’t have to make a huge statement and can make it to her own beliefs, talking about mental health or just repost petitions and places to donate and resources. BLM doesn’t have to be talked about as people vs. a certain person/group, she can talk about it in a heart full way. She has always been known to send positivity with social media and I would like to see something positive
  18. She literally posted with Hilary back in 2016 and has advocated for the Dreamers act and has always encouraged fans to vote (*****.) This isn’t even a political issue. It’s a human rights and race issue. i hope you’re not one of those people who don’t support BLM...
  19. Nah lou Taylor wouldn’t delete it. Any smart money making team knows how important this is.
  20. I hope she doesn’t respond to that chain thing though, people have criticized the kardashians for doing it and making it a “trend” rather than actually caring about it. She should do something similar to Sam
  21. This better not be an unpopular opinion but Britney really needs to speak up about the BLM movement going on rn. Obviously there’s a whole awkwardness with it with her own freedom and problems with the conservatorship but this is bigger than that. Also she’s spoke up before on multiple occasions for other injustices (Dreamers Act, LGBT issues, the whole Comrade Britney thing), and britney is obviously the type of person who would support this. Many celebs are being dragged for not saying anything or the wrong and even insensitive things (“all lives matter”, the one race is human race, prayers) and sooner or later people could actually drag her for not speaking up. EDIT: I’m not expecting her to have a whole long paragraph telling off cops or Trump and anybody else involved. All I wanted and ever expected was an Instagram story supporting the hashtag and George Floyd as people like JL and Sam have done... apparently to y’all, speaking about people around the world dying is “political”...
  22. They better save the actual costumes though, especially the Star Search one that she actually loves.... everything else can burn though
  23. Exactly. They kinda picked the worst time for Mood Ring to come out as everybody is mad at anybody who’s not speaking out about BLM. It’s better for her to not say anything unless she addresses BLM first.
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