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  1. I think it’s just a coincidence I saw the videos were like months apart
  2. I feel like some of y’all hate him so much for no reason that you’ll try to find the negative in the most mundane things like omg
  3. Lol thank god the video didn’t leak. Wasn’t Japan when the whole mask thing happened? also does Britney even hear any of that? I thought she didn’t use in ear monitors
  4. it would be cute for her to do Instagram lives with people like Brian or a POM dancer or even doing a video with Sam and do the slave break or that MATM choreo together
  5. Listen with headphones and you’ll hear a double voice in parts of perfume and lucky
  6. -2015/2016 had good costumes/energy -it’s a Vegas show, not a tour. Compared to something like engima it’s very similar in terms of props/quality -the tour is **** but the removal of everytime gives it a better flow -the pretty girls outfit is her best Pom outfit and her best hair moments was the mermaid hair, the purple ponytail, and the 2015 short hair near the end of the year -according to the new soundboard she sang live in perfume and lucky and sounded good, I wish they pushed the vocals more
  7. I love the black outfit! Her caption reminds me of the story Julia Michaels told about her concept she gave to the writers it makes sense why she likes this song it’s a bop
  8. You gotta wait midnight your time unless your in America, then it’s midnight in New York time
  9. Whatever happened to those allegations tho I never heard what happened to him besides that article
  10. I don’t understand why people care so much about him... Mariah and Madonna both date guys much younger than them and I never see these types of conversations especially this negative. I don’t know him and nobody besides Britney knows him either. I think he’s a sweet guy who had his life together before her and has his life together right now. He’s kind to her and he makes her happy. The minute they break up and she has a whole “men can suck my toe” speech, I’ll hate the **** outta him. But as of right now, he makes her happy and that’s all we want for her
  11. it's obviously a funny bit that he's a part of y'all act like you've never seen her type of mom humor before
  12. It’s a pop song. TROLLZ isn’t. People need to realize that “pop” music just isn’t popular anymore and that the only way a pop song can get so high on the charts at this point is with heavy radio play...
  13. People always drag him for being kinda dumb with his words (that weird muscle heart thing) but I think he’s a good person Related:
  14. The post is another “skinny as a needle” moment! She seems to be mad at the candies posted recently and posted her own camera roll on her story showing the date of the pictures showing that she was skinny during the bike ride and the running candids.
  15. Wait what? Lol what scene? Also regarding the OP, I wonder if they could use this in the future for hologram purposes or even to get better use out of dance stunt doubles (TTWE...). I think it could be cool if used right like if they did another HIAM scene
  16. The way how that baby voice became one of the most iconic lines in pop music
  17. No apple pie was never a thing just something the Britney army “cooked” up themselves... anyways I think the smart thing for them is to start putting more older bonus tracks on streaming. If it was that easy to put mood ring on Spotify, then I don’t see how they can’t put scary, trouble, and everything else
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